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11 Most Expensive Kayaks

Cutting-edge technology and innovation have led to the creation of the most expensive kayaks in the market. These top-tier vessels are crafted using only the finest materials, ensuring unparalleled durability. They also incorporate advanced techniques that reimagine traditional kayak designs, resulting in robust watercraft that exceed expectations.

These premium kayaks boast an array of features, such as impressive weight capacities and expansive storage options, adding to their allure and justifying their higher price point. Depending on your specific needs, these investment-worthy kayaks may be well worth the cost.

In this article, we’ll explore the realm of premium kayaks, encompassing both fishing and recreational models, with prices ranging from $900 to approximately $8,000. We’ll also provide insights into the distinctions between the two categories and offer a comprehensive buying guide to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Most Expensive Fishing Kayaks on the Market

6. Jackson Coosa FD

Jackson Kayak, a prominent brand with a legacy dating back to 2004, is renowned for delivering top-tier fishing kayaks. Among their premium offerings, the Coosa FD stands out as a model of excellence.

This exceptional kayak inherits the renowned hull design and deck layout from Jackson’s highly popular Coosa line, endowing it with the versatility to navigate both deep and shallow waters effortlessly.

The crowning jewel of the Coosa FD is the Flex Drive 3D system, a game-changer that enables hands-free propulsion, enhancing the ease of fishing on the water. Moreover, for those who prefer motor-powered kayaks, an upgrade option to the Flex Drive E motor system is available.

Comfort takes precedence in the Coosa FD, featuring fore-aft trimming and a High Ergo Seat Frame to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable position during your aquatic adventures.

Furthermore, this high-end kayak incorporates a hatch seal, safeguarding your storage compartment against water intrusion, thus ensuring the protection of your valuable items.

Adding to its appeal, the Coosa FD is equipped with a universal rod staging solution courtesy of YakAttack. This ingenious feature allows you to securely store various types of fishing reels, be it spinning, casting, or even fly rods.

In sum, the Coosa FD is not only among the priciest options but also ranks as one of the finest fishing kayaks available in the market today.

5. Jackson Big Rig

Another top-tier kayak from Jackson Kayak, the Big Rig, claims the throne for superior stability within the Jackson lineup. With an impressive weight capacity of up to 550 lbs, this kayak is tailored to accommodate even the heftiest individuals.

The Big Rig shines with its practical design, offering dual rod tubes on both sides of the kayak and capacious rod troughs. Adjacent to the seat, thermoformed rod-staging risers play a pivotal role in securing and organizing your fishing gear with precision.

Further enhancing its appeal, the Big Rig boasts large and easily accessible latches that provide ample storage space for your personal items. To ensure your valuables remain secure and within reach, the bow is equipped with a hatch bin, making it the perfect sanctuary for storing baits and essential fishing gear.

Yet, the Big Rig’s most noteworthy feature is its remarkable versatility. It seamlessly transitions from a pedal-driven kayak to a paddle-driven vessel, and vice versa, thanks to a straightforward process. By simply removing eight bolts and swapping the alternate pod, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

With such an array of impressive features, it comes as no surprise that the Jackson Big Rig ranks among the most expensive kayaks available on the market.

4. Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 136

Old Town, a prominent name in the industry since 1898, has consistently delivered high-quality kayaks designed to meet the diverse needs of users. Their unwavering commitment has firmly established them as leaders in the field.

Among their impressive lineup, the Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 136 stands out as one of their most expensive and well-regarded models, and for good reason.

This premium sea kayak boasts a powerful 45 lb. thrust 12V Minn Kota motor, eliminating the need for manual pedaling or paddling. With the Autopilot 136, you can effortlessly navigate various bodies of water, including challenging whitewater and saltwater environments.

A standout feature of this kayak is the inclusion of Spot-Lock technology, ensuring exceptional stability even in the face of strong winds and currents. This innovation allows you to maintain your desired position effortlessly, making it an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts.

In terms of storage, the Autopilot 136 offers ample in-hull space to keep your belongings securely stowed away. Additionally, it comes equipped with four flush mount rod holders, two of which are front-facing, and the other two are rear-facing. This thoughtful design ensures that your fishing experience remains unhindered.

Comfort is paramount during extended trips, and the Autopilot 136 delivers with its premium seat. Constructed with 3D and dual Textilene materials, it strikes the perfect balance between durability and breathability, ensuring you can enjoy all-day comfort.

All in all, the Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 136 stands as a testament to Old Town’s commitment to crafting top-of-the-line kayaks, particularly well-suited for navigating challenging whitewater conditions.

3. Hobie Mirage Oasis

Hobie, a company with a rich history dating back to 1950 and renowned for its exceptional sailboats, has also made a significant impact in the kayak industry with its robust and innovative products.

The Mirage Oasis stands out as one of Hobie’s most impressive pro angler kayaks, offering a range of advanced features that cater to the needs of avid anglers.

At the heart of this kayak’s exceptional performance are the revolutionary Dual MirageDrive 180s with Kick-Up Fins. This cutting-edge pedal-powered propulsion system allows you to effortlessly navigate through the water with unparalleled efficiency.

The Mirage Oasis prioritizes your comfort during long fishing trips with its adjustable Vantage CT seating. This ergonomic seating design ensures you can maintain your preferred posture and enjoy a comfortable experience while traversing various water conditions.

Another notable feature of this Hobie kayak is the Twist and Stow Rudder, which provides enhanced maneuverability. You can easily engage or disengage the rudder system by simply pulling one of the T-shaped control handles, offering precise control over your kayak’s direction.

Designed to accommodate two individuals, the Mirage Oasis is a tandem kayak that caters to those who prefer the company of a fellow angler. Whether you’re fishing with a friend or a family member, this kayak ensures you can enjoy your adventure together.

For added versatility, the Mirage Oasis includes a sail mount, allowing you to harness the power of the wind when desired. This feature opens up exciting possibilities for your kayaking experience.

Storage space is essential for any angler, and this kayak delivers with ample hull storage. You have the option to stow your fishing gear in the spacious bow hatch or utilize the rear cargo area to keep your equipment organized and secure.

In summary, the Hobie Mirage Oasis stands as one of the finest and most expensive tandem fishing kayaks available, equipped with a range of features that cater to the needs of dedicated anglers.

2. Blue Sky Boatworks 360 TriCat

Blue Sky Boatworks, a respected brand in the kayak industry, presents the remarkable 360 TriCat, a top-tier angler kayak that stands as the second most expensive on our list.

The 360 TriCat is distinguished by its spacious deck, capable of accommodating up to four individuals, making it an ideal choice for adventurers, families, and professional anglers alike. With an impressive total weight capacity of 650 lbs, this trimaran is well-suited for various activities.

Storage is a priority, and the 360 TriCat delivers with ample space to keep all your essentials organized on board. Additionally, the kayak features gear tracks and rod holders to help you efficiently manage your fishing equipment.

One of the standout qualities of this kayak is its exceptional stability, allowing kayakers to stand confidently on the deck. This stability is particularly valuable when fishing, providing freedom of movement and access to different angles for casting.

Furthermore, the 360 TriCat comes equipped with adjustable swivel seats, ensuring maximum comfort during extended excursions on the water.

What sets this high-end kayak apart is its versatility in terms of propulsion. The standard outfitting includes dual Flex Drive pedal systems for efficient pedal-powered propulsion. However, for those seeking additional options, there’s the choice to incorporate the new Flex Drive E motor system. This means you can opt for a combination of pedal and motor power or go fully electric with two Flex Drive Es.

In summary, the Blue Sky Boatworks 360 TriCat is an exceptional hybrid kayak with a robust feature set that justifies its premium price point, offering a versatile and comfortable experience for both individuals and groups of kayakers.

1. Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

The pinnacle of fishing kayaks, the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, stands as the most luxurious and expensive option available.

This angler kayak is equipped with dual MirageDrive 180s, providing effortless navigation through various water conditions. It allows you to maintain trolling speeds, making it exceptionally effective for catching even the most elusive fish species.

The standout feature of the Tandem Island is its expansive mainsail, which is easy to manage. When the wind catches it, this kayak accelerates swiftly, outpacing many other professional angler kayaks on the market.

Adding to its exceptional performance, the patented Kick-Up Fins enhance your ability to power through the water without concern for underwater obstacles. These fins automatically retract upon contact with any obstruction, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free fishing experience.

Additionally, the rotomolded polyethylene construction of this kayak includes a lever-operated rudder for effortless steering control.

The Tandem Island prioritizes comfort with its state-of-the-art CT seating, offering breathability and improved visibility during your fishing adventures.

Storage space is ample, thanks to the central hull’s multiple Twist and Seal hatches and a spacious bow hatch. Additionally, the rear cargo area comes equipped with bungee tie-downs, making it ideal for securely storing your other essential kayak fishing gear.

For those seeking the ultimate fishing vessel, the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island unquestionably stands as the top choice, offering unmatched features and performance in the world of angler kayaks.

Most Expensive Recreational and Touring Kayaks on the Market

Beyond fishing kayaks, there are also premium recreational and touring kayaks that rank among the most expensive watercraft available. Here, we present the top 5 high-end recreational and touring kayaks from various renowned kayak brands.

5. Ocean Kayak Malibu XL

Ocean Kayak, established in 1971 as a manufacturer of fiberglass kayaks, has evolved over the years to incorporate rotomolded polyethylene in its kayak production. Their renowned Malibu Two XL is a top-seller in the recreational kayak category.

This versatile kayak is designed to accommodate paddlers of all ages and skill levels, thanks to its spacious deck layout. The Malibu Two XL can be used by a solo paddler or two individuals, making it an excellent choice for families who want to bring along a child or pet on their kayaking adventures.

To ensure a comfortable experience, the kayak is equipped with two Comfort Plus seats. Additionally, it features molded-in seat wells and overlapping footwells, providing the center-seated paddler with a comfortable bracing position for maneuvering.

Convenience is a priority with the Malibu Two XL, as it includes paddle holders on both sides of the kayak. These holders allow for easy release and attachment of bungee tie-downs using a simple tab mechanism.

For added durability and longevity, the kayak features a replaceable rear skid plate, allowing users to address signs of wear and tear.

In summary, the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL is a fantastic choice for recreational kayaking, offering comfort, versatility, and convenience for your water excursions.

4. Old Town Loon 120

Old Town’s Loon Series has revolutionized the way paddlers perceive recreational kayaks, and the Loon 120 model is a prime example of their innovation.At the heart of this kayak’s appeal is the Active Comfort System 2.0 (ACS2) seat, which offers a level of comfort and cockpit fit unmatched in the market. You’ll find yourself enjoying extended paddling sessions without discomfort.The Loon 120 also boasts a removable work deck that allows for customization and convenient storage of travel essentials like cameras, food, and water. This thoughtful addition enhances your overall kayaking experience.Additionally, the kayak features a click-seal hatch with a bulkhead, offering more storage space for your gear and belongings. You’ll have room to stow away items securely.What sets the Loon 120 apart is the inclusion of a USB port for charging electronic devices even while on the water. No need to worry about your phone or camera running out of battery; capture those beautiful moments to your heart’s content.Lastly, the Loon comes equipped with bow and stern deck bungees and carry handles, making paddling across the water easier and more convenient than ever.

Considering the comfort, storage options, and innovative features, it’s no surprise that the Old Town Loon 120 is among the higher-priced recreational kayaks available today.

3. Jackson Kayak Tripper 12

The Jackson Tripper 12 shares a design resemblance with the versatile Kilroy hull from the same brand, although it lacks the extensive kayak fishing accessories found on the Kilroy model.

Instead, this kayak offers a simpler construction that allows for greater customization. It’s an ideal choice for novice kayak users, minimalist anglers, and recreational paddlers seeking a personalized experience.

The Tripper 12 boasts an extra-large and stable cockpit, capable of comfortably accommodating a solo paddler, a small child, and even pets. This ensures that you can enjoy quality leisure time with your loved ones without concerns about the kayak’s stability.

Despite its broad hull shape, this recreational kayak maintains the capability to traverse water at relatively high speeds.

Furthermore, the Tripper 12 provides ample storage space for all your travel essentials, whether you’re gearing up for an adventure or a fishing trip. Rest assured that your belongings will remain safe from water damage.

To enhance your comfort during extended water journeys, this kayak comes equipped with a wide adjustable seat.

In summary, the Jackson Tripper 12 is an excellent sit-inside recreational kayak suitable for a variety of activities, offering customization options to meet your specific needs.

2. Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP

The Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP is the perfect vessel for spontaneous water adventures and day treks.

Despite its narrow beam, this recreational kayak offers exceptional stability on the water and comfortably accommodates two paddlers.

The Zest Two also boasts impressive speed capabilities, allowing it to navigate through the water at relatively high speeds.

For those seeking enhanced tracking performance, the option to add a rudder kit is available, significantly improving maneuverability.

In terms of storage, the Zest Two provides ample space to securely stow away your belongings. Additionally, the molded-in cup holders are a convenient feature for packing beverages, including beers.

To ensure comfort during your paddling journey, the kayak includes two Comfort Plus seat backs with plenty of legroom.

In summary, the Ocean Kayak Zest Two EXP stands out as a top-tier kayak ideally suited for various recreational activities.

1. Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus

The Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus stands as the most expensive recreational kayak, and its features justify its premium price.

To begin with, it introduces an innovative tandem kayak design, featuring two generously sized cockpit openings. This design comfortably accommodates two paddlers, and there’s even an option to bring along a smaller third passenger using the removable child seat.

Furthermore, this versatile kayak offers the option for solo paddling, catering to independent adventurers. Adjusting the stern seat forward creates more space for solo use.

Passenger comfort is a top priority, with the Dirigo Tandem Plus featuring two contoured poly seats. These seats ensure a comfortable journey, allowing you to fully enjoy your adventures without unnecessary discomfort.

The inclusion of a Glide Track foot brace system and thigh pads inside the cockpit further enhances stability during your kayaking experience.

Lastly, this kayak provides ample storage space both at the stern and bow, ensuring you have room for all your gear. Additionally, it features a glove box hatch designed to keep your keys, phone, and other essentials secure.

In conclusion, the Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus justifies its premium price tag with a range of impressive features, making it a top-tier choice for recreational kayaking.

Fishing Kayaks vs. Recreational Kayaks: What’s the Difference?

Now that you’ve gained insight into the priciest kayaks available, you may be interested in understanding the differences between fishing and recreational kayaks. Below, we outline the key factors that set these two types of boats apart.


Angler or fishing kayaks, as the name implies, are designed specifically for fishing purposes. They typically have a flatter hull, which provides exceptional stability in various water conditions.

On the other hand, recreational kayaks often feature a rounded hull. This design allows the kayak to glide smoothly through calm waters, making it an excellent choice for beginners. However, they may not offer high speeds and can be challenging to handle in rough or choppy seas.

Size and Weight

Fishing kayaks are typically characterized by their shorter and wider build. Some models are also lightweight due to their compact size, allowing for easy transport in and out of the water. However, they may demand more effort when paddling forward.

Recreational kayaks, on the other hand, are shorter but have a narrower beam. This design facilitates precise steering in a chosen direction. However, they are primarily suited for shorter excursions on calm waters.


Angler kayaks are often equipped with pedal-powered water propulsion systems, allowing anglers to keep their hands free for fishing. In some high-end models, there is an option to upgrade to a motorized system, resulting in a faster kayak capable of reaching top speeds on the water.

On the other hand, recreational kayaks rely on paddles for navigation. Paddles provide users with greater control over the boat, offering a more interactive and enjoyable experience while steering.


Fishing kayaks are equipped with expansive deck areas that offer professional anglers enough space to stand while fishing.

On the other hand, even the priciest recreational kayaks provide roomy decks, but these are not designed for standing. Instead, they are intended to provide paddlers with ample space for paddling and storage.


Both angler and recreational kayaks are equipped with comfortable seats, and the key distinction lies in the type of seating they offer.

Angler kayaks come in two main varieties: sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks. Sit-on-top kayaks allow for easy boarding and quick exits, making them ideal for activities like swimming. However, they are more prone to getting you wet.

On the other hand, recreational kayaks typically feature sit-in designs, where your legs are enclosed within the cockpit. These designs offer better protection from waves and water splashes. Nevertheless, they can pose a challenge when it comes to exiting and re-entering the kayak in case of a capsize.

Storage Space

Fishing kayaks are renowned for their ample storage spaces, ensuring that baits and various angler fishing accessories are readily accessible. They typically come equipped with bungee cords that secure additional gear essential for fishing. Moreover, these kayaks are outfitted with rod holders that help keep fishing poles organized and within reach.

Recreational kayaks, while offering similar storage capacity, typically forgo rod holders to maintain a sleek and streamlined design. Instead, they prioritize features like cup holders, USB ports, and other convenient amenities.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Kayaks?

At this point, you might be contemplating which type of kayak suits your needs best. To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when selecting the right kayak for you.

Water Environment

Apart from the type of kayak, one of the initial considerations when purchasing one is the type of water environment you’ll be navigating.

While all kayaks are designed to float on water, not every kayak is suitable for every type of water body. Your choice of kayak should align with the specific water environment you intend to explore.

Here are some key considerations for different water environments:

  1. Lakes and Ponds: These calm and tranquil water bodies are ideal for kayaking. However, keep in mind that larger lakes can generate waves that may affect your kayaking experience.
  2. Rivers and Canals: These water environments vary significantly. Some rivers offer peaceful downstream paddling, while others present more challenging and rough waters. Always exercise caution when navigating rivers, as water speed and currents can change rapidly.
  3. Seas and Oceans: The activity level of seas and oceans is highly dependent on the weather conditions. When kayaking in open waters, it’s advisable to stay close to the coastline for a safer and more manageable experience.

Understanding the characteristics of your chosen water environment is crucial for ensuring a safe and enjoyable kayaking adventure.

Kayak Material

When purchasing a kayak for either fishing or recreational purposes, one critical consideration is the choice of materials used in its construction.

  1. Polyethylene Plastic: Among the most affordable options, polyethylene plastic kayaks exhibit good resistance to abrasion. However, they tend to be on the heavier side and may degrade over time when exposed to prolonged sunlight.
  2. ABS Plastic: Slightly pricier than polyethylene, ABS plastic kayaks offer comparable durability but come with some advantages. They are slightly lighter and possess enhanced resistance to the damaging effects of UV rays.
  3. Composites (Fiberglass and Carbon-Fiber): The most premium materials for kayak construction are lightweight fiberglass and carbon-fiber composites. These materials deliver exceptional performance and longevity, making them the preferred choice for those seeking the highest quality and durability in their kayaks.

The choice of material should align with your budget and intended usage, with composites being the preferred option for those prioritizing top-tier performance and longevity.

Weight Capacity

When purchasing a kayak, it’s crucial to select one with an appropriate weight capacity to accommodate both your body weight and any gear or equipment you intend to bring along. This consideration becomes especially significant if you plan to transport kayak fishing gear or use the kayak for family outings.

Exceeding the recommended weight capacity of a kayak can lead to several issues:

  1. Increased Risk of Capsizing: Overloading a kayak causes it to sit lower in the water, making it more susceptible to capsizing or taking on water.
  2. Reduced Efficiency: An overloaded kayak may compromise your ability to paddle or pedal efficiently, making your journey less enjoyable and more challenging.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable kayaking experience, always adhere to the weight capacity guidelines provided by the manufacturer and avoid exceeding those limits.


Before purchasing a kayak, it’s essential to clarify your kayaking objectives and goals. Understanding your specific preferences will guide you toward the most suitable kayak type for your needs. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Fishing Goals: If your primary objective is to engage in fishing activities, an angler kayak is the ideal choice. These kayaks are specifically designed with features and accessories to enhance your fishing experience, such as rod holders, ample storage for gear, and stability for casting.
  2. Recreational Adventures: On the other hand, if you’re seeking a kayak for recreational purposes and fun outings, then a recreational kayak is the better option. Recreational kayaks are versatile and well-suited for leisurely paddling, exploring calm waters, and enjoying a relaxing time on the water.

By clearly defining your kayaking goals, you can make an informed choice and select the kayak type that aligns with your intended activities and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are kayaks so expensive?

A kayak represents more than just a mere plastic vessel. Although it’s accurate to acknowledge that certain models are crafted from plastic, it’s essential to recognize the intricate craftsmanship involved in their creation. Furthermore, many contemporary kayak products utilize premium materials such as fiberglass, elevating their quality and performance.

Kayaks boast an array of features, including tailored seating arrangements, expansive storage options, and specialized paddles, all of which significantly influence their pricing structure.

Moreover, kayak manufacturers frequently incorporate proprietary technologies that are exclusively available with their products. These unique innovations further underscore the advanced engineering and design that contribute to the overall costliness of kayaks.

Are expensive kayaks worth it?

Certainly, investing in expensive kayaks is justified. They boast top-quality materials for exceptional durability. Premium kayaks offer convenient features, enhancing the kayaking experience. Moreover, they often rank among the market’s best products, ensuring excellent value for your money.

What is the difference between a kayak and a canoe?

While “kayak” and “canoe” are sometimes used interchangeably, they refer to distinct watercraft.

A kayak involves the rower sitting inside a closed deck, employing a double-bladed paddle for forward propulsion.

In contrast, a canoe typically features an open top, with the rower often kneeling inside and utilizing a single-bladed paddle to move.

Is a longer or shorter kayak better?

The choice between a longer or shorter kayak depends on your specific requirements and personal preferences.

Opt for a shorter kayak if you prioritize maneuverability and easy turning.

Conversely, if you prefer less exertion when paddling and maintaining a straight course, consider purchasing a longer vessel.


In conclusion, these top-tier kayaks represent the pinnacle of quality and performance in the market. Crafted from premium materials, they ensure unmatched durability and exceptional experiences on the water. If you’re seeking the ultimate kayaking adventure, any of the boats on this list should be a prime choice for you.

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