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11 of the Best Online Kayaking Stores

If you’re someone who enjoys the great outdoors, the idea of embarking on a kayaking adventure might have already crossed your mind. Kayaking stands out as a recreational pursuit that distinctly portrays your adventurous spirit – a sentiment I wholeheartedly concur with.

Unquestionably, kayaking ranks among the most adaptable outdoor activities available. Whether you seek a serene and calming experience or yearn for an adrenaline-packed, extreme variation, kayaking caters to your mood and inclination for adventure.

However, it’s worth mentioning that a fervent enthusiasm for kayaking often brings along a prevalent condition known as KAS – or Kayak Acquisition Syndrome. Once smitten by the allure of kayaking, the allure to acquire new equipment and accessories can be rather hard to resist. Truth be told, having the right gear can substantially enhance your kayaking escapades.

Now, the question arises – where should you turn to for procuring kayaking gear? Finding the perfect avenue to source your kayaking equipment holds paramount importance, and I’m here to guide you through it.

Do Kayaking Stores Offer Online Shopping?

Certainly, there are individuals who opt for different approaches.

Given that kayaks and their associated accessories often command higher prices compared to typical online purchases, numerous retailers have been less inclined to prioritize their online platforms. However, this scenario is swiftly evolving, primarily driven by shifts within the e-commerce landscape.

One noteworthy factor contributing to the preference for in-store shopping is the dimensions of these products. Even the smallest kayaks tend to be quite sizable, leading to escalated shipping charges that surpass those of regular items.

For those untroubled by the premium associated with it, online kayak shopping emerges as an exceedingly convenient option. The process mirrors that of ordering any other product online, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that a prevalent consensus advises against procuring a kayak without a firsthand inspection. On this matter, I concur wholeheartedly. The allure of online shopping is undeniable, yet the comfort derived from physically examining an item prior to purchase is unparalleled. Balancing the advantages of online convenience with the reassurance of an in-person evaluation remains paramount.

The Best Kayaking Stores That Offer Online Shopping

Irrespective of your chosen shopping approach, it’s undeniable that the process of acquiring a kayak holds a certain level of enjoyment. For those seeking guidance, I’ve compiled a roster of top-notch kayaking stores that cater to your needs.

1. Outdoor Play

One standout among online kayak stores is Outdoor Play. This retailer boasts an impressive collection of kayaking gear and accessories, coupled with the added perk of complimentary shipping – an unexpected and delightful feature.

Given the typical apprehensions surrounding shipping costs, particularly when purchasing kayaks online, Outdoor Play takes a refreshing approach by eliminating this concern. They extend free shipping for orders exceeding $49, a welcome solution for many.

Moreover, Outdoor Play goes the extra mile by offering round-the-clock chat support and dedicated customer assistance, ensuring an enhanced shopping experience for all their patrons.

2. GetOutdoors Pedal & Paddle

An additional exceptional online destination for kayak enthusiasts is GetOutdoors Pedal & Paddle. With a notable history dating back to its inception, this store initially began as a modest paddle sports establishment in Raleigh, North Carolina during the 1980s. Over time, it has evolved into a prominent powerhouse among kayak and canoe vendors across the Southeast.

Distinguishing itself from its counterparts, GetOutdoors Pedal & Paddle boasts an intriguing feature termed ‘Demo on Demand.’ This innovative offering permits customers to handpick two items for trial at their convenience, provided they adhere to a scheduled arrangement.

The store further enhances its appeal by extending shipping services as well as local delivery options for a significant portion of their inventory. This holistic approach ensures that shoppers can access a diverse range of products with ease and convenience.

3. Austin Kayak

A notable addition to the roster of online kayak stores is Austin Kayak, which adopts an engaging approach with its ‘Demo Days’ initiative. This unique offering underscores their commitment to prioritizing customer needs and preferences.

In a realm where product trials are often limited, Austin Kayak’s stance stands out as a commendable business model that resonates with customers. This gesture acknowledges the significance of testing items before making substantial investments, a sentiment that holds particular weight within the kayaking community, where price points regularly exceed thousands of dollars.

With eight physical locations across the United States, divided between Michigan and Texas, Austin Kayak ensures accessibility for those seeking a firsthand experience through their ‘Demo Days.’ Enthusiasts looking to engage with this opportunity can conveniently schedule a demo session via the store’s website.

Furthermore, Austin Kayak facilitates online transactions for the convenience of virtual shoppers. It’s important to note that shipping fees can be notably substantial, particularly for larger items, often exceeding $150. However, a silver lining comes in the form of potential discounts attainable through the application of a promo code. This balance between in-person experiences and online convenience showcases Austin Kayak’s commitment to accommodating a diverse range of customer preferences.

4. Zet Kayak

Zet Kayak introduces a fresh and contemporary dimension to the realm of online kayak shopping.

While offering a comprehensive array of kayaks akin to other retailers, Zet Kayak distinguishes itself by placing a pronounced emphasis on customization. This facet becomes a key differentiator in their approach. For individuals seeking a kayak or canoe tailored to their unique vision, Zet Kayak steps forward as a remarkable solution.

What sets them apart is their willingness to bring your personalized design concepts to life. By simply reaching out to them via their website, you can communicate your desired design for your watercraft. Although this personalized touch may entail an additional expenditure, it provides you the privilege of owning a kayak imbued with a design that exclusively reflects your preferences and creativity.

5. California Canoe & Kayak


California Canoe & Kayak emerges as a multifaceted online kayak store that extends beyond mere boat sales.

What sets California Canoe & Kayak apart is its holistic approach to catering to water enthusiasts. In addition to purchasing kayaks, this store offers a unique facet – kayak rentals. This feature proves especially advantageous for individuals seeking a short-term kayak solution for their vacation or outdoor escapades.

Positioned conveniently in proximity to the Brooklyn Basin, California Canoe & Kayak enjoys an optimal locale that facilitates activities such as purchasing, testing, and renting kayaks. The store’s strategic location contributes to its ability to accommodate varied customer preferences.

Beyond their kayak-related services, California Canoe & Kayak boasts an extensive collection of kayaking apparel. This diverse inventory enhances its appeal as a comprehensive hub for all things kayaking, thereby solidifying its reputation as a well-rounded destination for water sports enthusiasts.

6. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods stands as the preeminent sporting goods retailer within the United States, holding the distinction of being the largest in its domain. When confronted with uncertainty, Dick’s Sporting Goods emerges as a reliable choice, a fact underscored by its unparalleled prominence in the industry.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that the store’s inventory may present a limitation. While it covers a broad spectrum of needs, sourcing specialized equipment might necessitate exploration beyond its walls. The store truly shines as an ideal starting point for those embarking on their sporting journey.

An added advantage is Dick’s Sporting Goods’ provision of in-store pickup, a service designed to substantially mitigate shipping expenses. This feature proves particularly beneficial when contemplating the typical $150 shipping fee associated with an average-sized kayak. Opting for in-store pickup translates to noteworthy cost savings.

In summary, Dick’s Sporting Goods holds its stature as the leading sporting goods retailer in the U.S. for good reason. It’s a dependable choice, especially for novices stepping into the world of sports and outdoor activities. Furthermore, the option of in-store pickup emerges as a financial boon, notably in contrast to the significant shipping costs typically tied to larger items like kayaks.

7. Kayak Fishing Supplies

At Kayak Fishing Supplies, customers can explore an impressive array of fishing kayaks, showcasing their commitment to offering a diverse selection. Their kayak collection stands out as one of the most extensive compilations available.

A distinctive advantage they offer is the inclusion of complimentary add-on installations prior to shipping. This thoughtful service ensures that customers receive their kayaks ready for action, enhancing the overall experience. Moreover, their shipping fees are notably reasonable, hovering around the $100 mark, which presents a notable cost-saving in comparison to other establishments.

This affordability can be attributed to their strategic approach to shipping logistics. By dispatching items to central hub stations situated within a convenient 15-mile radius of airports, they streamline the shipping process, ultimately translating into reduced costs.

In addition to catering to domestic customers, Kayak Fishing Supplies extends its services globally with international shipping options. This international reach broadens their appeal and makes their offerings accessible to a wider audience.

To sum up, Kayak Fishing Supplies stands as a prime destination for fishing kayak enthusiasts, boasting an extensive selection and offering the convenience of pre-installation services. Their cost-efficient shipping approach and global outreach further solidify their position as a valuable player in the industry.

8. Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts

Oak Orchard stands as a venerable presence on this list, boasting the distinction of being perhaps the oldest kayak specialty store.

With four decades of business acumen under their belt, the inclusion of ‘experts’ in their name is well-earned and resonates with credibility.

While their website may exude a slightly vintage charm, it serves as a treasure trove of unique items that diverge from the mainstream offerings. Notably, the clearance section beckons with opportunities to snag older-model kayaks at appealing prices, making it a prime destination for those seeking a bargain.

A standout feature of their website is the ‘Used’ section, a rarity among shops. This particular facet distinguishes Oak Orchard as a purveyor of secondhand kayaks, a distinctive offering in the market.

Adding to their allure are the ‘Rental & Lessons’ services. For novices unversed in kayaking, the option to reserve a rental along with a guided lesson stands as a valuable resource for acquiring essential skills and knowledge.

To encapsulate, Oak Orchard’s legacy as a time-honored kayak specialty store is reinforced by their extensive experience spanning 40 years. Their website, while classic in appearance, provides an array of exclusive finds, complemented by an unconventional ‘Used’ section. The provision of ‘Rental & Lessons’ services further cements their standing as an approachable and educational establishment for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

9. Amazon Store

Given Amazon’s status as the preeminent online marketplace in the USA, it’s reasonable to anticipate the availability of kayaks within its expansive offerings.

Navigating your kayaking requisites solely through Amazon is a plausible route, yet a word of caution is warranted. The quality of the products can be questionable, often originating from overseas sources. This lack of clarity regarding item quality remains a pertinent concern until the product reaches your hands.

An advantageous aspect, however, emerges in the form of numerous local stores maintaining their own Amazon storefronts. Identifying these establishments can present a challenge, though.

For those earnestly committed to their kayaking endeavors, a prudent course of action involves prioritizing a visit to a nearby specialized kayaking store prior to delving into Amazon’s inventory. This strategic approach ensures firsthand evaluation and guidance, bolstering your decision-making process. When it comes to accessories, Amazon does shine with an impressive array of choices.

To encapsulate, Amazon’s reputation as a leading online marketplace undoubtedly extends to the realm of kayaking merchandise. While Amazon offers convenience, it’s essential to exercise caution due to potential quality uncertainties. Exploring local kayak stores holds merit for enthusiasts seeking assurance and personalized advice, while Amazon serves as a dependable hub for a wide spectrum of kayak accessories.

10. Kayak City

Emerging as a fresh presence in the online kayak retail landscape, Kayak City embodies the hallmarks expected of a contemporary enterprise.

The website’s design seamlessly intertwines sleek aesthetics with user-friendly navigation, ensuring an effortless shopping experience. With a simple mouse-over action on their navigator, a comprehensive list of available items unfurls before you.

Regrettably, as of the present composition, a notable portion of their inventory stands labeled as ‘out of stock.’ The attributed reason lies in the pervasive global shortage, a circumstance they assure will be rectified promptly, ensuring swift availability once more.

In essence, Kayak City stands as a nascent yet promising player in the online kayak retail arena, embracing modern sensibilities. Their streamlined website design enhances the shopping process, notwithstanding the temporary ‘out of stock’ situation attributed to the prevailing global shortage, which they are diligently working to address.

11. Ozark Mountain Trading Company (Physical Store Only)

Mention the term “Ozark,” and two prominent associations arise: the picturesque Lake of the Ozarks and the acclaimed Netflix series ‘Ozark,’ intriguingly set against the backdrop of the same locale.

Naturally, the expansive natural realm encompasses the great outdoors, with kayaking emerging as a thriving pursuit in this environment, given the myriad recreational opportunities it presents.

Enter the scene, Ozark Mountain Trading Company—a dedicated entity specializing in a diverse array of outdoor equipment such as kayaks, canoes, tents, and more.

However, it’s worth noting that Ozark Mountain Trading Company has opted to curtail online shopping options. Currently, they abstain from offering shipping services and exclusively operate across four of their nationwide physical stores.

In essence, Ozark Mountain Trading Company aligns perfectly with the spirit of outdoor adventure that the Ozarks region evokes. Specializing in a comprehensive range of outdoor gear, their unique approach emphasizes in-store experiences across select locations, diverging from the traditional online shopping model.

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