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13 of the Best Online Martial Arts Stores

Martial arts has evolved into a popular fitness regimen, offering a dual purpose of physical well-being and self-defense techniques. These skills not only foster self-assurance but also contribute to a heightened sense of self-worth.Engaging in martial arts training yields a myriad of physical benefits, including improved balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and posture. Moreover, it serves as a potent calorie-burning activity, facilitating effective weight loss and muscle sculpting. As individuals immerse themselves in martial arts, they also discover its prowess in stress management, honing their focus and amplifying their determination.

Before embarking on your martial arts journey, acquiring suitable equipment is paramount. Delve into the realm of online martial arts stores featured in this informative guide to ensure you’re well-prepared for your training endeavors.

The Top 13 Picks for Online Martial Arts Stores

1. Century Martial Arts Supply


In 1976, Century Martial Arts Supply came into existence, carving its place as a pioneering force in the martial arts industry. Notably, their website was a trailblazer, setting new standards for online accessibility and purchasing convenience for both martial arts enthusiasts and customers seeking top-notch equipment.

Central to Century’s legacy are their innovations that have left an indelible mark on martial arts. The introduction of the groundbreaking Wavemaster®, the initial freestanding training bag, and the iconic BOB® body opponent bag has solidified their reputation. These creations have become synonymous with excellence in martial arts equipment.

Interestingly, the influence of Century’s creations extends beyond the dojo. They have become a fixture in popular culture, gracing the screen in beloved television series and movies. Notable titles like ‘The Office,’ ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Justified,’ ‘Horrible Bosses,’ ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,’ and ‘Elementary’ have seamlessly integrated BOB® bags into their episodes, further underscoring Century’s pervasive impact.

2. AWMA Martial Art & Boxing Supplies


Since its inception in 1972, AWMA® has stood as a distinguished global manufacturer and distributor of equipment for human contact sports and martial arts. This includes an extensive array of sporting goods and related products. Notably, AWMA® has pioneered the acclaimed ProForce® line, renowned for its Lightning® and Thunder® series of gear, as well as the remarkable Gladiator, Combat, and Velocity Gear.

Evolving with the times, AWMA® has embraced online convenience for its clientele. With the establishment of their online store, customers now have the liberty to procure martial arts equipment, boxing essentials, training gear, kickboxing supplies, and karate gear from the confines of their homes. This seamless accessibility caters to the modern lifestyle while upholding AWMA®’s commitment to excellence.

3. Martial Art Shop


Accommodating both enthusiasts and professionals, the Martial Art Shop emerges as an all-encompassing destination for martial arts, MMA, and boxing requisites. A comprehensive array of over thousands of items in stock caters to an extensive spectrum of martial arts disciplines, ensuring a personalized fit for every individual.

The shop proudly associates with reputable suppliers and distributors, boasting an impressive roster of renowned brands. Among them, you’ll find esteemed names like adidas, Spirit, Tsport, Blitz, Giko, Hayabusa, Twins, Venum, Jaco, Bad Boy, Rival, Fairtex, and an array of others. This assortment showcases a commitment to quality and diversity, solidifying the Martial Art Shop’s status as a prime choice for martial arts aficionados.

4. The Martial Arts Supermarket


The Martial Arts Supermarket has firmly established itself as a leading martial arts supply enterprise within the United States, extending its services to passionate martial arts enthusiasts worldwide. Their expansive inventory encapsulates an impressive array of offerings, including a diverse selection of katana, combat gear, karate attire, bo staffs, and an assortment of traditional martial arts weaponry and accessories.

The inventory further encompasses an array of training equipment tailored to various disciplines such as taekwondo, judo, karate, ninjitsu, and mixed martial arts, catering to the needs of practitioners from diverse backgrounds. Noteworthy also is their comprehensive assortment of martial arts shoes, martial arts DVDs, and karate party supplies, all presented at wholesale rates. This thoughtful curation signifies The Martial Arts Supermarket’s commitment to delivering convenience and value to their esteemed clientele.

5. Martial Art Smart


Martial Art Smart stands as a comprehensive online haven for martial arts enthusiasts, offering an all-encompassing destination for martial arts essentials. With a remarkable legacy dating back to 1983, they embarked on their online journey in 1995. Their unwavering commitment revolves around delivering unparalleled excellence in martial arts merchandise.

With a selection of over 3,000 products, Martial Art Smart ensures a diverse range catering to varied preferences. Their inventory spans an array of offerings, including their signature line of uniforms, sparring equipment, and an exclusive assortment of handpicked Asian imports thoughtfully curated for their store. This dedicated approach speaks to Martial Art Smart’s dedication to serving as a prime resource for martial artists seeking top-tier gear.

6. Bushido Martial Arts & Fight Gear Supplies


Established in 1994, Bushido Martial Arts & Fight Gear Supplies has flourished into Canada’s premier manufacturer and retailer of martial arts equipment. Renowned for their exceptional customer service and top-quality products, they stand as the optimal choice for martial arts and combat gear enthusiasts, empowering individuals to achieve their performance zenith.

At the core of their philosophy is the commitment to delivering unmatched value. Through a blend of diligent research, continuous innovation, and an unwavering passion for martial arts and fitness, Bushido ensures that customers receive exceptional value for their investment. This dedication resonates with their mission to enable individuals to excel at their best, aligning seamlessly with their ethos of optimum performance.

7. Shogun Martial Arts


For an extensive duration, Shogun Martial Arts has stood as a trusted purveyor of martial arts equipment, accessories, fitness gear, and boxing essentials. Their comprehensive offerings encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from premium training apparel to the latest cutting-edge gear across various categories.

Priding themselves on a repertoire of over 300 esteemed brands, Shogun Martial Arts meticulously curates their selection to present only the finest options for martial arts aficionados. This dedication to quality underscores their commitment to serving the discerning needs of enthusiasts. Furthermore, Shogun Martial Arts assures a continuous influx of fresh stock, guaranteeing availability for those seeking to procure the latest items. With their broad inventory and unwavering dedication, Shogun Martial Arts emerges as a reliable destination for all things martial arts and fitness-related.

8. Dragon Sports


For over 15 years, Dragon Sports has been dedicated to crafting an expansive inventory comprising thousands of products, meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between exceptional quality and favorable pricing. Catering to the discerning tastes of martial artists, self-defense practitioners, combat enthusiasts, and fitness devotees, their offerings are tailored to impress even the most exacting clientele.

Their comprehensive collection encompasses all the essentials required for a fulfilling martial arts journey. From specialized training weapons like the versatile nunchaku and tonfa, accommodating various Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Aikido forms, to an array of kimonos suitable for disciplines such as judo, Karate, JJB, doboks, and hakamas – Dragon Sports ensures you’ll find everything essential for your martial arts training needs. With a commitment to excellence, Dragon Sports emerges as a reliable destination for individuals seeking top-tier equipment to support their martial arts endeavors.

9. Blitz

The past three decades, Blitz has embarked on an unwavering journey, channeling a lifelong ardor for martial arts into a dedicated pursuit. Bolstered by the unwavering loyalty of valued customers and a team of exceptional operational staff, they have transformed their passion into a thriving endeavor. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Blitz stands as a leading provider of martial arts apparel and equipment, catering to club students and tournament contenders spanning all levels of expertise and age groups engaged in martial arts competitions.

Whether you’re actively engaged in combat, honing your skills through rigorous training, or imparting your expertise as a coach, Blitz offers an expansive array of products designed to elevate your capabilities as a well-rounded fighter. With a diverse selection aimed at enhancing performance across all facets of martial arts, Blitz proves to be an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to excel and thrive in their martial arts journey.

10. KungFu4Less

When questioned about his decision to provide martial arts equipment, Jim, the owner of KungFu4Less, shared that his personal ardor for martial arts propelled this venture. Despite not being the largest martial arts supplier in the online sphere, KungFu4Less distinguishes itself by offering the most competitive prices across an array of premier brand martial arts products and equipment.

11. Morgan Sports


Morgan Sports, a prominent martial arts supply destination in Australia, boasts a thriving legacy of over 30 years in the industry. Catering to martial arts schools, gyms, and fitness clubs nationwide, their reach has left an indelible mark.

Distinguished by an extensive repertoire, Morgan Sports offers one of the most expansive assortments of budget-friendly martial arts supplies. Their offerings are thoughtfully categorized to cater to the distinct needs of martial arts enthusiasts from diverse disciplines. Among the offerings, you’ll find an array of protective gear, training weapons, and various other martial arts equipment, solidifying Morgan Sports’ status as a comprehensive hub for all things martial arts.

12. Hatashita


A rich legacy of martial arts training in Canada, Hatashita International has established itself as a prominent presence. Their commitment extends towards providing the global community access to the most exceptional brands in martial arts and combat sports.

Beyond this, Hatashita International specializes in crafting tailor-made or branded items, including kimonos, gis, combat gear, clothing, and meticulously sewn goods. Their expertise goes beyond products – they extend their support to bringing your brand vision to life, encompassing conceptualization, packaging, production, and distribution. This comprehensive approach underscores Hatashita International’s dedication to catering to the diverse needs of martial arts enthusiasts and businesses alike.

13. SMAI


SMAI stands as Australia’s foremost supplier of martial arts and fitness equipment, reaching a global audience across more than 65 countries. The company’s roots trace back to 1985 when its founders embarked on their journey by crafting martial arts uniforms and punching bags within their own garage.

Diverse martial arts materials and equipment are readily accessible for purchase through their website. From essential protective gear to uniforms, belts, mats, and an array of supplementary items, SMAI caters comprehensively to the needs of martial arts enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their expansive offerings and global reach position SMAI as a pivotal player in the martial arts and fitness equipment landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top 10 martial arts?

  1. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  2. Kun Khmer
  3. Lethwei
  4. Sanda (Wushu)
  5. Judo
  6. Karate
  7. Kung Fu
  8. Muay Thai
  9. Taekwondo
  10. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

These martial arts have gained recognition for their distinct techniques and cultural significance, making them standout disciplines within the realm of combat sports and self-defense practices.

2. How many styles of martial arts are there?

The realm of martial arts encompasses a diverse array of over 170 distinct disciplines. While certain practices like karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo may be recognizable, others remain more obscure or less familiar. These martial arts have emerged from various regions worldwide, with origins tracing back notably to China, Japan, and Korea. These geographic origins have contributed to the rich tapestry of martial arts, each with its unique techniques and cultural significance.

3. Who is the king of martial arts?

The pinnacle of martial arts supremacy stands Bruce Lee, acclaimed as the ultimate king of this discipline. Possessing the cardiovascular prowess of an athlete and the muscular prowess akin to a bodybuilder, he exemplified a remarkable fusion of fitness attributes. His training regimen included impressive feats like finger-and-thumb press-ups and the uncanny ability to expand his lats reminiscent of a serpent. Displaying astonishing agility, he leapt eight feet into the air to shatter a lightbulb and showcased his renowned one-inch punch, solidifying his legendary status in martial arts history.

4. What are the benefits of martial arts?

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health
  2. Enhanced Muscle Tone
  3. Effective Weight Loss
  4. Heightened Reflexes
  5. Increased Mobility
  6. Augmented Strength and Power
  7. Improved Flexibility
  8. Enhanced Stability and Coordination
  9. Regulation of Blood Pressure
  10. Positive Impact on Mental Health


The advent of smartphone-enabled shopping has ushered in a welcome shift, liberating us from the intricacies of maneuvering through physical stores. Additionally, should you encounter difficulty locating desired martial arts gear or equipment within brick-and-mortar establishments nearby, the solution lies in the compilation of online stores I’ve curated for your convenience.

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