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13 of the Best Online Windsurfing Stores

Windsurfing emerges as a captivating oceanic pursuit that harnesses the synergy of wind and water to create an exhilarating aquatic experience. This exhilarating activity finds its haven in picturesque coastal havens worldwide, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to revel in the dynamic interplay of natural elements.

With its roots tracing back to the year 1948, windsurfing owes its inception to the ingenious fusion of surfing and sailing. A symphony of balance and waterborne maneuvering, this recreational sport thrives on utilizing the wind’s force to glide gracefully over the water’s surface.

Accessible and engaging, windsurfing beckons learners with open arms, providing a canvas for individuals of all backgrounds to partake and find enjoyment. Through diligent practice and dedication, mastery over an array of techniques unfolds, ranging from water starts and jumps to intricate maneuvers such as jibes, tacks, and exhilarating 360-degree spins.

Venturing into the world of windsurfing entails assembling a toolkit comprising essential elements: a windsurfing board, sail, mast, and boom. This assemblage culminates in the windsurfing equipment, offering a spectrum of options ranging from compact to substantial boards and sails, each tailored to varying degrees of wind conditions and skill levels.

For enthusiasts eager to explore windsurfing’s enchanting realm, delving into a curated selection of premier online stores emerges as a prudent step to delve deeper into this captivating aquatic world.

13 Best Online Windsurfing Stores

1. Windsurfmarket

Windsurfmarket stands as a virtual emporium catering to windsurfing enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive assortment of essentials required to embark on this invigorating water sport. This online windsurfing shop serves as a one-stop destination, offering an array of indispensable gear, encompassing boards, rigs, masts, booms, equipment bags, and a diverse spectrum of related items essential for a seamless windsurfing experience.

2. Boardsports California

For nearly two decades, the dedicated team at Boardsports California has been a stalwart presence, offering a range of windsurfing services, including training, rentals, and retail sales. Their unwavering commitment to customers has manifested since 2002, as they’ve become synonymous with exceptional windsurfing experiences.

Their teaching prowess is channeled through two premier beach sites nestled within the Bay Area, ensuring an unparalleled learning environment for enthusiasts. The hallmark of their operations lies in their resolute promise to deliver the utmost quality in lessons and equipment procurement, establishing them as the unrivaled choice within the region.

3. Isthmus Sailboards

With a legacy spanning over 35 years, Isthmus Sailboards has solidified its presence within the windsurfing and water sports domain. Situated just beyond Madison, their reach extends far beyond local borders as they export their products to global enthusiasts. Earning a reputation as a venerable institution, Isthmus Sailboards takes pride in their exceptional offerings of premier windsurfing equipment.

Amidst their myriad accomplishments, a resolute dedication to exceptional buyer service stands as a cornerstone of their ethos. This commitment translates into a seamless customer experience, complemented by competitive pricing that remains unmatched within the industry.

4. MauiSails Hawaii

Rooted in the vibrant Hawaiian landscape, MauiSails emerges as a pioneering development company and a prominent online windsurf store. Their specialization lies in crafting cutting-edge windsurfing sails, masts, booms, and a comprehensive array of equipment, all meticulously designed to embrace advanced technology.

In the realm of high-performance windsurfing, MauiSails has garnered widespread recognition. The very mention of their name evokes associations with groundbreaking designs that have propelled athletes towards world-speed records. Their contributions extend beyond records, as they’ve remained instrumental in the competitive arena by furnishing designs and prototypes for over a decade of triumphant dominance at the prestigious PBA/PWA World Championships.

5. Eurofuncenter

Eurofuncenter stands as an optimal destination catering to windsurfing enthusiasts in pursuit of new equipment. Within their virtual haven, a comprehensive array awaits, ensuring that windsurfers uncover all their requisites. Boasting the distinction of offering the world’s most expansive selection, Eurofuncenter houses an array encompassing windsurf boards, sails, masts, and booms—essentials that every windsurfer can rely on.

In addition to their expansive array of core gear, Eurofuncenter comprehensively caters to all facets of windsurfing, including imperative components like extension masts and trapezes. For those in search of windsurf boards tailored to diverse occasions, this establishment remains an exceptional resource.

Moreover, Eurofuncenter understands the diversity of preferences and budgets among enthusiasts. To this end, they extend an enticing option—second-hand surfboards—providing a prudent solution for those mindful of financial considerations.

6. Wind Spirit

With a history spanning 25 years in North America, WindSpirit has firmly established itself as a premier provider of windsurfing lessons. Their legacy is underscored by an unwavering commitment to imparting windsurfing skills. Beyond instruction, WindSpirit has evolved into a distinguished hub for premium windsurfing equipment, encompassing an array of essentials like boards, sails, masts, booms, extensions, and harnesses.

Their repository extends to encompass both new and pre-owned options, affording customers flexibility in choices. Partnering with reputable brands such as Ezzy, Starboard, Severne, Neilpryde, JP Australia, Chinook, DaKine, True Ames, Makani, and Tectonic, WindSpirit’s offerings mirror a commitment to quality and diversity. This assemblage of brands reflects their resolve to offer a comprehensive spectrum of choices to windsurfing enthusiasts.

7. Big Winds

Established in 1987 within the scenic enclave of Hood River, Oregon, Big Winds has flourished into a prominent global entity in the windsurfing realm. Nestled within the renowned Columbia River Gorge, this establishment boasts an illustrious legacy. Notably, it stands tall as one of the largest windsurfing stores on a global scale.

Big Winds’ geographical roots in the Columbia River Gorge position it within an iconic windsurfing hub. Beyond their status as a retail powerhouse, they stand distinguished by their expansive rental/demo fleet, tailored to accommodate all skill levels. Notably, their eminence extends to the realm of windsurfing education, as they house one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier windsurfing schools.

The breadth of instruction programs at Big Winds is comprehensive, catering to an array of demographics. From vibrant kids camps to junior camps, their offerings embrace a diverse spectrum. This extends to encompass meticulously designed individual and group classes, ensuring an all-encompassing learning experience suitable for men and women across all age brackets.

8. Mistral Windsurf

Mistral stands as a distinguished purveyor of top-tier windsurfing solutions, offering an array of premium products geared towards enhancing the windsurfing experience. Among their standout offerings, Mistral delivers freeride windsurfing boards, along with versatile SUP windsurfing boards, each embodying the pinnacle of quality and performance.

Within their extensive catalog, Mistral caters to the entirety of the windsurfing domain. In addition to offering windsurfing harnesses, their offerings extend to encompass essential components such as Mistral Freeride board fins, meticulously crafted Mistral booms, and precision-engineered Mistral masts. This comprehensive array allows windsurfers to access a spectrum of equipment and gear that aligns with their specific needs and preferences.


Dedicated to catering to a diverse spectrum of enthusiasts, The-House upholds a steadfast dedication in furnishing equipment catering to both casual weekend windsurfers and seasoned professionals alike. With a reputable tenure spanning over three decades, this establishment stands as a prominent presence within the market. Notably, The-House is renowned for its distinguished offering of top-notch windsurfing equipment and accessories, a reputation that resonates globally as a beacon of excellence.

10. Liquid Surf and Sail

Commencing its journey in November 2004, Liquid Surf and Sail has swiftly emerged as the premier destination for water sports enthusiasts. Anchored by its Fort Walton Beach location, this establishment has garnered acclaim as a beacon within the water sports realm. Beyond its presence in Fort Walton Beach, Liquid Surf and Sail has extended its footprint to encompass additional facilities situated in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Encompassing a spectrum of aquatic activities, from the invigorating windsurfing escapades amidst a brisk afternoon sea breeze to an array of water-related endeavors, Liquid Surf and Sail remains committed to providing the requisite equipment. This commitment extends to all those eager to venture out and immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the country’s most captivating beaches.

11. Surfstore

Surfstore stands as the ultimate destination to fulfill every windsurfing requirement, boasting a wealth of experience spanning over three decades within the watersports realm. With a profound understanding of the industry, this establishment has established itself as a premier hub for enthusiasts seeking an all-encompassing solution.

Surfstore’s offerings encompass a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing equipment sourced from renowned brands, facilitating a seamless procurement experience. Beyond the realm of mere transactions, they extend a comprehensive array of services, including training and access to demonstration equipment. This holistic approach ensures that patrons can access not only top-tier gear but also an array of supplementary items tailored to enhance their windsurfing journey.

12. Surfnow

Originating as an online purveyor of surf clothing and windsurfing equipment, Surfnow embarked on a journey of growth and diversification. This evolution was marked by a strategic shift towards crafting superior products tailored to meet the needs of professional riders. Their focus extended beyond mere merchandise to encompass a commitment to delivering high-caliber goods, ranging from resilient wetsuits to the minutest components and accessories essential for the windsurfing experience.

13. North Beach Windsurfing

For over two decades, North Beach Windsurfing has been a catalyst for infusing St. Pete Beach, Florida, with the exhilaration of windsurfing. Since 1999, this establishment has carved out a distinct niche, providing the local community a unique avenue to embrace the thrill of windsurfing.

Within the embrace of North Beach Windsurfing, a comprehensive array of windsurfing clothing and equipment has found a home. This establishment serves as a hub for windsurfing enthusiasts, offering a space that accommodates the sale and rental of a diverse range of merchandise.

Augmenting their offerings, North Beach Windsurfing boasts a cadre of skilled instructors who specialize in imparting windsurfing wisdom. These dedicated educators conduct a spectrum of windsurfing courses tailored to cater to students of varying proficiency levels. From fledgling beginners to intermediate learners and seasoned pros, their courses cater to the needs of all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is windsurfing done?

Windsurfing embodies the skillful orchestration of wind dynamics while upholding equilibrium on the aquatic expanse. At its essence, a windsurfing board, spanning around 2 to 2.5 meters in length, takes center stage. Adjoined to this board is a sail referred to as a rig, which boasts the versatility to be maneuvered in diverse directions at will. This amalgamation constitutes the core apparatus of windsurfing, facilitating the harmonious interplay of wind mastery and balance.

The sail, a pivotal component of the rig, varies in size contingent upon the specific windsurfing locale and the adeptness level of the windsurfer. This adaptive sizing ensures compatibility with varying wind conditions and the skill level of the individual engaging in this exhilarating aquatic endeavor.

2. Is Windsurfing good exercise?

Elevating the sail from the water’s embrace during the initial stages of windsurfing initiation entails a remarkable physical endeavor, arguably ranking as one of the most invigorating exercises inherent to this pursuit. Embarking upon the windsurfing journey unveils a rigorous facet as learners recurrently hoist the sail from the water’s clasp. As proficiency blooms and windsurfing mastery is attained, the exertion associated with this activity notably diminishes.

Subsequent to achieving competence in windsurfing techniques, the experience transitions from a physically demanding pursuit to a more nuanced engagement. While the activity no longer holds the same level of strenuousness, its multifaceted attributes continue to contribute to enhancing one’s equilibrium. In essence, the endeavor’s evolution from intense exertion to a refined practice underscores the amalgamation of both physical rigor and skillful finesse.

3. Where is windsurfing most popular?

Presenting a compilation of the 11 premier destinations that reign supreme in the world of windsurfing:

  1. Maui, Hawaii: Revered for its breathtaking vistas, Maui stands as a windsurfing haven.
  2. Jericoacoara, Brazil: This Brazilian gem entices with its unrivaled windsurfing allure.
  3. Lake Garda, Italy: Nestled in Italy, Lake Garda unveils an idyllic backdrop for windsurfing enthusiasts.
  4. Dakhla, Morocco: The allure of Dakhla in Morocco beckons windsurfers to explore its dynamic waters.
  5. Bonaire, Caribbean: In the heart of the Caribbean, Bonaire entices with its windsurfing charisma.
  6. Alacati, Turkey: Alacati in Turkey stands as a distinguished destination for windsurfing aficionados.
  7. Mauritius: Enveloped by the Indian Ocean, Mauritius captivates windsurfers with its exotic charm.
  8. Vassiliki, Lefkada, Greece: Greece’s Lefkada island, particularly Vassiliki, ranks among windsurfing’s treasured sanctuaries.
  9. Cabarete, Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic’s Cabarete casts its spell with windsurfing grandeur.
  10. Fuertaventura, Canary Islands: The Canary Islands’ Fuertaventura is a windsurfing utopia that beckons adventurers.
  11. Prasonisi, Rhodes, Greece: Rhodes, Greece, boasts Prasonisi, an iconic windsurfing enclave that captivates with its allure.

4. What is the best windsurfing board?

Highlighted below are some of the most notable windsurfing boards available within the market:

  1. Best Overall: Z-Ray Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board
  2. Best Budget: BIC Sport Ace-Tec Techno Windsurfing Board
  3. Best for Beginners: 2020 Kona One Windsurfing Board
  4. Best for Intermediate: BIC Sport Techno 293 DTT One Design Windsurfing Board
  5. Best for Light Wind: Aqua Marina Bt-S300 Inflatable SUP Windsurfing Board

Incorporating advanced technology and design, these boards cater to varying preferences and skill levels, ensuring a superior windsurfing experience. Whether seeking exceptional value, performance, or versatility, this selection encompasses boards that stand out as exemplary choices within the dynamic windsurfing landscape.

5. Are inflatable windsurf boards any good?

In scenarios demanding optimal versatility, the merits of an inflatable board emerge as exceptionally advantageous. These boards excel in durability and stability, rendering them an ideal choice for individuals new to the world of windsurfing. A notable advantage lies in the potential to enhance the learning curve—by eliminating the central fin, novices can expedite their progress, engaging in initial planning experiences sooner.

Depending on the design, specific models can accommodate the inclusion of footstraps. This customizability augments the board’s adaptability, catering to distinct preferences and enabling windsurfing enthusiasts to embark on their aquatic journeys with enhanced comfort and control.

The advent of smartphones has ushered in a new era of convenience, liberating us from the necessity of making in-person store visits. Navigating through the realm of online retail has been simplified, allowing us to effortlessly explore and make purchases from the comfort of our devices. The process involves a straightforward search for desired items, facilitated by perusing the curated compilation of online windsurfing shops presented here. This compilation serves as a valuable companion, guiding you on your windsurfing journey and enabling seamless acquisitions within the virtual realm.

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