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13 Soccer Teams with Yellow Jerseys

Soccer team colors transcend mere identification, encompassing a profound symbolism of allegiance, camaraderie, and unity.

Ensuring the accuracy of team colors becomes paramount—especially when considering gifts for ardent soccer enthusiasts or individuals who proudly don their club’s hues.

In the subsequent discourse, we will delve into the realm of soccer teams that opt for yellow as the defining hue for their away jerseys. This exploration will shed light on the significance of this choice, elucidating how the color yellow resonates within the intricate tapestry of soccer culture.

List of Soccer Teams Wearing Yellow Jerseys

1. Fulham

Established in 1879, Fulham FC stands as London’s most seasoned professional soccer team. Over the span of 2001 to 2014, the club celebrated a remarkable 13-season tenure in the esteemed Premier League. During this period, they also marked a significant milestone by securing a spot in the FA Cup Semi-Finals—an achievement that broke a 39-year hiatus dating back to 1975. The pinnacle of their accomplishments materialized in a commendable third-place finish in 2009.

Adding a vibrant touch to their soccer identity, Fulham FC proudly dons an away kit that radiates in yellow and white. This striking ensemble serves as a visual representation of the club’s heritage, encapsulating the fervor of their fan base and the storied journey that has unfolded over decades of passionate play.

2. Heart of Midlothian

Founded in the year 1874, the Heart of Midlothian Football Club boasts a narrative brimming with richness and intrigue. This captivating history finds poignant expression in the Heart of Midlothian War Memorial, a solemn tribute located in Haymarket. Serving as a poignant reminder of the club’s storied journey, the memorial encapsulates the sentiment that defines Heart of Midlothian.

When it comes to their away team attire, Heart of Midlothian Football Club embraces a vibrant palette that harmonizes yellow and pink. This distinctive combination not only resonates aesthetically but also embodies the club’s spirit, symbolizing unity and unwavering dedication to their legacy. The yellow and pink away jersey thus stands as a manifestation of their vibrant heritage and commitment to the beautiful game.

3. Wycombe Wanderers 

In 1887, the foundation stone of the Wycombe Wanderers was laid at the iconic Steam Engine on Station Road. An integral chapter in their journey began in 1896 when they became a part of the Southern League, marking their ascent just a year after making Loakes Park their abode—a cherished home for a remarkable span of 95 years.

Draped in a color scheme that exudes a sense of dynamism, the Wycombe Wanderers proudly sport an away kit that intertwines shades of yellow and navy. This distinctive ensemble not only captures attention aesthetically but also encapsulates the essence of the club’s vitality and commitment. Through the fusion of yellow and navy, the away jersey stands as a visual testament to the storied legacy of Wycombe Wanderers, echoing their journey through the annals of time and celebrating their unwavering dedication to the sport.

4. Arsenal 

Towards the latter part of 1886, a cluster of industrious Woolwich Arsenal Armament laborers came together with a resolute mission—to birth a football club that would etch its name into history. Their choice of nomenclature, Dial Square, bore a direct connection to the sundial gracing the industrial doorway that sheltered their aspirations. Today, this ambitious collective is celebrated under the renowned banner of Arsenal.

With roots tracing back to those humble beginnings, Arsenal has risen to the forefront of soccer’s echelons. Their away jersey, distinguished by a palette that marries shades of yellow and navy, serves as a visual embodiment of their journey. This color composition, more than a mere sartorial choice, carries the weight of tradition and the spirit of dedication. Arsenal’s away jersey, cloaked in yellow and navy, encapsulates the legacy forged by the club’s evolution and celebrates the passion that courses through their veins, uniting their players and fans alike.

5. Celtic 

In the year 1887, Celtic emerged into existence, a brainchild of Irish Marist Brother Walfrid. The club’s inception bore a noble purpose—to extend a helping hand to the underprivileged and downtrodden residents of Glasgow’s East End. This philanthropic endeavor unfolded against the backdrop of a burgeoning surge in the nascent realm of Association Football, with the sport experiencing a significant upswing.

Nurtured by this historical context, Celtic F.C. materialized as a testament to the enduring spirit of football. An integral facet of their identity lies in their away jersey, a visual tapestry interwoven with the harmonious hues of yellow and green. Beyond being a mere emblem of their style, this color fusion resonates with the heritage and ethos that define Celtic. The yellow and green away jersey symbolizes more than just a sport’s attire; it encapsulates the club’s legacy of compassion, their role as a beacon of hope, and their enduring commitment to both their community and the beautiful game.

6. St. Johnstone 

With its origins tracing back to 1884, St. Johnstone Football Club has firmly cemented its status as one of Scotland’s eminent sporting institutions. A pivotal milestone in their journey occurred in 2014, when they clinched the coveted William Hill Scottish Cup by triumphing over Tayside adversaries Dundee United with a commanding 2-0 victory on the hallowed grounds of Celtic Park. This landmark achievement marked their inaugural major national accolade—a triumph that resonates profoundly in the annals of their history.

The hues of yellow and blue converge to define St. Johnstone’s away jersey, infusing it with a distinctive character. Beyond being a mere garment of play, this ensemble encapsulates the essence of the club’s identity. Yellow and blue, when worn with pride, bear witness to St. Johnstone’s unwavering dedication to the sport, their tenacious spirit, and the indomitable pursuit of excellence. The away jersey serves as a visual testament to their legacy, an emblem that speaks of their journey from humble beginnings to their present stature as a premier Scottish club.

7. Sheffield Wednesday

Sheffield Wednesday holds the esteemed distinction of being England’s fifth oldest football team. Endearingly known as “The Wednesday,” the club underwent a significant nomenclature shift in June 1929, adopting the name Sheffield Wednesday. This transformative change marked a pivotal juncture in the club’s narrative, solidifying its identity under its new moniker.

Manifesting their identity through attire, Sheffield Wednesday’s away jersey elegantly combines shades of yellow and blue. Beyond the realm of sartorial choice, this color amalgamation carries within it a resonance that echoes the club’s heritage. The yellow and blue hues, when adorning players on the pitch, transcend mere aesthetics to encapsulate the passion, legacy, and history of Sheffield Wednesday. The away jersey stands as a vivid emblem of their journey—from inception to present—as they continue to etch their mark in the intricate tapestry of football’s storied past and vibrant present.

8. Everton

Everton’s historical footprint within the realm of football is undeniably significant, as they emerged as early entrants to the Football League, securing their membership in 1888. Furthermore, Everton stands as a pioneering force, achieving the distinction of being the world’s inaugural club to construct a stadium exclusively tailored for the sport of football. This milestone, marked by the establishment of a dedicated football arena, solidifies Everton’s position as a trailblazer in the evolution of the game.

On the field of play, Everton’s away jersey assumes a captivating blend of yellow and blue hues. This sartorial choice, however, extends beyond mere aesthetics. The amalgamation of yellow and blue holds a deep resonance, emblematic of Everton’s legacy and prominence. The colors, when donned by the team, reflect their storied history, their trailblazing spirit, and their enduring commitment to the sport. The away jersey serves as a testament to Everton’s journey—one that began in the early days of football and continues to illuminate the contemporary landscape of the game.

9. Brighton & Hove Albion 

In the year 1897, Edgar Everest, an esteemed figure within the Sussex Football Association, spearheaded the formation of a new football entity known as Brighton United. However, owing to resistance encountered from Hove FC, the nascent soccer club underwent a transformative rebranding, adopting the name Brighton & Hove Albion. This shift in nomenclature marked a significant juncture in the club’s evolution, solidifying its identity and setting the stage for its enduring presence.

The team’s away jersey is adorned with a striking fusion of yellow and blue tones. Beyond its visual allure, this chromatic harmony carries a narrative that resonates deeply. When worn by the players on the field, the yellow and blue ensemble stands as a vibrant emblem of Brighton & Hove Albion’s journey—a trajectory that commenced with Edgar Everest’s vision and persevered through trials and triumphs. The away jersey, with its compelling color scheme, encapsulates the essence of the club’s history, its redefinition, and its enduring commitment to the sport that binds its community together.

10. Blackburn Rovers 

Founded on November 5, 1875, within the welcoming confines of the St. Leger Hotel on King William Street, the Blackburn Rovers football club stands as a living testament to its enduring legacy. Emerging within the industrious landscape of the North and Midlands, Rovers was among a select few establishments aimed at rivalling the more aristocratic amateur clubs nestled within the southern and southeastern hemispheres. This spirited pursuit of competition and recognition propelled Rovers into a formidable force on the footballing stage.

Embarking on their journey in the realm of attire, Blackburn Rovers’ away jersey seamlessly melds shades of yellow and blue. However, this color combination signifies much more than a mere aesthetic choice. The amalgamation of yellow and blue, when sported by the players on the field, signifies a lineage that stretches back to the club’s inception. It symbolizes Rovers’ audacious stance, challenging the status quo of football’s establishment. The away jersey is a manifestation of their undying spirit and their unwavering commitment to the sport that has shaped their narrative across decades.

11. Birmingham City 

Rooted in the ecclesiastical beginnings characteristic of numerous football clubs from the late 19th century, Birmingham City’s inception finds its origin in the church. Positioned as the 28th entity in terms of substantial trophy triumphs within the annals of English football history, the Blues have etched their presence in the collective consciousness of the sport.

In the domain of English Premier League chronicles, Birmingham City occupies the 21st spot in terms of the number of seasons participated— a commendable 57-year stint. This longevity attests to their enduring commitment to top-tier competition and their integral role in the league’s narrative.

The essence of Birmingham City’s away attire harmoniously interlaces shades of yellow and blue. However, this color fusion isn’t confined to mere aesthetics. When adorned by the players on the field, the yellow and blue away jersey reverberates with history and significance. It mirrors the trajectory of a club that emerged from humble origins, cemented its standing within the footballing landscape, and unfailingly embraced the spirited ethos of the game.

12. AFC Wimbledon 

From the vantage point of AFC Wimbledon’s devoted fans, their beloved club stands as a living embodiment of the very essence that ignited the creation of Wimbledon Old Centrals back in 1889. A sense of continuity, rooted in a rich history, courses through the veins of AFC Wimbledon, resonating with the spirit that propelled its predecessor into existence over a century ago.

Dressed in hues of yellow and blue, AFC Wimbledon’s away jersey evokes a sense of unity with its storied legacy. This color pairing, more than a mere visual choice, encapsulates the enduring values that have guided the club since its inception. When worn by the players on the field, the yellow and blue ensemble pays homage to the lineage of dedication and passion that has flowed through the veins of Wimbledon football. It symbolizes a collective commitment to honoring the ethos of the past while forging an indomitable path forward.

13. Newcastle United 

With aspirations of bolstering attendance and revenue, Newcastle United made its entry into the Football League. However, the anticipated surge didn’t materialize instantaneously. The journey towards achieving these aims encountered its own timeline and challenges.

The legacy of Sir Bobby, a revered figure among the ranks of Newcastle United, finds eternal remembrance through a statue positioned outside the revered grounds of St. James’ Park. This monument, an emblem of tribute and admiration, stands as a poignant testament for generations of fans to embrace and revere.

The away jersey of the team, embellished with a harmonious blend of yellow and black, speaks volumes beyond its visual allure. When adorned by the players, this ensemble doesn’t merely reflect a color choice; it embodies the essence of Newcastle United’s narrative. Yellow and black encapsulate the club’s enduring journey, its pursuit of excellence, and the unbreakable bond shared between the team and its loyal supporters. The away jersey, in its vibrant hues, stands as an emblematic representation of the club’s legacy, commemorating its past while igniting the passions of the present and future.


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