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15 Most Expensive Bowling Balls You Can Buy

Bowling boasts a rich and colorful history, with its modern incarnation emerging more recently than one might imagine. The evolution of this beloved sport, along with the design and rules of bowling balls, began in earnest during the mid-19th century.

Bowling ball manufacturers have been instrumental in creating innovative designs that empower bowlers to select balls tailored to their unique playing styles. While professional-grade bowling balls may come with a price tag, they promise a superior experience on the lanes.

Various brands offer a diverse array of options, ensuring you can find the perfect ball for specific purposes. To explore some of the most expensive bowling balls available in 2021, don’t miss this comprehensive bowling ball review.

15. Motiv Forge Flare

The Forge Series is making its mark in the world of bowling, thanks to its unique solid reactive cover, a departure from Motiv’s previous offerings. Specifically designed for medium-heavy applications, this ball excels in terms of traction on the front of the lane and exhibits exceptional continuation for a strong finish.

At its core, the Forge Flare boasts the new Coercion MXC (MaXimum Continuation) solid reactive coverstock, representing Motiv’s most robust cover to date. What sets it apart is its remarkable continuation, a surprising trait for a cover of such strength.

It utilizes the Detonator weight block, featuring a low RG (Radius of Gyration) and high differential, resulting in rapid RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). This translates into a potent, consistent roll with significant track flare potential.

This versatile design accommodates speed-dominant players, despite the symmetrical core, offering excellent performance. Additionally, tweeners and rev-dominant players will find that the ball accentuates their strengths.

The Forge Flare is available in weights of 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 lbs, boasting an eye-catching color combination of yellow, orange, and black.

14. Roto Grip UFO

The Roto Grip UFO showcases cutting-edge technology, featuring the latest asymmetrical core known as the Equalizer Technology Core (E.T.). This innovative core design incorporates built-in cavities that enhance weight displacement after drilling, eliminating the need for a balance hole.

The E.T. core technology effectively emulates the effects of an additional hole, delivering reduced RG (Radius of Gyration) and increased differential without requiring further modifications. These features are seamlessly integrated into the ball’s design.

Complementing this advanced core is the Microtrax Coverstock, which strikes an ideal balance between mid-lane traction and responsiveness. This combination ensures that your roll maintains the momentum needed for superior pin carry. The formulation of this coverstock maintains an excellent profile texture, enhancing performance on medium-heavy to heavy oil lane conditions.

The Roto Grip UFO is available in a range of weights from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and features a distinctive color scheme of deep purple, baby blue, and neon green, making it a standout choice on the lanes.

13. Storm Proton Physix

The Physix, alongside its counterpart, the Astrophysix, achieved significant success upon their respective introductions to the bowling scene. This acclaim was primarily attributed to their exceptional and controlled reactions, a sought-after quality among bowlers. However, there was a noticeable gap in the offerings when it came to heavy oil conditions. To address this, Storm introduced the Proton Physix, designed to provide the much-needed traction on challenging heavy oil patterns.

The Proton Physix retains the lightweight core and asymmetrical block found in its predecessors. It incorporates the new Atomic Core, which enhances mass displacement along the z-axis, resulting in improved intermediate differential. Straight from the factory, Storm outfits this ball with a 2000 grit Abralon finish, ensuring it’s ready for action right out of the box.

Featuring a cutting-edge NeX Solid (Nano Extreme) coverstock, renowned for its exceptional early hook potential, the Proton Physix delivers outstanding performance. Storm’s rigorous durability and longevity tests have demonstrated an impressive 11% increase in entry angle and a remarkable 9.6% boost in hook potential compared to their standard NRG coverstock.

The Proton Physix is available in a weight range from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and boasts an eye-catching magenta/black/violet colorway.

12. Storm Trend

This bowling ball is the result of a collaboration with the renowned Jason Belmonte, a familiar figure both to the company and the world of bowling. Jason has played a pivotal role in developing other bowling balls that have earned widespread acclaim among bowlers.

The standout feature of this particular ball is the PRO-Motion core, engineered to deliver consistent performance regardless of the bowler’s style. This core’s unique design creates distinct helical arches, resulting in a distinctive and easily observable tumble as the ball rolls down the lane.

The coverstock is a variant of the Reactor series, making this ball one of the most responsive options available. After extensive testing, the R2S coverstock was selected to enhance pin carry and provide a more favorable angle in the pocket. Regardless of a player’s rev rate, this ball offers rapid response and a clearly defined breakpoint.

With this coverstock, you can anticipate consistent and reliable performance. The ball excels at clearing the front end of the lane and delivering a strong reaction at the backend.

The ball is available in weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and features an attractive aqua/sapphire/teal color combination.

11. Radical Zing! Pearl

The Radical Zing! series has gained a reputation for its exceptional backend response, and the Zing! Pearl lives up to this acclaim. With its natural clean travel and robust backend motion, it proves effective on a wide range of lane conditions, from wet to dry surfaces. Its sweet spot, however, lies on medium oil patterns, thanks to the 1000 Crown Factory Finish.

This versatile ball accommodates bowlers with varying levels of revs, effortlessly gliding down the lane and hooking precisely at the right moment. This flexibility provides bowlers with ample room to fine-tune their techniques as needed.

The Zing! Pearl shares the same core as the Zing! and Zing! Hybrid models, setting itself apart with its Forged 2 Pearl coverstock, delivering the most pronounced backend reaction in the series. It’s a versatile bowling ball suitable for both seasoned professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists. While it bears similarities to the Zing! Hybrid, it boasts unique attributes that make it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

Weight options range from 14 lbs to 16 lbs, and the ball features an eye-catching copper, pink, and black color combination.

10. Brunswick Prism Warp

The Prism Warp is a versatile bowling ball suitable for a variety of lane surfaces. It features the Portal core, characterized by an ultra-low RG (Radius of Gyration) and a higher intermediate differential. The cover is constructed using Activator Composite Technology 2.0, positioning it between the Prism Solid and Prism Hybrid variants while sporting a smoother surface. This unique configuration enhances the ball’s gliding capabilities, promotes better continuation down the lane, and ensures powerful pin carry.

Equipped with the Portal Core, which incorporates DynamiCore for the outer materials and Durability Optimization Technology internally, this ball boasts improved overall durability and strength, along with enhanced hitting power.

The Prism Warp is available in weight options ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and features an attractive color combination of turquoise, purple, and black.

9. Roto Grip RST X-1

Professional bowlers understand the significance of maintaining control over the ball’s trajectory down the lane. This is precisely why Roto Star introduced their RST Core, a feature engineered to preserve the ball’s inherent dynamics even after drilling. The core’s design is centered around retaining core torque throughout the journey down the bowling alley, leveraging the substantial mass at its base.

This design ensures that alterations, such as drilling and adjustments to thumb hole size, do not compromise the overall movement and roll of the bowling ball.

The coverstock further contributes to striking the right balance between mid-lane traction and the ball’s responsiveness to friction. Utilizing Microtrax technology, the coverstock achieves an optimal distribution of nanoparticles throughout its surface. In essence, this coverstock is tailored for medium-heavy to heavy oil lane conditions.

With a finishing touch of 3000 grit sanding and an asymmetric design, this bowling ball offers remarkable versatility.

Available in weight options ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, the ball boasts a sleek black/dark forest/forest pearl color combination.

8. 900 Global Reality

900 Global proudly asserts that this ball represents the pinnacle of their lineup in terms of strength. The solid variant of the S84 Response cover employs a surface with pore sizes up to 20% larger, coupled with a 2000 Abralon finish, a combination that ensures exceptional traction, even on the most oil-laden lanes.

Equipped with an asymmetric core, this ball features distinct shapes at the top and bottom of the weight block, effectively optimizing space utilization without unnecessary bulk. When used on dry lanes, it showcases rapid directional changes.

This ball exhibits remarkable power as it effortlessly navigates the front section of the bowling alley, executing precisely targeted hooks through the pins. It’s a preferred choice for bowlers who favor high speed or employ a lower rev rate, given its unbridled strength. If you’re seeking a bowling ball that facilitates easier angle adjustments, this option deserves serious consideration.

Available in weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, the ball boasts a striking color combination of purple, light blue, and deep purple.

7. 900 Global Volatility Torque

The Torque represents an enhancement of the renowned Volatility ball. It features the new S84 Response Pearl coverstock, incorporating cutting-edge materials that expand the microscopic surface pores by an impressive 20%, facilitating superior oil absorption. With a polished pearl finish, this ball excels in maintaining excellent flow on the front end of the lane and delivers a robust finish at the backend.

At its core lies the signature 900 Global Volatility Asymmetric core, expertly distributing the ball’s mass for enhanced continuation and exceptional pin carry. It comes from the factory polished to a 1500 grit finish, making it well-suited for a range of lane conditions, from medium/heavy oil to heavy oil surfaces.

The ball’s design makes it an excellent choice for starting the game, allowing bowlers to open up angles, but it also offers remarkable versatility, remaining effective throughout the course of play.

Available in weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, the ball sports an appealing emerald/steel/violet colorway.

6. Motiv Alpha Jackal

When facing a heavily oiled bowling alley, you can rely on the Motiv Alpha Jackal to help you conquer the challenge. This formidable Jackal delivers enhanced hook potential, control, and exceptional continuation to execute your shots effectively.

An evolution of the already beloved Jackal Ghost, the Alpha Jackal features an upgraded and more robust solid coverstock paired with the Predator V2 weight block at its core. The asymmetric core design combines a low RG (Radius of Gyration) with ample differentials, enabling users to maximize the ball’s revolution and flare on the lane.

Speed-dominant players need not fret about traction on heavily oiled surfaces, as the Alpha Jackal excels in dominating the bowling alley and executing precise hooks at just the right moment.

This powerhouse is available in weight options of 14 lbs, 15 lbs, and 16 lbs, showcasing an attractive purple and blue color combination.

5. Motiv Trident Nemesis

Hailing from the Trident line of Motiv, this bowling ball showcases the innovative asymmetrical Sidewinder core shape, marking it as one of the most angular balls ever created by the company. It incorporates their cutting-edge Infusion HV (High-Volume) Pearl Reactive cover technology, delivering outstanding backend performance and a potent continuation of your shot.

Expect this ball to introduce sharper angles into your game, offering an impressive backend motion and robust continuation, ensuring a satisfying pin carry. Notably, it’s designed with an eye toward future readiness, taking into account the balance hole rule change.

The Sidewinder weight block empowers players who prefer drilling their balls for enhanced control. Thanks to its polished 5500 grit cover, this ball boasts exceptional speed, even on lightly oiled surfaces, making it an excellent choice for angular attacks. While it may not possess the sheer strength of some other balls in the lineup, it compensates with ease of use and the ability to create steeper angles in your shot.

Furthermore, this ball proudly bears the “Made in the USA” label, a testament to the craftsmanship and quality delivered straight out of the box.

Available in a weight range spanning from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, it boasts a visually appealing silver pearl and aqua pearl NeoMark graphics design.

4. Motiv Jackal Legacy

The Jackal series has consistently reigned supreme in Motiv’s lineup of bowling balls, earning a formidable reputation for its exceptional hooking abilities, even when confronted with the most oil-drenched conditions that bowlers may encounter. The Jackal Legacy not only upholds this legacy but also elevates it to new heights.

At its core, this ball features the renowned Predator V2 weight block, endowing it with strength, versatility, and reliability. This unique weight block incorporates both asymmetrical and angular characteristics, delivering a potent combination. Combined with the Coercion MXC Solid Reactive coverstock, the Jackal Legacy stands as the most robust offering in Motiv’s production line.

The Coercion coverstock is a solid performer, particularly excelling in heavy oil settings by providing substantial traction. It also generates a powerful down-lane motion and sustains impressive continuation, resulting in exceptional pin carry.

Speed-dominant players grappling with mid-lane challenges will find valuable support in this setup. Balanced players can harness the aggressive synergy between the core and coverstock to enhance their performance. Even rev-dominant players will discover a reliable ally in the Jackal Legacy, thanks to its remarkable hook potential and continuation.

Available in weight options ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, this bowling ball sports the signature pearl, red, and black color combination.

3. Storm Omega Crux

Storm proudly asserts that the Omega Crux stands as their most dynamically designed bowling ball in the current market. This exceptional performance is attributed to the presence of the Catalyst Core, an asymmetrical core design utilized throughout their esteemed Crux series, revered by both professional and amateur bowlers worldwide.

Storm has introduced GI-20, or Game Improvement – 2020 technology, a groundbreaking development aimed at optimizing the potential of every player by enhancing their performance in virtually any bowling environment. Notably, the Omega Crux exhibits remarkable responsiveness, particularly in frictionless settings. This attribute empowers precision and accuracy, enabling players to hit their desired targets. Even in the event of an error, the ball demonstrates impressive adaptability, capable of recovering from any point along the lane.

Beyond its asymmetrical weight block and reactive resin GI-20 coverstock, the Omega Crux boasts a lightweight core, ensuring ease of handling. With a factory finish of 3000-grit, it offers high-flare potential, making it a versatile and adaptable choice for bowlers of various playing styles.

The Omega Crux is available in weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs and features the signature white/copper/graphite color combination.

2. Storm Parallax

Introduced in August 2020, this bowling ball from Storm represents one of their latest offerings. Distinguished by its patented lightweight core and asymmetrical weight block, it sets itself apart from the Omega Crux with its 1500-grit finish, which leans toward the grippier side.

At its core, the Parallax features the Aeroflo Core, renowned for its simplicity and elegant performance. As a lighter ball, it boasts a higher RG, and the strategically positioned depressions on the Z-axis from the pin mimic the effects of an extra hole. This design choice streamlines the drilling process, making it less cumbersome while ensuring a true roll for users.

The Parallax incorporates the Traction X7 coverstock, a hybrid and highly reactive material. Storm has skillfully combined the favored attributes of their seven coverstocks into this one, resulting in a coverstock that offers enhanced texture, increased porosity, and improved mobility. These characteristics collectively make the Parallax a versatile and winning addition to any bowler’s arsenal.

Available in weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, the Parallax features a striking marine/steel/black colorway.

1. Hammer Redemption Hybrid

The Hammer Redemption Hybrid represents an evolution of the already successful bowling ball from the same company. It builds upon its predecessor by introducing a shinier cover, effectively situating it between the Solid and Pearl versions.

This enhancement results in impressive hook potential towards the end of the lane while maintaining a clean and true trajectory in the initial part. The ball incorporates DOT technology, allowing users to drill it anywhere without compromising its durability. Furthermore, it benefits from the infusion of carbon fiber, enhancing its overall resilience.

Featuring an asymmetrical core and a hybrid reactive coverstock, the Hammer Redemption Hybrid caters to bowlers with high rev rates, providing them with a versatile and high-performing option.

Available in weights ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs, this bowling ball sports an attractive color combination of red, white, and navy blue.


Why do I need my own bowling ball?

Enhancing your bowling experience involves having a personalized ball. Relying solely on house balls can lead to ill-fitting finger holes, potentially causing injuries.

To address this, consider getting a bowling ball customized to your specific needs. Most pro shops offer drilling services to help you find the perfect fit. If you’re a first-timer, they’ll often request you to throw a few shots, allowing them to assess your style and recommend a ball that complements your unique approach.

What are the different types of ball materials?

Urethane boasts a softer coverstock, resulting in increased lane friction. On the other hand, reactive resin, the most recent innovation, enhances friction to deliver improved hook potential. Particle material, akin to reactive resin in terms of grip, offers even more power and superior hook potential.

What’s the ideal weight for a bowling ball?

Individual preferences play a significant role in this decision. However, it’s essential to emphasize the importance of the bowling ball’s weight. You have the option to select a weight ranging from 12 lbs to 16 lbs.

What are the prominent and recent innovations for bowling balls?

Today, bowling ball manufacturers employ various coverstock materials such as plastic, urethane, reactive resin, and particle substances. These materials serve different purposes, from absorbing oil to enhancing player control. Additionally, core designs are carefully engineered to influence the ball’s movement and lane reaction.

Innovations have also streamlined the process of drilling and customizing the ball’s fit. This ensures that players experience optimal comfort, regardless of how many bowling balls they use.

What’s the benefit of using an expensive bowling ball?

The choice ultimately boils down to your intended experience and the specific context in which you plan to play. If your goal is to enhance your bowling skills or pursue a professional path, investing in the right tools and equipment can significantly benefit you compared to relying on basic alternatives. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of quality bowling shoes if you’re aiming to elevate your performance on the lanes.


Here, we present the premium selection of high-end bowling balls available in 2021. These bowling balls not only boast top-notch materials and extensive research in their design but also add a touch of style to your bowling bag.

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