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15 Most Expensive Golf Balls

The game of golf has evolved significantly over the past few decades, with players honing their skills and golf equipment incorporating cutting-edge technology to tackle increasingly challenging courses.

While it might appear that golf balls have remained unchanged, they have, in fact, undergone numerous innovations and upgrades in recent years. These advancements have made golf balls even more crucial in providing both amateur and seasoned golfers with enhanced opportunities to elevate their game.

Here, we’ll explore some of the most expensive golf balls ever to hit the market. These balls feature state-of-the-art technology and design elements aimed at boosting control, spin, and overall performance on the golf course.

15. Volvik S4

For golfers seeking to maximize the distance between their swings and the ball, this premium golf ball is the ideal choice. It is meticulously engineered to respond exceptionally well to fast swing speeds, effortlessly piercing through the air during flight, thanks to its high-grade Urethane coating. Golfers can anticipate an exceptional feel and spin rate, placing it firmly in the realm of tour-caliber golf balls.

With its four-piece construction, this golf ball delivers a remarkably smooth sensation on every shot, making tee-offs particularly gratifying. The core of the ball boasts Volvik’s dual-power specifications, incorporating Bismuth to yield impressive distance and explosiveness.

Users of this golf ball will enjoy heightened control and optimized energy, resulting in extended distances on the course. It excels in reducing driver spin thanks to its robust core but remains capable of generating high spin when precision control is desired.

14. Bridgestone Tour B330

This premier golf ball confidently challenges its competitors, setting new standards for golf performance. Designed to cater to players with relatively high swing speeds, this golf ball boasts a high compression rating of approximately 100, enabling high-speed swingers to achieve maximum distance off the tee.

It soars through the air with minimal to virtually no spin and exhibits excellent roll upon landing. Its trajectory remains stable and consistent, making it an ideal choice for shot shaping within the category it belongs to.

Engineered to deliver tour-level performance, golfers can trust its greenside control capabilities. A minor adjustment to your shot is all that’s needed to harness its impressive performance attributes.

13. Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS

The Bridgestone 2020 Tour B XS golf balls showcase remarkable innovation with their Reactiv Urethane Cover, a game-changing impact modifier that can significantly elevate a player’s performance. These balls are versatile, offering both increased distance and enhanced spin, making them a valuable asset for golfers of various skill levels.

This golf ball’s effectiveness is exemplified by its design, which received input from none other than Tiger Woods himself. Woods regularly employs these balls in his tournament play, further attesting to their performance and quality.

Additional features include gradational compression, which enhances overall speed while reducing spin off the driver, a dual dimple design that contributes to added distance and improved roll, and seamless cover technology that ensures every shot is consistent, accurate, and precise.

12. Nike 20XI-X

The revamped version of this golf ball represents a substantial improvement over its previous generation, which had left many golfers disappointed. The enhancements made to this ball upon its launch garnered widespread acclaim from players.

One key improvement involved enlarging the resin core, known as RZN, resulting in a softer feel. This adjustment addressed concerns from the previous generation, which had been criticized for being overly stiff.

The 20XI-X boasts a straight flight trajectory, offering a distinct advantage to golfers seeking both distance and accuracy. It excels in contending with headwinds and crosswinds, allowing players to confidently position the ball as desired.

Furthermore, this golf ball provides commendable control on the green, a significant upgrade from its predecessor. These improvements collectively make it a valuable choice for golfers looking to enhance their game.

11. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are not only designed to stand out visually but are also engineered to provide a distinct feel compared to others on the market. These golf balls aim to elevate every player’s experience to a tour-level standard by undergoing a comprehensive redesign focused on speed and distance enhancement.

Key features include a generously sized dual SoftFast core infused with graphene, resulting in increased distance. The larger core contributes to higher launch angles and reduced spin speeds. Additionally, the thin yet firm outer core, fortified with graphene, enhances durability and wedge spin performance.

The innovative speed mantle system delivers several advantages for players. Featuring a proprietary blend of ionomer, it facilitates enhanced energy transfer, resulting in higher ball velocity. Combined with a thin urethane cover, golfers can expect superior feel and spin control when using these balls on the course.

10. Callaway Speed Regime SR1, SR2, SR3

Callaway provides golf balls tailored to suit a wide range of swing speeds, from the SR1 designed for slower swing speeds to the SR3, ideal for golfers with professional-level swing speeds. Let’s delve into the SR3, which falls within the higher price bracket.

The SR3 golf ball is meticulously crafted for tour-level golfers. It boasts a high-compression core combined with a soft cover, delivering exceptional performance. Golfers can anticipate a lower trajectory and impressive control on the greens when using this ball.

For those with high swing speeds, the SR3’s firmness is sure to be appreciated. The ball’s launch imparts the signature Callaway “click,” offering a straight and accurate flight path without any compromises.

The SR3 is an excellent choice for golfers seeking an easy-to-control golf ball. It excels in providing superior spin on the green and consistently responds well to various shot types, making it a reliable companion on the course.

9. Srixon Z Star

Srixon golf balls are synonymous with one primary objective: achieving remarkable distance. The Z Star line of golf balls perfectly encapsulates this goal. At the heart of their performance lies a meticulously reengineered cover with enhanced elasticity, delivering an exceptional reaction upon impact. This unique cover material not only promotes increased spin but also enhances stopping power on the greens.

Crafted with a three-piece construction, these golf balls feature a urethane cover material and boast a total of 338 dimples, optimizing aerodynamics for exceptional performance. With a mid-launch trajectory and a mid-spin configuration, the Z Star golf ball represents one of Srixon’s premier offerings, ensuring an impressive playing experience on the golf course.

8. Titleist Pro V1X

Titleist’s latest offering, the Pro V1X, has been meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional level of performance, with an emphasis on achieving greater distances on the golf course. This cutting-edge golf ball is engineered to minimize long game spin, providing golfers with the advantage of increased control in their approach shots and around the greens, allowing for a strong finish.

The Pro V1X features a revamped 2.0 ZG process dual-core and a meticulously designed 348 spherically tiled tetrahedral dimple pattern. These innovations work in tandem to enhance control, consistency, and versatility across all aspects of your game. Furthermore, the soft cast urethane elastomer cover system provides an improved feel off the tee, while the high-flex casing contributes to increased ball speed and reduced long game spin. Experience the next level of golf with the Titleist Pro V1X.

7. Volvik Vista iV

Volvik is renowned for producing some of the most visually striking golf balls in the industry, thanks to their vibrant colors. However, these golf balls are not just eye-catching; they are engineered for superior performance, designed to outshine the competition.

Featuring a dual-core construction with a soft outer layer encompassing a firmer interior, these golf balls are equipped with a zirconium cover. Boasting a compression rating of 95, they are suitable for golfers with varying swing speeds.

With a mid-high trajectory and impressive down-range distance, these golf balls exhibit minimal spin. When struck, golfers will notice a satisfying firmness that sets them apart from softer counterparts.

Whether on the fairway, in the rough, or on the green, these golf balls excel, delivering exceptional control and versatility. Thus, Volvik’s golf balls not only stand out due to their vibrant colors but also due to their remarkable performance and adaptability to diverse playing conditions.

6. TaylorMade Lethal

Upon its debut, this golf ball proved to be a champion performer. One of the key factors contributing to its outstanding performance is the remarkable 86% increase in dimple coverage compared to its predecessor, the Penta TP5.

In an era when modern golf clubs are designed to launch balls higher, this golf ball is ingeniously crafted to maintain optimal conditions, preventing the ball from ballooning or being excessively affected by the wind. This design strategy serves to maximize distance and prolong the second stage of flight, while also enhancing control over ball spin and providing superior aerodynamics for windy conditions.

While this golf ball may initially offer a firmer feel, players will swiftly adapt and discover how to harness its unique characteristics. Upon launch, it exhibits a relatively low trajectory, delivering a straight and consistent flight path with minimal deviation. Additionally, it provides a commendable roll-out upon landing.

It is widely acknowledged that this golf ball represents TaylorMade’s finest offering to date. Although some golfers, particularly those with low handicaps, may require a bit of adjustment to locate the sweet spot consistently, it is by no means an insurmountable challenge.

5. TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x

Both the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x boast a robust construction, featuring a Tri-Fast core and a Dual-Spin cover, resulting in an advanced 5-layer design that seamlessly complements a wide range of clubs. These upgraded models are engineered to showcase the pinnacle of TaylorMade’s technological prowess.

At the heart of these golf balls lies the High-Flex Material, a game-changing innovation that promises an elevated level of performance and a transformative experience for golfers of all skill levels. TaylorMade aptly dubs this groundbreaking design the “Speed Layer System.” The mechanics behind it are akin to a wound spring brimming with stored energy. Upon impact with a club, it triggers a secondary rebound energy, catapulting the ball with increased velocity when struck by the driver’s head.

The primary objective of these golf balls is to deliver exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of swing speeds, inspiring players to savor their time on the course. Thanks to this innovative design, golfers can potentially achieve an impressive boost in ball speed, with improvements of up to 10% attainable when employing these balls.

4. Titleist Pro V1x

Building upon the success of the Titleist Pro V1, the Pro V1x takes all the strengths and introduces enhancements that elevate its performance. Compared to its predecessor, this golf ball boasts reduced spin and enhanced tee-to-green distance, along with a slightly firmer feel. Golfers wielding high swing speeds stand to reap significant benefits from making this their primary choice.

The Pro V1x embodies the hallmark Titleist attributes, characterized by its distinct feel and sound. Its auditory presence strikes a balance, not excessively loud yet audibly tangible. Off the tee, this ball exhibits a lower trajectory compared to the previous generation, rendering it particularly well-suited for challenging windy conditions, thanks to its diminished spin characteristics.

When navigating the greens, this golf ball excels, provided the golfer possesses the requisite confidence and familiarity with its feel. With a degree of skill, it readily responds to the golfer’s intentions and commands.

3. XXIO Eleven Golf Balls

The XXIO Eleven Golf Balls are meticulously crafted to provide golfers boasting moderate swing speeds with an exceptional blend of distance and performance on the golf course.

These golf balls stand out for their remarkably soft feel, elevating the overall golfing experience by delivering maximum distance with each swing. Engineered with a 3-piece construction, they incorporate a FastLayer core designed to optimize the feel, ensuring that every stroke is precise and comfortable. Furthermore, these golf balls offer a wide range of color choices, allowing golfers to select the one that best suits their preferences.

2. Titleist AVX

The Titleist AVX golf ball stands out for its exceptional soft feel, a testament to Titleist’s cutting-edge technology. Engineered with a clever combination of core design and patented cover, this ball boasts enhanced aerodynamic capabilities, resulting in a low and piercing flight trajectory—a design choice made to optimize its performance.

One of its standout features is the low compression core, which imparts a remarkably soft sensation upon impact. To further enhance its performance, the Titleist AVX incorporates the GRN41 cast thermoset urethane cover, which not only improves scoring control but also boosts the overall durability of the ball.

With a total of 352 tetrahedral dimples, this golf ball ensures consistent trajectory, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking a premium, soft-feeling, and long-distance performer on the course.

1. Dixon Fire Golf Balls

The Dixon Fire Golf Balls have earned their reputation as a premium choice on the market, highly regarded not only for their quality but also for their exceptional performance.

These golf balls are particularly favored by golfers boasting swing speeds in excess of 160 kilometers per hour. With a medium trajectory, they cater to a wide range of players, striking a balance that many find appealing. Sporting a compression rating of 90, these balls deliver a soft feel upon impact while maximizing distance. Furthermore, their 318 dimple pattern significantly contributes to their aerodynamic properties, ensuring controlled and precise flight.

For professional and seasoned golfers, the Dixon Fire Golf Balls prove to be a true delight, offering both quality and performance on the golf course.


What’s the best golf ball for a beginner?

Determining the ideal golf ball largely depends on individual preferences, making it a subjective choice. However, to establish a starting point, beginners are advised to prioritize control over distance, given practical considerations.

How do I know my swing speed?

Professional golf facilities are equipped with advanced measuring devices capable of accurately gauging your swing speed.

What’s the best way to clean golf balls?

You can simply use a clean towel to wipe down the golf ball, although some brands provide specialized cleaning agents for this purpose.


Golf is a sport that appeals to individuals of all ages and skill levels, and the innovations in golf ball technology showcased by these premium offerings highlight the continuous evolution of this beloved pastime. It’s intriguing to witness how manufacturers are pushing the boundaries to enhance the excitement and performance in the world of golf.

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