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15 of Best Online Curling Stores

If you possess a familiarity with curling as a sport, it’s likely that you’re aware of its global appeal as a captivating on-ice activity. Drawing attention from enthusiasts worldwide, curling is often deemed a fascinating endeavor. If you’ve ever engaged in the game of darts, envision curling as a comparable experience, transpiring on the icy surface. However, it’s noteworthy that opportunities exist to partake in curling beyond the traditional rink confines.

Much akin to any sporting endeavor, curling demands specialized equipment tailored specifically for the activity, ensuring a complete and enjoyable engagement with the game. For those who hold a strong affinity for curling, be it as ardent fans, enthusiastic players, or dedicated practitioners, peruse the subsequent online establishments to identify the essential equipment that merits inclusion in your personal collection.

1. The Curling Store

Established approximately in the year 2005, The Curling Store has experienced significant expansion, extending its services to cater to curling enthusiasts across the nation. Currently overseen by a dedicated team of four individuals who share a profound passion for curling, the online store remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-notch products to both novice and professional players. Visitors to their website have the opportunity to explore and make purchases from a wide array of curling equipment, thereby enhancing their curling experience with newfound quality and excellence.

2. Dakota Curling Supplies

With a longstanding presence spanning over three decades, Dakota Curling Supplies has established itself as a stalwart in the industry. In 2018, Darcy and Paul Ellarby took over the reins of the store, infusing their expertise and passion into the business. The store’s online platform showcases an extensive array of curling products tailored for both players and curling clubs. Beyond merchandise, they extend valuable services such as ice scrapers and blade sharpening. For those aspiring to establish new curling clubs, Dakota Curling Supplies presents enticing options with their New Club Starter Packages. Furthermore, their website includes a convenient club locator feature, enabling enthusiasts to find suitable curling clubs in their vicinity.

3. Steve’s Curling Supplies

Established in the late 1970s, Steve’s Curling Supplies has emerged as a reliable source of top-notch service and products, aimed at enhancing your enjoyment and performance in the sport. If you’re seeking quality curling equipment, their website is a must-visit destination. They showcase an array of offerings including footwear, clothing, brushes, and various curling accessories. With their commitment to quality, Steve’s Curling Supplies is your go-to platform for all your curling needs.

4. Asham Curling Supplies

Driven by a profound love for curling, Arnold Asham, the visionary behind Asham Curling Supplies, embarked on a journey to share his passion by offering curling equipment in the 1980s. Through his dedication, Arnold has carved a reputable niche in the curling industry. Asham has cultivated its unique line of products, renowned for their exceptional quality. Committed to spreading the joy of curling, Asham strives to create an enjoyable and exhilarating experience for curling enthusiasts of all levels.

5. Goldline Curling

Established by Ed Flowers in 1967, Goldline Curling has evolved over successive generations within their family. The present proprietors of Goldline Curling share the same fervor for the sport that Ed cherished, and they are committed to enhancing the range and quality of curling equipment over time. On their website, you can explore a diverse array of footwear, brooms, apparel, and accessories to fulfill your curling needs.

5. IceCur

Curling, a game akin to ice hockey, serves as the inspiration behind the name IceCur. In its early days, the company solely provided men’s and women’s curling shoes; however, it has since expanded its offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of curling products necessary for the sport. With their innovative team at the helm, IceCur takes immense pride in introducing their anti-skid technology, known as Antex, which seamlessly integrates with your curling shoes for enhanced performance on the ice.

7. Brooms Up Curling Supplies

As a woman-owned American enterprise, Brooms Up Curling Supplies is dedicated to equipping curlers, both novices and experts, with the essential gear required to enhance their enjoyment and performance in the sport. Boasting an array of beloved brands and representing nearly all prominent Canadian curling manufacturers, Brooms Up Curling Supplies stands ready to provide a comprehensive selection of equipment necessary for your curling endeavors.

8. Atkins Curling Supplies

Established in approximately 1996, Atkins Curling Supplies has flourished into a prominent curling equipment retailer spanning over two decades. In response to the current pandemic landscape, the company has temporarily suspended walk-in retail operations, opting instead to accommodate customers exclusively through scheduled appointments.

However, their online store remains fully operational, catering to curlers across the nation. Atkins Curling Supplies proudly features a comprehensive array of renowned curling brands including Asham, Goldline, Tournament Sports, Balance Plus, Olson Curling, and Hardline Curling.

9. Floor Curl

As the popularity of curling surges within the realm of Olympic sports, Floor Curl is steadfast in its mission to extend the joy of the sport beyond the ice rink. Their vision encompasses enabling individuals of all ages, including children, seniors, and those with disabilities, to relish the sport within a gymnasium setting. Through their offerings, Floor Curl facilitates off-ice enjoyment by providing iceless curling equipment, a precision target mat, and stones equipped with bearings. This concerted effort aims to make the sport accessible to a wide spectrum of enthusiasts, ensuring that everyone can partake in the thrill of curling.

10. Rock On Curling Supplies

Celebrating its twenty-first year in the business, Rock On Curling Supplies continues to cater to the needs of curling enthusiasts. This company provides a comprehensive array of offerings including brushes, shoes, sliders, gloves, curling attire, and essential accessories required for active engagement in the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned curler or a budding enthusiast, Rock On Curling Supplies is poised to equip you with the essentials to enhance your curling experience.

11. Balance Plus

Since 1995, Balance Plus has been a renowned source of top-tier curling equipment. Their website offers a seamless shopping experience, featuring a variety of products with tailor-made designs that have received the seal of approval from the World Curling Federation (WCF). From their innovative LiteSpeed brushes to specialized pants, gloves, and curling shoes, Balance Plus is dedicated to enriching your curling journey with their premium offerings.

12. Kevin Martin Curling

When seeking a comprehensive source for curling supplies, Kevin Martin Curling stands out as a must-visit store. Their extensive range includes essential curling equipment such as brushes/brooms, pants, shirts/jackets, sticks, gloves, bags, and an array of captivating curling novelty items. Furthermore, if your needs extend to ice rink essentials, Kevin Martin Curling has you fully covered. Explore their offerings to find everything you require for an enriched curling experience.

13. GrassRoots Curling

GrassRoots Curling wholeheartedly imparts their deep passion for the sport to fellow competitors and enthusiasts. Their mission is to elevate the sport’s standards through exceptional products, ensuring that every individual relishes and develops a fondness for it. On their website, you can conveniently explore a wide array of curling essentials, including brooms, bags, shoes, apparel, and various accessories necessary for an immersive playing experience. Discover their offerings and embrace the world of curling with utmost enthusiasm.

14. Olson Curling

Having originated in 1933, Olson Curling has undergone notable transformations in its offerings and provisions. Over the span of seven decades, the company remains steadfast in its dedication to catering to recreational curlers who share an unwavering ardor for the sport. On their user-friendly website, you can seamlessly explore a diverse assortment of curling essentials, ranging from shoes, brushes, and grippers to clothing, pads, and an array of accessories. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your curling experience with the products and services from Olson Curling.

15. Kays Curling

Established in 1851, Kays Curling boasts exclusive rights to quarry granite from Alisa Craig, an essential component in crafting their esteemed curling stones. While their inventory is specialized, their curling stones are renowned for their quality, and they persistently manufacture and export these distinctive stones to prominent rinks around the globe.

Regardless of whether you’re a novice in the world of curling or a seasoned professional, perusing this compilation of stores will aid you in sourcing the equipment required to relish the sport. Approach your search for curling essentials methodically, exploring each store one at a time to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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