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15 of the Best Online Badminton Stores

A badminton player inherently falls within the category of a racket sport athlete. The game entails two individuals or opposing teams engaging in a dynamic exchange, propelling the shuttlecock back and forth across the court using their rackets.

While the mechanics of badminton are notably uncomplicated, the sport’s burgeoning popularity can be attributed to its adaptability within confined spaces. This characteristic renders it a favored recreational pursuit, drawing a global multitude seeking both physical activity and wellness benefits through engaging in badminton matches.

Beyond acquiring proficiency and maintaining physical fitness, procuring top-tier badminton equipment stands as an imperative facet. Within the confines of this article, an assemblage of online badminton stores is presented, each offering a diverse selection to cater to enthusiasts’ requirements.

The 15 Top Picks for Online Badminton Stores

1. Badminton Warehouse


Badminton Warehouse, renowned as The Premier Badminton Shop, asserts its commitment to providing the most competitive prices for badminton rackets and equipment within the online domain. Within their virtual confines, patrons encounter an expansive array of offerings, spanning from badminton shoes to backpacks, all tailored to optimize their gameplay experience.

The store’s extensive assortment caters to badminton enthusiasts across the skill spectrum, accommodating novices, intermediates, and seasoned experts alike. This inclusive approach underscores their dedication to serving the diverse needs of players at every level.

2. Badminton Alley


Badminton Alley, recognized alternatively as The Badminton Specialist, stands as a dedicated pro-shop and retail enterprise singularly centered around the realm of badminton. Their online emporium presents a comprehensive repository encompassing an expansive gamut of badminton essentials, spanning rackets, strings, shuttlecocks, shoes, bags, grips, and an array of accompanying accessories.

A noteworthy facet of their expertise lies in the domain of professional racket stringing, a service they’ve honed with unwavering commitment for over 18 years. This enduring dedication underscores their proficiency and reliability in catering to the specific needs of badminton players seeking optimal performance through meticulously strung rackets.

3. Li-Ning Badminton Superstore


The badminton retail landscape in North America, the Li-Ning Badminton Superstore claims a prominent stance. With an unwavering commitment to serving badminton enthusiasts across the proficiency spectrum, their platform emerges as an all-encompassing haven for both aspiring amateurs and seasoned professionals.

Distinguished by an extensive assortment, the Li-Ning Badminton Superstore boasts one of the most expansive arrays of badminton equipment available. This comprehensive selection spans an array of offerings, ranging from badminton rackets to specialized lightweight footwear, shuttlecocks tailored to both recreational and professional needs, as well as an array of training and competitive apparel. Beyond these essentials, the store’s offerings encompass bags, grip tape, strings, nets, court mats, posts, stringing machines, accessories, and an array of supplementary items.

In essence, the Li-Ning Badminton Superstore emerges as a quintessential hub, catering to the holistic needs of badminton enthusiasts. The expansive selection ensures that patrons across all skill levels find their requirements fulfilled, while the store’s dedication to excellence solidifies its status as a preeminent destination within the North American badminton landscape.

4. Badminton Avenue


The dual objective of facilitating your exploration of the badminton hobby and ensuring accessible pricing, Badminton Avenue stands as an embodiment of these guiding principles.

Distinguishing itself through a thoughtfully curated collection, Badminton Avenue unveils a repertoire of distinctive offerings tailored to resonate with the preferences akin to professional badminton players. Their assortment encompasses a diverse spectrum, spanning badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, footwear, accessories, restringing services, and more. This meticulous curation aims to resonate with individuals sharing akin tastes to those of seasoned players within the badminton realm.

In summary, Badminton Avenue emerges as a platform harmonizing the joy of pursuing the badminton hobby with a commitment to affordability. The distinctive assortment they proffer resonates with those who aspire for quality akin to professional players, covering a diverse range of items including rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, accessories, and restringing services, among others.



In April 2008, the inception of Badminton Bay was driven by the fervent passion of its founders for the sport of badminton. This ardent enthusiasm laid the foundation for a platform dedicated to catering to badminton enthusiasts with an assortment of the latest equipment.

Badminton Bay positions itself as a reservoir of contemporary badminton essentials, encompassing a spectrum of offerings that spans badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, grips, strings, shoes, and bags. Their comprehensive portfolio showcases esteemed brands such as ABROZ, APACS, Flex Power, Felet, RSL, alongside others, underscoring their commitment to offering diverse choices.

Catering to badminton aficionados across varying proficiency tiers, Badminton Bay’s range accommodates beginners, intermediates, and seasoned experts. Notably, their commitment to customer satisfaction extends to complimentary delivery for orders exceeding $200.

In essence, Badminton Bay’s journey emanates from a shared passion for badminton, evolving into a platform synonymous with contemporary equipment offerings. With an array encompassing rackets, shuttlecocks, grips, strings, shoes, and bags from a spectrum of reputable brands, their commitment spans a diverse audience spanning skill levels. The provision of free delivery for orders surpassing $200 underscores their dedication to convenience and value for patrons.

6. SunriseClick


A resolute vision, SunriseClick strives to ascend as the premier global online purveyor of Yonex and Mikasa products. Rooted in their commitment, they aspire to cultivate an unparalleled repository, offering an expansive array of items coupled with exemplary customer service. Furthermore, their ethos extends to fostering a global community, acknowledging and celebrating badminton players on a worldwide scale.

SunriseClick’s commitment to supremacy is mirrored in their diverse catalog. A profusion of options awaits, spanning badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, footwear, and apparel tailored to both genders. To ensure authenticity, stringent measures are in place, affirming the genuineness of their merchandise.

In summation, SunriseClick’s trajectory is underscored by an unyielding quest for excellence. This pursuit encompasses an extensive gamut of offerings, including rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, and attire for men and women. Their meticulous verification process underscores their dedication to delivering genuine goods.



This endeavor finds expression through their virtual retail haven,, as well as their brick-and-mortar warehouse locale.

Embracing a commitment to excellence, Oryx Systems Inc showcases an array encompassing renowned brands such as Yonex and Victor Badminton. This assortment extends to rackets, shoes, and clothing, ensuring that players find their needs catered to comprehensively. An additional highlight is the availability of Golden Eagle shuttlecocks, a designation they proudly assert as an authorized vendor.

In essence, Oryx Systems Inc’s essence is encapsulated by their mission to deliver top-tier badminton equipment at compelling rates. The gamut of offerings spans brands like Yonex and Victor, encompassing rackets, shoes, attire, and even the coveted Golden Eagle shuttlecocks, all reaffirming their dedication to quality and authenticity.

8. Badminton Express


The official online emporium of the Eastbay Badminton Association, stands as a sanctioned conduit for badminton equipment. Their endorsement spans a spectrum of esteemed brands, encompassing Yonex, Wilson, Li-Ning, Victor, Adidas, Black Knight, Apacs, and Carlton.

Setting the tone for excellence, Badminton Express distinguishes itself as an authorized distributor, ensuring the authenticity of their offerings. Central to their commitment is the expertise of Mr. Norman Lam, a certified stringer endorsed by Yonex. Every racket finds meticulous attention under his proficient hands, resonating with the quality upheld by the brand. With a legacy extending since 1993, Mr. Norman Lam’s association with Yonex as an authorized dealer underscores his steadfast dedication to servicing the clientele.

In summary, Badminton Express emerges as the digital realm for Eastbay Badminton Association, championing a diverse portfolio underpinned by authorized distribution rights. Their alignment with distinguished brands like Yonex, Wilson, Li-Ning, and others ensures an authentic selection. The prowess of Mr. Norman Lam as a certified stringer further fortifies the commitment to quality, harmonizing with Yonex’s endorsement.

9. Toby’s Sports


Rooted in modest origins, Toby’s Sports sprouted from a diminutive emporium specializing in economical imported Disney merchandise. Embarking on its journey in 1978, this modest inception paved the way for the conglomerate’s evolution.

Venturing into the digital domain, their online emporium embraces a dedicated section devoted to badminton enthusiasts. Within this realm, a cornucopia of offerings unfolds, encompassing badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, nets, and an array of accompanying paraphernalia.

Toby’s Sports embodies a perpetual metamorphosis, adroitly adapting to the ever-evolving currents of trends and demands. This unwavering commitment to progression underscores their resilience in a dynamic landscape.

10. JoyBadminton


Operating as a specialized haven for badminton enthusiasts, Joy Badminton exudes its prowess through both virtual and brick-and-mortar realms. Anchored in the vibrant precincts of Los Angeles for over 15 years, they command a substantial presence in the badminton community.

Brandishing the mantle of the primary authorized Yonex US dealer, Joy Badminton substantiates their claim to fame. Their emporium unfolds a tapestry boasting the most extensive array of badminton essentials within the United States. This inclusive ensemble encompasses an impressive spectrum, spanning badminton rackets, strings, shuttlecocks, shoes, bags, grips, and an expansive repository of more.

Steadfast in their journey since 1991, Joy Badminton’s multifaceted proficiency extends to the specialized realm of badminton stringing. This dedication resonates through their enduring presence in the market, attesting to their unwavering commitment to quality and service.

In essence, Joy Badminton emerges as an epitome of badminton expertise, bridging the realms of virtual and physical commerce. With a robust legacy in the heart of Los Angeles, they substantiate their prominence as the premier Yonex US dealer, heralding a comprehensive repertoire of badminton essentials. Their legacy is further enriched by a lineage that dates back to 1991, crowned by an adept specialization in badminton stringing, solidifying their position as a stalwart in the domain.

11. Chris Sports


Chris Sports has been an eminent hub curating an extensive array of cutting-edge sports gear and equipment, spanning the domain of badminton. This dynamic establishment casts its influence across both the virtual expanse and tangible retail spaces, fostering a holistic shopping experience.

Aptly resonating with their commitment to deliver unparalleled excellence and merchandise that surpasses the competition, their rallying cry is succinctly encapsulated in the slogan, “Better Equipment, Better Game.” This succinct maxim encapsulates their steadfast pursuit of furnishing products that elevate the sporting endeavor to loftier heights.

Within the dynamic corridors of Chris Sports, enthusiasts of badminton find themselves immersed in an ensemble of offerings that cater to every facet of the sport. This multifaceted emporium stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to delivering superlative quality, translating to an enhanced athletic pursuit. Amidst their journey of over thirty years, Chris Sports remains a steadfast beacon, resolutely guiding athletes and enthusiasts towards a realm where superior equipment begets a superior game.

12. MY Badminton Store


The umbrella of My-Store Limited, (MBS) emerges as a dedicated online haven for badminton enthusiasts. This virtual emporium is meticulously curated to cater to a wide spectrum of needs within the realm of badminton, offering a comprehensive array of rackets, shuttlecocks, and accompanying accessories.

A hallmark of their customer-centric approach lies in their willingness to engage and assist. Should any inquiries arise pertaining to specific items, the team at stands poised to provide personalized responses tailored to individual needs and playing preferences. This commitment to responsive and tailored support underscores their dedication to enhancing the shopping experience for every badminton aficionado.

In essence, thrives as an embodiment of My-Store Limited’s dedication, offering a holistic digital arena replete with badminton essentials. Beyond the offerings themselves, their commitment to personalized guidance underscores their pledge to accommodate diverse requirements and elevate the engagement of badminton enthusiasts.

13. SportsJam


SportsJam, customers are affectionately known as “Strikers.” This innovative platform has been meticulously crafted to bring the world of badminton to your doorstep, offering the convenience of direct delivery to your home or apartment. With a diverse selection of top-notch brands and the latest equipment at your fingertips, SportsJam endeavors to enhance your badminton experience.

Navigate through an extensive array of offerings, ranging from rackets, balls, bats, and clubs to shoes, caps, and a myriad of other accessories. The curated selection ensures that you have access to a wide variety of choices, allowing you to discover and procure items that resonate with your preferences.

In essence, SportsJam caters to Strikers’ needs by providing a seamless and user-friendly online store, bringing forth a plethora of options to fuel your passion for badminton. This dedication to convenience and variety underscores their commitment to elevating the engagement and satisfaction of their valued customers.

14. Yonex USA


Since its establishment in 1984, Yonex has held the exclusive sponsorship of the prestigious All England Badminton Championships. Demonstrating unwavering commitment, Yonex persistently advances the realm of sports equipment, particularly for badminton enthusiasts. This dedication extends to both amateur and professional players, with the ultimate aim of enhancing their performance on the court.

Yonex remains at the forefront of technological innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to create cutting-edge sports gear. By crafting sophisticated equipment, they empower badminton players to elevate their prowess and achieve higher levels of achievement within their sport. This overarching mission underscores Yonex’s role as a catalyst for excellence, propelling players towards improved performance and success.

15. SportsUncle


In India, SportsUncle stands as a reputable and comprehensive online badminton shop, coupled with a health-focused store. Within their virtual storefront, a diverse range of badminton equipment is readily accessible, encompassing rackets, shoes, shuttlecocks, apparel, and various other accessories tailored to the sport.

Positioning themselves as a preferred destination, SportsUncle also holds the distinction of being a favored choice among esteemed badminton instructors, players of international renown, and notable celebrities hailing from different corners of the world. This testament to their credibility underscores SportsUncle’s commitment to fostering a community of badminton enthusiasts, while also catering to health-conscious individuals seeking quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the equipment used in badminton?


Participation in badminton necessitates essential equipment, including a net, a shuttlecock, and a minimum of two rackets for each player. The badminton court is partitioned by a net, extending across its center. The net’s specified height is 5 feet 1 inch at both ends and 5 feet at the midpoint. In the context of both singles and doubles gameplay, the posts are to be positioned along the outer sidelines, maintaining a distance of 20 feet between them. This arrangement facilitates the proper conduct of the game, ensuring fairness and adherence to established standards.

Which racket is best for badminton?

Discover an array of exceptional badminton rackets that have the potential to significantly elevate your overall game performance. These remarkable rackets include:

  1. Yonex Arcsaber 10
  2. Yonex Arcsaber 11
  3. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2
  4. Yonex Voltric 70
  5. Yonex Voltric 5
  6. Yonex Voltric 7
  7. Yonex Voltric 1DG
  8. Yonex Duora 10
  9. Yonex Nanoray 900
  10. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed
  11. Yonex Nanoray 10
  12. Yonex Nanoray 20
  13. Yonex Nanospeed 9900
  14. Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash
  15. Yonex Voltric 80

These exceptional racket choices encompass a variety of features and technologies tailored to enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re seeking power, control, or versatility, this curated selection offers options that cater to different playing styles and preferences. Elevate your badminton experience with these top-tier rackets designed to help you reach new heights on the court.

Why is a shuttlecock called a birdie?


The avoidance of the term “shuttlecock” is sometimes attributed to concerns over its potential insult, hence the preference for “shuttle.” In terms of appearance, a birdie is identical to a shuttlecock.

The name “birdie” is derived from the fact that this projectile is crafted entirely from feathers, lending it its distinctive and recognizable look.

The convenience of shopping and making purchases via our smartphones is a welcome relief from the traditional task of navigating physical stores. If your desired badminton racket or equipment is unavailable at nearby brick-and-mortar shops, you can turn to the comprehensive list of online stores I’ve provided to easily locate and acquire your dream items. Embrace the ease and accessibility of online shopping to find the perfect gear that suits your badminton needs.

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