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20 of the Most Expensive Canoes that are Worth It

Embarking on a canoeing journey, I engaged in thorough research to find my perfect vessel. Crucial considerations included prioritizing activity preferences, budget, and canoeing style, be it river tours or leisure paddling. Opting for solo exploration or small group outings shaped my choice.

Whether solitary voyages for self-discovery or shared experiences fostering camaraderie, the decision was personal. Delving into top-tier options, I discovered 20 pricier yet invaluable canoes. Beyond materials, these canoes embody dreams, propelling aquatic tales. Each stroke, a step towards unforgettable adventures. Now, set on the path I’ve chosen, the waterways await—where individual or shared endeavors become extraordinary memories.

List of the Most Expensive Canoes that are Worth It

1. Old Town Saranac 160

Versatile and accommodating, the Saranac 160 canoe is a boon for all water enthusiasts. Designed for tandem or three-paddler use, it boasts integrated rod holders, extra storage (including under the center bench seat), and an open-top design perfect for dog owners.

Enhanced with curved seats, backrests, bow and stern moldings, as well as storage racks, this canoe is crafted from resilient single-layer thermoformed polyethylene. Its slight rocker ensures precise tracking while offering durability. Whether for anglers appreciating storage or leisure paddlers seeking comfort, the Saranac 160 stands out as an exceptional choice. Get ready for seamless aquatic ventures with this versatile gem.

2. Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Canoe

Meet the Old Town Find 119 Canoe: a lightweight wonder tailored for the solo adventurer. This vessel boasts ample space to accommodate sizeable loads, rendering it perfect for traversing rivers or vast lakes. Picture yourself basking under the stars, nestled in this vessel for a multi-night escapade.

Crafted for easy transportation, this canoe stretches 11 feet, offering abundant storage for camping, fishing, and other supplies. Imagine casting your line in the heart of a serene lake, the sun enveloping you in warmth.

Navigating both land and water effortlessly, this compact and lightweight canoe is a breeze to handle. Its maneuverability shines whether on rugged terrain or tranquil waters. Ideal for exploring expansive alpine lakes, it offers a snug haven for long paddling sessions accompanied by a tent and fishing gear. Unveil your inner explorer with the Old Town Find 119 Canoe – your gateway to aquatic adventures.

3. Sevylor Ogden 2-Person Canoe

Discover the Sevylor Ogden Canoe, a remarkable inflatable marvel. While its inflation might raise an eyebrow, rest assured, it arrives with a pump, ensuring a seamless setup. Don’t be deceived; this canoe is not only secure but also built to last.

Crafted from durable PVC, it boasts leak-resistant assurance and can even withstand a dog’s playful antics. Thanks to multiple air chambers, a puncture won’t sink your adventure; the canoe remains afloat. The inflatable seats offer optimal flexibility, allowing adjustments to suit your preferred paddling posture.

With weight efficiency in mind, this canoe minimizes the load. Built to accommodate two individuals, it excels in storage and transport convenience. The Sevylor Ogden Canoe, an inflatable wonder, beckons water enthusiasts. Unveil its portability and enjoy dynamic aquatic pursuits with confidence.

4. MYCANOE Origami Folding Canoe

Behold the MYCANOE Origami Canoe, a true marvel distinguished by its ingenious origami folding mechanism. Witness the spectacle: within moments, this canoe unfolds into pristine form, poised on the water’s edge.

What truly sets this canoe apart is its remarkable size and weight, tailor-made for ventures into remote realms. Both lightweight and inflatable, it elegantly folds to fit within the confines of most vehicle trunks. Extending to a generous 14 feet, it accommodates two seats for a comfortable journey.

The MYCANOE extends its versatility further by accommodating either three passengers or two adults and two children. Impressive is the mechanism’s endurance, capable of folding a staggering 20,000 times. Even with 54 years of daily canoeing, this remarkable mechanism maintains its functionality. Embrace the MYCANOE Origami Canoe—where innovation and adventure unite in harmonious folds.

5. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe

Introducing the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe—a vessel of impressive length that translates to abundant interior space, making it the ultimate family canoe. Its substantial size has been likened to its own unique challenge, but this generous expanse is well worth the consideration. While transporting such a boat requires special arrangements, the rewards are unparalleled for those who can manage it.

Despite its dimensions, weight surprisingly isn’t an issue. With a 100-pound body, it surpasses smaller counterparts on this list, yet its heft doesn’t pose a problem, particularly for family travels.

Sun Dolphin’s creation boasts ample covered and open storage compartments, even featuring a cooler—essential for keeping young adventurers fueled. Considering the value it offers, this canoe ranks high on the charts. As a haven for numerous passengers and cargo, it’s advisable to steer clear of shallower waters. Families seeking an exceptional aquatic companion need look no further than the Sun Dolphin Mackinaw Canoe.

6. Old Town Sport 15 Recreational Canoe

Presenting another gem from Old Town—the Recreational Canoe, a versatile two-seater designed to accommodate an impressive 1,100 pounds. This canoe goes beyond the ordinary, allowing room for up to four individuals with seating or additional space on the floor. Alternatively, with just two passengers, there’s ample space for both occupants and cargo, making it a prime choice for immersive wilderness camping experiences.

Boasting extensive storage options, this canoe shines as a fishing companion. Its capacity to carry supplies makes it an ideal vessel for securing lunch. Picture this: nestled amidst mountainous terrain, next to a serene lake, embarking on a canoe journey for a picturesque lunch.

Embrace the potential of the Recreational Canoe, an Old Town marvel that transcends expectations. From versatile camping to memorable fishing escapades, it holds the key to unlocking unparalleled aquatic adventures.

7. Grumman River Canoe

Indulge in sheer elegance embodied by the Grumman River Canoe. A seamless blend of vintage charm and contemporary design, this canoe graces the water in an array of captivating hues.

While touted as a solo canoe, it effortlessly accommodates two passengers. If you’re embarking on a solo adventure, worry not—managing this canoe single-handedly poses no challenge, offering abundant space for your journey.

Forged from aluminum, this canoe strikes the perfect balance between robustness and lightness, enabling navigation across various water bodies. The enduring nature of aluminum assures longevity, making it a sound investment. Despite being one of the more premium touring canoes on offer, the Grumman River Canoe’s exceptional performance justifies its value. Embrace a voyage defined by grace and strength with this masterpiece on water.

8. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery Sport Canoe

Experience unparalleled comfort with the Discovery Sport Canoe. Weighing in at 118 pounds, it accommodates up to four individuals (or three, depending on load and passengers), boasting a maximum capacity of 850 lbs. Its remarkable attributes compensate for its capacity limitations.

Distinguished by a square hull, this canoe is primed for engine attachment, offering the choice of manual paddling or motorized journeys for extended adventures. The motor can be effortlessly affixed or removed to suit your needs.

Crafted for convenience, the canoe features two cozy seats, catering to multiple passengers. Molded cup holders safeguard your beverages, while a weather-protected storage hatch ensures your essentials stay dry. Among its standout features, the bench seat coupled with a cooler stands out as a testament to thoughtful design. Delve into comfort and functionality with the Discovery Sport Canoe, where every detail caters to a seamless aquatic journey.

9. Old Modern Handicrafts Real Canoe

A single gaze at the Handicrafts Real Canoe ignites an instant infatuation. It exemplifies the epitome of canoe craftsmanship, setting a new standard for excellence. Owning this masterpiece instantly positions you as the envy of peers.

While its appearance exudes sturdiness, the canoe surprises with its lightweight construction, seamlessly merging time-honored techniques with modern materials. The infusion of redwood and fiberglass ensures remarkable durability, warding off rocks and aquatic challenges.

Meticulously handcrafted, this canoe comes with a corresponding investment. While it ranks among the pricier options, its value is a reflection of the care poured into its creation. Ideal for solo or couple explorations across lakes and rivers, this canoe marries both aesthetics and function. Beyond a vessel, it stands as a work of art—an aquatic masterpiece that captures the heart.

10. Mad River Adventure 16 Square Stern Canoe

Discover the comfort of the Square Stern Canoe, where convenience takes center stage. Featuring two molded seats complete with backrests, bid farewell to long hours in a standard canoe. These seats are not only adjustable but also cushioned, providing optimal comfort during serene lake excursions.

Stability reigns supreme in this canoe, erasing worries of collapse or capsizing even amidst active movement by two passengers. The expansive space accommodates a myriad of activities—be it fishing, camping, or storing essentials like food and water. Tailor-made for a duo seeking lakeside relaxation while retaining navigational prowess, the Square Stern Canoe strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Embark on your lakeside retreat with confidence, reveling in a vessel that seamlessly marries comfort and stability.

11. Old Town 133 Rivers & Lakes Canoe

Enter the realm of Rivers & Lakes Canoes, built to withstand impressive weights of up to 900 lbs. Yet, this strength comes with a trade-off—a notable heft. What sets this canoe apart is the ingenious design of a centered carrying yoke, a personal favorite. With this feature, a single individual can confidently bear the canoe’s weight, making it an ideal choice for solo expeditions or duos laden with cargo.

The allure extends to the contoured chairs, thoughtfully crafted for enhanced comfort, complemented by backrests. It’s a haven for pals seeking camaraderie, envisioning a day filled with drinks, fishing gear, and shared laughter on the tranquil waters. Imagine the joy of loading up your river canoe, embarking on a journey that promises camaraderie and unforgettable moments.

12. Emotion Wasatch

Meet the Emotion Wasatch—a versatile 13-foot, three-person canoe designed for both performance and convenience. Enhanced with a tracking skeg underneath, it ensures precise paddling in a straight line.

Balancing maneuverability with stability, the canoe features a sharp bow and a broad, flat-bottomed hull. The adjustable CRS seatbacks of the two main seats, along with molded cup holders and fishing rod storage, prioritize comfort and practicality.

Adaptable in nature, this canoe can be propelled by an electric motor (up to 40 pounds thrust) using the provided motor mount bracket. While storage is more modest than larger vessels, two back “ditty” compartments cater to small essentials. Notably, the Wasatch boasts a skeg wheel and two luggage-style handles, facilitating effortless transportation. Embrace the Emotion Wasatch—a synergy of functionality and ease that beckons water enthusiasts to explore with confidence.

13. Esquif Rangeley 13.5

Introducing the Esquif Rangeley 13.5—a sleek and sophisticated vessel boasting a 51-inch-wide mid-ship for unmatched stability, enabling confident casting and abundant storage choices. Opt for durable vinyl gunwales over traditional wood trim for effortless integration of rod holders, GPS, and other fishing gear.

Equipped with three webbed seats, this canoe ensures optimal ventilation and efficient water drainage. The square stern accommodates a 5-hp engine, adding a touch of versatility to your waterborne adventures. With an ABS foam core, reinforced by ABS sheets and an abrasion-resistant exterior plastic shell, this canoe assures both durability and form retention even in the face of impacts. Embrace the Esquif Rangeley 13.5—a harmonious blend of design and functionality, primed to elevate your fishing experiences.

14. Nova Craft Fox 14 Foot

Experience the perfection of the Nova Craft Fox 14 Foot Canoe—a versatile companion designed for serene lake jaunts or more adventurous river escapades, even including class I rapids. Offering options of both standard and kayak-style double paddles, it features a slight tumblehome, enhancing the ease of leisurely paddle strokes.

Designed with a shallow arch bottom and a gentle rocking motion, this canoe ensures stability, preventing wind interference while facilitating Canadian-style boat tilting for heightened speed. The symmetrical hull exudes elegance while providing ample storage space for overnight essentials.

With five variations to choose from—ranging from fiberglass and steel to the brand’s resilient TuffStuff Expedition material—the Fox 14 Foot Canoe ensures a tailored fit for your preferences. Opt for the durability of TuffStuff Expedition, capable of withstanding substantial impacts, and embark on aquatic endeavors with confidence. Discover the Nova Craft Fox 14 Foot Canoe, where design and durability unite for unforgettable journeys.

15. Old Town Guide 147

Discover the Old Town Guide 147 canoe—an unwavering choice for those seeking durable tandem paddling experiences across serene lakes and mellow rivers. With two comfortably contoured seats featuring adjustable backrests—one at the stern and one at the bow—and sleek black vinyl gunwales, it offers the convenience of mounting accessories such as rod holders or cup holders.

Built to last, the Guide 147 boasts a three-layer polyethylene construction that can withstand impacts from rocks and debris encountered during your journey. Seamless waterborne transitions are facilitated by well-placed carrying handles. Explore the Old Town Guide 147 canoe, where robust design meets comfort and adaptability for exceptional aquatic excursions.

16. Pelican Dakota 15.5 Canoe

Meet the Pelican 15.5—an embodiment of aquatic aspirations, whether voyaging solo or accommodating all three molded bench seats. It seamlessly blends the realms of tracking and agility, striking the perfect balance. With an occupancy that ranges from one to three, this canoe caters to diverse scenarios.

The standout RAM-X structure guarantees durability, fortified by aluminum gunnel sleeves that defy weather challenges. Equipped with three vertical rod holders and handles, this canoe stands ready for your angling endeavors. However, portages may require a helping hand due to its weight of 81 pounds.

Enhanced by a slight rocker, the Pelican 15.5 maintains momentum, while its streamlined hull and pointed stern effortlessly navigate through streams. Dive into the Pelican 15.5, where the realm of dreams meets the waters of reality—an aquatic marvel that promises versatility, strength, and maneuverability for unforgettable journeys.

17. Nova Craft Prospector 16

Since 1984, Nova Craft has crafted exceptional canoes, and their Prospector 16′ stands as a tribute to Canada’s rich paddling heritage. Drawing inspiration from a century of tradition, this canoe boasts a robust 1,000-pound hauling capacity and a shallow arch hull that facilitates self-righting, ensuring a stable paddling experience.

For those navigating river whitewater, the Prospector 16′ can be customized with a cloth top deck to shield against the elements. Additionally, it excels in longer, overnight lake excursions.

Navigating solo is a breeze, thanks to its design. Nova Craft offers multiple materials, including fiberglass, blue steel, and the innovative TuffStuff Expedition, across all their canoes. Embark on your journey with the Prospector 16′, where history, innovation, and craftsmanship converge for unparalleled waterborne adventures.

18. Sevylor Madison Kit

Opt for the Sevylor Madison Canoe Kit if you prioritize portability and efficient storage. Crafted for two passengers, this inflatable vessel is constructed from Sevy-Strong Tarpaulin—a robust, lightweight, and water-resistant material ensuring leak-free, durable performance.

Enhancing its navigational prowess, the canoe features a detachable fin and a welded directional strake, delivering steadfast tracking and swift movement. The inclusion of a “Seatography” floor guide guarantees optimal comfort and performance, allowing seat configuration adjustments—even when venturing solo by replacing one of the taller-backed seats.

For added convenience, the entire apparatus folds neatly into the provided carrying bag, equipped with spacious shoulder straps for effortless transportation. The comprehensive package encompasses an easy-inflation manometer, a repair kit, two paddles, and a foot pump. Embrace the Sevylor Madison Canoe Kit—an epitome of adaptability and convenience, designed to accompany you on every aquatic escapade.

19. Sun Dolphin Scout SS

Navigating whitewater can seem daunting, especially for those without a river-ready vessel. However, if tranquil waters are your focus, such concerns may fade into insignificance.

Opting for a lake-suited companion like the Sun Dolphin Scout SS can offer a sense of reassurance. While tailored for lake exploration, it retains the maneuverability and paddling experience akin to a conventional canoe. This robust craft, characterized by its generous width, assures remarkable stability and tracks seamlessly. Fashioned from UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene, it’s designed to endure prolonged sun exposure. Embrace the Sun Dolphin Scout SS, where the tranquility of serene waters meets the reliability of lake-specific design, promising unforgettable aquatic journeys.

20. Lifetime Kodiak 130

Embarking on your aquatic adventure with the Lifetime Kodiak 130 is effortlessly convenient, as this package includes two paddles—enabling swift launch for you and two companions. Dispelling any apprehensions of instability, its hull design ensures a secure ride, thanks to thoughtful tracking channels and a reliable skeg wheel.

Adding to its versatility, the Kodiak 130 readily accommodates electric engines with a maximum thrust of 40 pounds. Fashioned from UV-protected molded high-density polyethylene, this canoe guarantees long-lasting durability against sun exposure. Built-in cup holders and luggage-style handles amplify both convenience and comfort. Embrace the Lifetime Kodiak 130, where seamless performance meets adaptable design, ready to elevate your shared waterborne escapades.

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