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7 Soccer Teams Wearing Purple Soccer Jerseys

Every soccer enthusiast eagerly anticipates the unveiling of their beloved team’s home and away kits, a ritual that repeats season after season. The sheer excitement of witnessing color choices that range from surprising to absolutely captivating is something I’ve personally experienced and cherished.

Who can forget the remarkable year 2016, when both Barcelona and Madrid opted for an unexpected twist by unveiling identical colors for their away kits? It was a moment that caught everyone off guard as the renowned Blaugrana and Los Blancos both adorned shades of purple, creating an uncanny synchronicity that echoed through the soccer world.

However, these two giants weren’t the sole purveyors of purple on the soccer field. This regal hue, if it’s your preferred choice and soccer your passion, beckons you into the realm of teams that embraced it in their soccer jerseys.

The allure of purple jerseys isn’t confined to a single instance in soccer history. Various teams across different leagues have embraced this vibrant color, leaving an indelible mark on the sport’s fashion landscape. From domestic leagues to international tournaments, the charm of purple jerseys has graced pitches, capturing the attention of fans and onlookers alike.

In the vibrant tapestry of soccer, where passion and color collide, purple has carved a unique niche. It’s not merely a color; it’s a statement, an embodiment of creativity and audacity. So, if purple holds a special place in your heart and soccer runs in your veins, take a moment to celebrate the teams that dared to flaunt it proudly on their jerseys.

Purple and Football 

Football, a sport of fervent contact, demands from its players an expenditure of energy akin to flowing water. Interestingly, certain teams find themselves swayed by the aura of their jersey colors, as if influenced by an unseen force. In this context, the color purple emerges as an intriguing player, offering potential benefits to athletes’ endurance and strength.

The amalgamation of the calming stability of blue with the passionate vigor of red births the captivating shade of purple. Its associations with regality, potency, and unyielding ambition create a compelling backdrop for athletes who don this hue. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, purple also carries profound symbolism—it embodies wisdom, offering solace to the mind and tranquility to the nerves. This, in turn, becomes a catalyst for heightened imagination and untethered creativity.

It’s a well-acknowledged fact that colors hold diverse meanings in the realm of sports. Each hue carries its own significance, contributing to the psychology of both players and fans. In the realm of soccer, a plethora of teams have, at various points, embraced the mystique of purple soccer jerseys, believing in its potential to invoke a sense of magic and empowerment.

In the symphony of sports, where teamwork, dedication, and strategy converge, colors like purple take on roles beyond mere visual appeal. They become integral components of the narrative, weaving stories of strength, aspiration, and unity. So, as the world of soccer continues to captivate hearts, spare a thought for the teams that harnessed the enchanting power of purple to leave an indelible mark on the beautiful game.

Teams with Purple Soccer Jerseys

1. F.C. Barcelona

During the football season of 2016–17, the renowned F.C. Barcelona undertook a captivating experiment, blending the iconic Blaugrana hues of red and blue. The result was a striking purple that adorned their away kit, marking a departure from their traditional color palette. Established in 1899, Barcelona, commonly known as Barca, holds its ground in prominent leagues such as La Liga, the UEFA Champions League, and the Copa del Rey.

Across decades, this Spanish football club has consistently held a prime position in discussions and debates, solidifying its presence as a powerhouse in the sporting world. Recent times have amplified these discussions, particularly due to the astonishing departure of the legendary Messi from Camp Nou. His transition to don the jersey of Paris Saint-Germain and grace the Parc des Princes has injected even more intrigue into the ongoing narratives surrounding the club.

As the football landscape continues to evolve, Barcelona’s prominence endures, albeit with new chapters being written. The departure of an era-defining player like Messi signals the shifting tides of football, yet Barcelona’s legacy remains a cornerstone of the sport’s rich history.

2. Real Madrid C.F.

In a synchronicity that surprised fans and pundits alike, the unveiling of F.C. Barcelona’s purple away kit in the same year was mirrored by Real Madrid, who also chose the same unconventional color for their own away kit. This simultaneous revelation sent shockwaves through the football community, becoming one of the standout moments of that season.

Having been established in 1902, Real Madrid, a Spanish football institution, has amassed an extensive and devoted following, with the iconic Bernabeu stadium serving as the rallying point for their fervent fans. This ardent support has propelled the team to excel on multiple fronts, including the UEFA Champions League, the Copa del Rey, and the FIFA Club World Cup.

As the football saga continues to unfold, instances like these underscore the ever-changing dynamics of the sport, where surprises and unexpected turns remain an integral part of the narrative. The rivalry and camaraderie between Barcelona and Real Madrid persist, adding layers of excitement and anticipation to the football calendar.

3. Real Valladolid C.F.

Established in 1928 and currently competing in the Segunda Division, Real Valladolid has introduced their team attire for the 21–22 season. Retaining their classic white and purple stripes, the Spanish football club has chosen to adopt a more consolidated pattern for their home jersey. On the other hand, their away jersey boasts a regal purple hue accompanied by tasteful grey and aqua accents. This deliberate choice of colors and design elements reflects the club’s commitment to both tradition and innovation, creating a visual representation of their identity on the field.

4. ACF Fiorentina

Participating in prominent leagues like Serie A and Coppa Italia, the Italian professional football club Fiorentina holds a storied history since its establishment in 1926. Notably distinctive in their choice of attire, Fiorentina stands among the select few clubs that proudly don a purple uniform—a hue that sets them apart on the pitch.

In a move that stirred excitement among fans, the club recently unveiled their eagerly anticipated 2021-22 kits. For their home matches, Fiorentina’s kit boasts an elegant fusion of white elements set against a rich purple backdrop. In a delightful twist, the away kit showcases an inverse arrangement of colors, underscoring the club’s flair for innovative design.

This strategic blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics serves to reinforce Fiorentina’s visual identity. As they navigate the competitive landscape of Italian football, their distinctive purple uniform resonates as a symbol of unity, determination, and a legacy spanning decades.

5. Orlando City S.C.

Established in 2013, Orlando City, an American professional soccer club, has etched its identity through its distinctive team colors: the regal combination of purple and gold. Their 2021 kit showcases a thoughtful interplay of shades, with deep and light purples elegantly demarcating the upper and lower sections of the jersey. As an active contender within Major League Soccer, Orlando City S.C. contributes to the dynamic landscape of American soccer, drawing attention not only for their on-field prowess but also for their visually captivating representation, embodied by their iconic purple and gold ensemble.

6. Toulouse F.C.

Founded back in 1937, Toulouse FC, a prominent French professional football club, has been a consistent participant in Ligue 2. The latest chapter in their journey has seen the unveiling of their meticulously crafted 21–22 home and away jerseys, a collaborative effort with Craft Toulouse.

Within the walls of Stadium de Toulouse, the players of Toulouse FC will grace the pitch adorned in a striking color palette. The main hue of their home jersey is a captivating purple, thoughtfully complemented by delicate accents of pink and white. This combination not only creates a visually appealing ensemble but also signifies the unity and spirit of the team.

When the time comes for an away match, Toulouse FC will carry a distinct charm. Their away jerseys will be a vivid pink, adorned with tasteful purple applications and crisp white logos. This dynamic interplay of colors mirrors the team’s adaptability and readiness to conquer new territories.

As Toulouse FC continues to script their narrative within the world of football, their choice of attire stands as a testament to their vibrant identity. With each jersey variation reflecting a unique facet of their character, they stride forward, armed with the captivating blend of purple, pink, and white—a visual embodiment of their unity and determination.

7. FK Austria Wien 

Competing in the Austrian Bundesliga, FK Austria Wien, established in 1911, proudly boasts an impressive collection of national titles, securing 24 Austrian Bundesliga championships and clinching the victory in the cup arena 27 times. This places them at the forefront, holding the record for the highest number of national titles among Austrian top-flight clubs.

In the ongoing 21–22 season, FK Austria Wien maintains their tradition of excellence, both on and off the field. The home kit, a continuation from the previous iteration, proudly showcases alternating dark and light purple stripes. This enduring design pays homage to the club’s history while encapsulating their commitment to maintaining a strong visual identity.

When facing opponents in various stadiums, FK Austria Wien steps onto the pitch in a distinctly different ensemble. Their away jersey, in a clean and crisp white, is adorned with bold purple logos and text. This contrast exemplifies the club’s adaptability as they navigate different terrains, demonstrating their unswerving determination to leave an indelible mark in the Austrian football landscape.

As FK Austria Wien’s legacy continues to evolve, their choice of attire serves as a symbol of their enduring strength and unwavering dedication. With each jersey variation, they not only uphold their storied heritage but also mark a new chapter in their pursuit of excellence.


Every year, countless enthusiasts, including myself, convene each season to revel in the sheer excitement of one of the globe’s most acclaimed sports. The grandeur spans across prestigious events such as the National Women’s Soccer League, the illustrious UEFA Champions League, and the globally celebrated World Cup. Soccer’s magnetic power transcends boundaries, uniting diverse cultures and leaving an indelible impact on numerous lives.

Amidst the thrill of competition and the roar of the crowds, the sport serves as a potent catalyst for cross-cultural connections. The bonds forged on the soccer field extend far beyond the game itself, acting as bridges between nations and generations. A striking testament to the unifying potential of sports, soccer serves as a testament to the profound influence of sports in fostering camaraderie and fostering a sense of togetherness.

No matter the hue of the jerseys donned by our favored teams, the fervor that soccer ignites remains unchanged. The colors on the field might vary, but the shared love for the sport stands unwavering. Amidst the ebb and flow of wins and losses, the resounding truth remains—the passion for soccer knows no borders, and its impact resonates deeply within the hearts of fans worldwide.

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