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7 Soccer Teams with Green Jerseys

Amidst the extensive array of soccer clubs and teams, recognizing your favorite team becomes remarkably convenient when you’re well-acquainted with their distinctive jersey colors and designs. While certain hues are shared across multiple teams, jerseys boast unique accents, intricate designs, and symbolic elements that serve as beacons of differentiation.

In the midst of a bustling, packed stadium, a mere glimpse of a blue and red striped jersey unmistakably identifies the wearer as a player or devoted fan of Barcelona. Jerseys encompass more than mere attire for the team and its players; they establish an avenue through which fans forge a profound connection with their admired athletes.

As of 2018, the football kit landscape witnessed the prevalence of blue as the dominant color choice, trailed by the classic combinations of red and white. Yet, for aficionados of the color green, a question naturally arises: “Do soccer teams sport green jerseys?” This article ventures into the realm of soccer’s vibrant spectrum to unveil the teams adorned in the verdant shades of green, unraveling a captivating fusion of color and sport.

Football Teams with Green Jersey

1. Mexico National Football Team

Having secured qualifications for an impressive 16 FIFA World Cups, the Mexico National Team stands as a constant presence since 1994, showcasing their unwavering prowess on the international stage. Mirroring the colors of the Mexican flag, the team proudly dons a tricolor ensemble consisting of green shirts, white shorts, and red socks, emblematic of their national pride. Collaborating with renowned industry giants, their kits emanate from prominent brand names, with Adidas having held the honor of being their kit supplier since 2007.

In the year 2015, a fresh home shirt was unveiled by Adidas, boasting an alluring all-black hue adorned with accents of green, white, and red, seamlessly weaving the essence of the soccer team into their attire. The subsequent 2018 World Cup saw Mexico returning to their time-honored tradition, gracing the field in their iconic green attire accentuated by white applications on their home jersey.

In the present day, Mexico’s away shirt takes on a pristine all-white canvas, embellished with a striking green accent on one side and a vibrant red accent on the other, truly capturing the essence of their national identity. As the team continues to etch their name in the annals of football history, their kit choices remain a compelling blend of tradition and modernity.

2. Cameroon National Football Team

Boasting an impressive record of seven World Cup qualifications, the Cameroon national football team stands as a prominent force on the global stage. Pioneering African representation, they became the first team from the continent to advance to the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, a historic achievement that solidified their significance.

With an illustrious legacy in the Africa Cup of Nations, the team has clinched victory five times, a testament to their enduring prowess. Their triumph in the 2000 Olympics, where they secured the coveted gold medal, further solidified their reputation as a formidable force in the world of football.

In a seamless collaboration with Le Coq Sportif, the team pays homage to their roots by embracing their iconic jersey colors. Adorning a green shirt, red shorts, and yellow socks, they mirror the hues of their national flag with pride. As they step onto the field, the Cameroon national football team carries with them the weight of their history and the aspirations of their nation, ready to etch their name further into the annals of football excellence.

3. Nigeria National Football Team

Occupying the 39th spot in the FIFA world rankings, the Nigeria football team of 2020 made a striking statement by donning a home shirt inspired by the traditional Nigerian agbada robes. This fusion of cultural heritage and sporting passion showcased their unique identity on the global stage.

In a nation where football, or soccer, reigns supreme, the Nigeria football team has cemented its status as a powerhouse in the sporting realm. Garnering the distinction of being the 5th best team in the Confederation of African Football, they consistently uphold their reputation on the continental level.

The team’s dedication to excellence is reflected in their consistent participation in international competitions, vying for coveted titles that amplify their influence in the football community. Within Nigeria’s borders, the sport unites people across diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of pride and unity. Moreover, the nation has nurtured a plethora of exceptional football talents, contributing significantly to the global football landscape.

As the Nigeria football team continues to make its mark, both on and off the field, their indomitable spirit and commitment to the beautiful game propel them forward, inspiring generations of athletes and fans alike.

4. Germany National Football Team

The story of Germany donning a green jersey carries a touch of myth and history. According to a legendary account, the green jersey was introduced during World War II when Ireland reportedly became the first country to agree to play against Germany after the conflict. However, skepticism surrounds this narrative, and many dismiss it as unsubstantiated.

The prevailing belief attributes the choice of green to the emblem of the German football association, Deutscher Fussball-Bund, which features a combination of green and white. While the true origin remains debated, it’s evident that the green jersey holds significance for the German national team.

Distinct from the jersey’s backstory, Germany’s association with green does not diminish their illustrious achievements in the world of football. With a remarkable record of four FIFA World Cup victories, the team stands as a testament to excellence and prowess on the international stage.

The green jersey, whether rooted in history or symbolism, stands as a recognizable symbol of the German football legacy. As the team continues to dazzle fans with their skill, dedication, and remarkable accomplishments, the jersey serves as a reminder of their enduring presence in the global football landscape.

5. Real Betis Balompie

Established in September 1907, the Seville-based Spanish football club has left an indelible mark on La Liga. Notably, they clinched victory in the 2014–15 Segunda Division season, ascending to greater heights.

The club’s accolades include a league title and two Copa del Rey triumphs, showcasing their prowess on multiple fronts. Yet, their impact extends beyond trophies, reflecting a legacy of dedication and skill.

Adorning a distinctive green and white striped jersey, reminiscent of Celtic colors, the club’s visual identity is a nod to tradition and heritage. The jerseys are elegantly complemented by a choice of black, green, or white shorts, enhancing their overall appearance on the field.

As the club continues to grace La Liga with its presence, its jersey stands as a vibrant emblem of its spirited journey. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, the Seville football club remains a significant force in the world of football, drawing inspiration from its unique colors and compelling narrative.

6. Celtic Football Club

Competing in the Scottish Premiership, the renowned Celtic football club clinched victory in the recent 2019–20 Scottish League Championship, further embellishing their remarkable collection of 50 trophies within this league. Hailing from Glasgow, this Scottish powerhouse boasts an illustrious history enriched with a staggering 100+ trophies, a testament to their enduring legacy. Notably, this includes a noteworthy tally of 19 Scottish League Cups and an impressive 40 Scottish Cups, underscoring their dominance in the sport.

Emerged in 1887, Celtic underwent a transformation from their original white top, black shorts, and green-hooped socks to adopt their iconic green and white hoops jersey. This change marked a pivotal moment in their visual identity, solidifying their association with the distinctive colors that symbolize their heritage. As Celtic continues to grace the pitch with their presence, their historic achievements and vibrant jersey serve as a vivid representation of their enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to excellence.

7. Brazil National Team 

Boasting a roster of exceptional Brazilian talents, many of whom excel in renowned clubs, the national team stands as a longstanding FIFA member since 1923. Undoubtedly, the Brazil national team holds a distinguished position among the most triumphant participants in the FIFA World Cup, having clinched an impressive five coveted cup trophies.

While the all-green attire adorns Brazil’s training sessions, their match jersey features captivating green accents that seamlessly complement the vibrant yellow backdrop. Remarkably, the national team boasts a stellar track record, securing victory in an impressive 73 out of the 109 matches they’ve contested. This exceptional performance underscores their prowess and enduring legacy on the international stage, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of football history.


Certainly, the iconic colors of Barca or the distinctive kit hues of Bayern Munich are widely recognized by football enthusiasts. Whether you pledge allegiance to these teams or not, the diverse jerseys they don often become ingrained in your awareness. Even if these colors find companionship in the palettes of other teams, the significance of team jerseys transcends mere aesthetics, embedding themselves deeply in the annals of a team’s history. Over time, these jerseys metamorphose into more than fabric and pigment; they evolve into symbols of a collective identity, uniting players and fans under a common emblem that represents their shared passion and achievements.

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