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9 Most Expensive Paintball Guns and Markers

Paintball stands out as one of the most exhilarating outdoor sports, delivering an unmatched thrill to its participants. The origins of the paintball gun, originally referred to as a “marker,” trace back to the 1960s when it was devised by the Nelson Paint Company. Initially, its purpose was utilitarian, designed to assist loggers and cattle herders in “marking” their respective produce. However, its transformation into a bona fide sport emerged quite serendipitously, spurred by a casual discussion among friends—fueled, in part, by a few beverages.

Since those humble beginnings, paintball has undergone a remarkable evolution, captivating enthusiasts worldwide. Paintball marker manufacturers have dedicated themselves to refining their products, enhancing accuracy, extending shooting durations, and fortifying the markers’ reliability and durability. These advancements have propelled paintball into a full-fledged sport, cherished by a vast and passionate community of players.

9. Dye M2 MOSAir

Dye, a renowned manufacturer with over 12 years of experience in crafting paintball guns and equipment, has consistently led the industry in innovation and the provision of top-tier products. The M2 marker, an evolution of the famed D2 series, has undergone comprehensive re-engineering to align with today’s exacting standards.

Perhaps the most striking distinction between this iteration and its predecessor lies in the marker’s organic, true-to-life contours. Dye has also introduced its cutting-edge Method Operating System (MOS) and the Prism Interface with this paintball gun. The MOS serves as Dye’s proprietary software, delving deep into the inner mechanisms of the gun. Featuring a full OLED screen, it offers an intricate insight into the gun’s status.

Players can effortlessly monitor crucial metrics such as internal pressure, service system diagnostics, and even configure and review player profiles tailored to this exceptional paintball gun.

8. Dye Assault Matrix DAM

The Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) represents a groundbreaking approach to paintball gun design, with a specific focus on catering to tactical players. This marker is engineered from the ground up to offer both exceptional performance and eye-catching aesthetics, elevating the excitement of paintball games to new heights.

What truly sets the DAM apart is its seamless transition between a magazine-fed system and a loader-fed system, achieved with a simple flip of a switch. This versatility opens up exciting tactical possibilities and enhances overall gameplay. Furthermore, users have the flexibility to switch between firing modes, whether it’s semi-automatic, three-round burst, or full-automatic, adapting to diverse scenarios.

The DAM boasts a range of features as standard, including Picatinny rails, a gas-through frame, a quick-release bolt system, and a hyper regulator. These components combine to create a versatile and high-performing marker capable of excelling in various paintball situations.

7. Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 PRO – Core

The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 PRO stands as a testament to the collaborative effort between professional players and industry experts. Designed with a focus on quick-turnaround moments, this marker features streamlined contours that empower players with enhanced control on the field. It also incorporates three Shaft FL bore sections to further fine-tune performance.

Balance is a key aspect of the Geo CS2 PRO, achieved through the inclusion of an Aluminium Tip and adjustable Blade and Scythe trigger shoes. The marker comes equipped with the renowned Gamma Core, setting the standard for high-end markers. Notably, the firing chamber is enlarged, optimizing the utilization of every core component to deliver exceptional performance.

One standout feature of this marker is its capability to operate at very low psi levels, allowing it to handle even the softest paint with ease. This level of versatility makes it a valuable asset in various paintball scenarios.

As an electronic marker, the Geo CS2 PRO is a game-changer. It boasts a design where all sensors, batteries, and solenoids are seamlessly integrated into the frame, eliminating concerns about contact or terminals attached to the body. This design choice enhances reliability, establishing it as one of the most dependable markers on the market.

Furthermore, players have the flexibility to fine-tune the trigger to their exact preferences with a simple adjustment using a single screw. With the added convenience of magnetic and spring return features, achieving the perfect trigger setup is made even more accessible.

6. Dye M3+

The Dye M3+ represents a pinnacle of performance in the realm of paintball markers. It seamlessly amalgamates the most beloved features of the DM series platform with cutting-edge technology, presenting players with a substantial upgrade to their gameplay.

One of the standout enhancements is the incorporation of the DYE Slide Lock AirPort ASA, alongside an updated FL-21 Bolt System featuring the innovative Flex Face Bolt Tip. These elements, in tandem with the refined 4th Gen Eye Pipe System and more, contribute to elevating the marker’s dependability and overall performance. This ensures that the M3+ operates consistently, even in the harshest and most extreme conditions, without compromise.

The introduction of the Slide Lock AirPort System is a testament to Dye’s commitment to long-term performance. It guarantees even pressure distribution, underlining the marker’s reliability over extended periods of use.

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in the design of the M3+, with a strong emphasis on comfort and control. Equipped with dual density Sticky Grips and the Bwing21 Mag-Reach Trigger, this marker offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience, allowing players to concentrate on securing victory in the game.

5. Field One Force – Supreme

The Field One Force paintball marker is crafted from top-tier, professional-grade materials, meticulously designed to cater to even the most discerning players. Its versatility shines in a range of conditions, and its maintenance is intentionally streamlined for user convenience. What sets it apart is its remarkably low power consumption.

This marker offers flexible power options, accommodating AA batteries or an optional lithium-polymer battery, or both for reliable backup power sources.

At its core, the Force Nucleus delivers exceptional performance and efficiency, requiring minimal input from the user. It operates seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. Additionally, the inclusion of GripShift technology facilitates customization, allowing players of various hand sizes to attain enhanced control and stability.

Noteworthy features include the LeverLock feedback and Cam Drive ASA, simplifying marker setup. The Acculock Barrel System further enhances accuracy and adaptability across diverse gaming scenarios.

4. DLX Luxe X

For those seeking finesse in their paintball gun, the HK Army Luxe X is the ultimate choice. Drawing inspiration from the classic Luxe Ice, this paintball marker has been enhanced with additional features, elevating its performance to extraordinary levels.

Key to its exceptional performance is the X-Cire Bolt System, which significantly boosts efficiency and ensures smoother shooting. Pair this with the Freak XL Barrel System, and you’ll enjoy unparalleled accuracy with every shot.

DLX has thoughtfully incorporated user feedback, leading to the creation of the Pro-Lock Frame system. This innovation allows players to effortlessly remove the grip frame without the need for any tools, setting a new standard in trigger frame design.

Speaking of the trigger system, the Luxe X boasts the EZ-Axis, simplifying trigger adjustment and removal while resisting contamination from dirt or debris. The Opti-Breach Chamber System further enhances functionality.

With a low-angle lever detent that reduces ball pressure and extends barrel life, along with the Max-Flo regulator ensuring maximum flow and durability, the Luxe X offers a refined and top-tier paintball experience.

3. RAP T68 M60 Paintball Machine Gun

Real Action Paintball has introduced the T68 M60, a game-changing paintball marker designed to elevate the excitement of the game. This marker has the potential to take simulations to a whole new level and can make a significant difference between victory and defeat on the field.

The T68 M60 is compatible with 250-round box magazines, which securely hold the paintballs and ensure a consistent firing rate. With an impressive cyclic rate of 400 rounds per minute, it offers rapid and reliable performance. Beyond its striking appearance, this marker successfully replicates the functionality of a real-world M60, adding authenticity and intensity to your paintball experience.

2. RAP4 T68 M249 SAW Minimi Paintball Machine Gun

The M249 offers a lightweight alternative to the T68 M60, featuring a .68 caliber system and accommodating a 250-round magazine equipped with the Nautilus Drive. Beyond its paintball capacity, this marker stands out for its remarkable accuracy and firing rate. Players have the option to select from semi-automatic, fully automatic, or 3-round burst modes, capable of firing at a rate of 420 rounds per minute.

Designed not only to enhance the overall paintball gaming experience but also to serve as a valuable tool for realistic military and tactical combat training, the M249 is a versatile and reliable addition to the field.

1. RAP4 T68 Avenger

The RAP4 T68n Avenger stands as a true game-changer in the world of paintball, boasting the most formidable firepower available today. This remarkable marker is equipped with an arsenal of features designed to ensure precision and power on the field. It includes two grenade launchers, a sniper scope, and a red dot scope to guarantee precise aiming, along with the capability to unleash over 400 shots per minute—more than sufficient firepower to take down the opposing team.

Additionally, the T68n Avenger offers a range of tactical enhancements such as tactical flashlights, rifle scopes, bipods, trail ring mounts, exactor laser sights, M68 grenade shells, a grenade charger with a regulator, 20 T68 magazines, and the added peace of mind of a 5-year warranty. This marker serves as a testament to the incredible advancements that paintball as a sport has achieved.


What are the types of games to play in paintball?

In the realm of paintball, two primary playing styles prevail: woodsball and speedball. Woodsball is often associated with tactical military simulations, providing players with a realistic battlefield experience. In contrast, speedball, as its name implies, centers around high-speed gameplay, utilizing markers with rapid firing capabilities. These distinct styles offer players diverse and exciting ways to engage in the sport of paintball.

What is the air system used in paintball?

Paintball markers primarily utilize two types of propellants: CO2 and compressed air (N2). CO2 is a cost-effective option with readily available refills, making it convenient for players. However, CO2 can be heavier, and its density variations may lead to less consistent firing rates.

In contrast, compressed air or N2 is a bit more expensive, and finding refill stations can be challenging. However, it offers superior performance, boasting greater consistency and a more reliable firing rate. Players often choose between these propellant options based on their preferences and specific gameplay needs.

What’s the best paintball for beginners?

For beginners who are just starting to explore the world of paintball, opting for a more budget-friendly option is a prudent choice. To identify the ideal marker that aligns with your playing style, engaging in conversations with fellow paintball enthusiasts you’ll be sharing the field with is highly recommended. In some cases, they might even be willing to lend you equipment, offering you a firsthand experience that will help you better understand your preferences when it comes to selecting the right paintball marker.


The world of paintball is dynamic, with markers available in a diverse array of shapes and sizes. This ongoing evolution in equipment is a testament to the sport’s adaptability and innovation. Paintball enthusiasts can anticipate even more exciting advancements on the horizon as manufacturers persistently strive to push boundaries and enhance the game’s equipment, promising an exciting future for the sport.

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