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9 Most Expensive Scooters

When discussing scooters, the iconic Vespa often springs to mind. Its timeless design sets it apart and makes it a popular choice for various purposes, including urban commuting, running errands, and countryside exploration.

Since their inception in 1817, scooters have undergone significant evolution. Enter the era of maxi scooters, offering enhanced engine capacity and superior components. These maxi scooters prioritize rider comfort and practicality, catering to individuals with varying levels of riding experience.

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9. Piaggio MP3 500 HPE Sport

The Piaggio MP3 500 HPE Sport is the epitome of a scooter that seamlessly blends sports and leisure. With its distinctive design, this scooter is bound to capture attention wherever it goes. However, its unique selling point lies in its front wheels, offering an exceptional riding experience. Powered by a single-cylinder 500 HPE (high-performance engine), this scooter boasts a remarkable 14% increase in power compared to its predecessors.

Efficiency is another key feature of this scooter, as it incorporates the Ride by Wire technology, allowing riders to optimize engine performance effortlessly, especially at lower speeds.

Safety is a paramount concern, and the MP3 500 HPE Sport addresses it effectively with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Thanks to its 13-inch front wheels, concerns about wheel locking during braking become a thing of the past. Additionally, it comes equipped with Acceleration Slip Regulation, enhancing traction on slippery road surfaces.

Vespa and Piaggio’s exclusive gas shock absorbers ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. For passengers, the scooter offers equal comfort and security, featuring a robust handhold at the rear of the seat.

The Piaggio MP3 500 HPE Sport is not just a scooter; it’s a statement of style, power, and advanced technology.

8. Yamaha TMax

The Yamaha TMax stands as one of the most renowned sport scooters in the market. What sets it apart is its 560cc displacement, a result of meticulously engineered components like forged aluminum pistons and connecting rods, along with a redesigned combustion chamber shape.

This automatic scooter offers riders a choice between two distinct modes, catering to different riding styles. Opt for a gentle drive for city commuting and errands, or switch to the aggressive mode for more extended journeys and spirited rides.

One of the recent innovations involves the separation of the engine from the swingarm, now securely mounted on the frame, akin to a conventional motorcycle. Speaking of the frame, it has been revamped with die-cast aluminum, contributing to a reduced overall weight for enhanced performance.

For tech-savvy riders, the MyTMax system offers connectivity features, including a GPS tracking system for added security against theft, comprehensive trip reports, and an array of other functions. The Yamaha TMax is not just a scooter; it’s a dynamic blend of power, innovation, and versatility.

7. Yamaha Tricity

The Yamaha Tricity stands as a prime example of how scooters have evolved to meet the changing needs of riders. This innovative design showcases Yamaha’s commitment to making motorcycling more accessible, especially for commuters.

At the heart of the Tricity’s design is a solution to the challenge of balance and stability. With two front wheels, this scooter delivers exceptional stability, ensuring riders feel confident and secure at any speed. The road response is impressive, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

Under the hood, the Tricity boasts a 300cc four-valve water-cooled single-cylinder engine. While it may not match Yamaha’s other scooters in terms of aerodynamics, it offers a smooth and enjoyable ride, especially for those transitioning from commuting to motorcycle riding.

Practicality is another forte of the Tricity, featuring a spacious compartment capable of accommodating two full-sized half-face helmets, all illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs. With Smart Key operation, ABS, and traction control, safety is a top priority. The user-friendly LCD cockpit display adds to the convenience, making the Yamaha Tricity a remarkable choice for those looking to bridge the gap between scooters and motorcycles.

6. BMW C 650 GT

BMW presents a scooter that exudes elegance through its streamlined and stylish design, embodying the hallmark BMW aesthetics both inside and out. This exceptional scooter caters to the needs of long-distance riders and urban commuters alike, boasting a robust 60hp engine that revs up to 7750 RPM, delivering ample power to effortlessly transport you across various terrains. Notably, the scooter achieves a maximum speed of 112 MPH, setting it apart from your average scooter. Its rapid acceleration is made possible by a redesigned clutch system and a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Beyond its impressive performance, this scooter treats riders to a symphony of exhaust notes. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the exhaust system produces a rich and powerful sound that enhances the riding experience. Comfort is further elevated with heated grips and heated seats, ensuring an enjoyable journey even during extended rides.

Practicality is another key feature, with ample storage space to accommodate your belongings. Safety takes center stage with the inclusion of an anti-lock braking system and automatic stability control, providing both rider protection and safeguarding the scooter’s engine. The BMW scooter seamlessly combines performance, style, and convenience for riders seeking a premium two-wheeled experience.

5. Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive

The Suzuki Burgman 650 stands as a true standout in its class, boasting a potent 638cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke engine capable of delivering 54bhp at 7000 RPM and a maximum torque output reached at 5000 RPM. Equipped with an automatic gearbox featuring a belt drive mechanism, this scooter ensures swift acceleration and smooth power delivery.

Riders are treated to a range of premium features, including heated grips and seats, enhancing comfort during journeys. With a clear screen and folding mirrors, the Burgman 650 offers practicality and convenience.

Distinguishing itself further, this scooter offers selectable driving modes that cater to diverse preferences and scenarios. The Drive mode optimizes power distribution for a balanced approach that enhances fuel efficiency. Meanwhile, the Power mode fully unleashes the scooter’s potential, delivering exhilarating performance. For those seeking a middle ground, the Standard mode provides a balanced compromise between Drive and Power modes.

Built on a foundation of a tubular frame and an aluminum-alloy swingarm, the Burgman 650 achieves an exceptional balance and agility on the road. Its sleek and sporty appearance is accentuated by a slimmer tail section, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

In terms of storage, this scooter excels with a generous 50-liter boot capacity, easily accommodating two full-face helmets. Moreover, it boasts three glove boxes, further elevating its practicality. The Suzuki Burgman 650 embodies the perfect fusion of performance, style, and functionality for riders seeking an elevated riding experience.

4. Vespa 946 Emporio Armani

Piaggio joined forces with renowned fashion icon Giorgio Armani to craft a creation that pays tribute to the milestones in both brands’ legacies while honoring their shared Italian heritage. The result of this collaboration is none other than the Vespa 946, Emporio Armani edition.

While the base model of this scooter maintains its timeless design and aesthetic, Giorgio Armani has lent his artistic touch to fashion an exclusive color scheme for this commemorative model. Adorned with a matte gray finish complemented by striking green accents, this scooter comes to life when illuminated from specific angles by light. This effect not only accentuates the classic Vespa appearance but also enhances the overall allure of the Vespa 946.

Beyond its striking appearance, the Vespa 946, Emporio Armani, boasts commendable performance and functionality. Drawing inspiration from the original Vespa, which first graced the scene in 1946, this scooter incorporates modern components that render it suitable for daily commuting.

What adds to the exclusivity of this remarkable creation is its limited production run, making it a highly coveted item among scooter enthusiasts. The Vespa 946, Emporio Armani, serves as a testament to the enduring appeal and craftsmanship of these iconic Italian brands.

3. Honda X-ADV

At first glance, the Honda X-ADV may not immediately register as a scooter. Honda has boldly set out to redefine the scooter landscape with this innovative design, aiming to blend the performance and capabilities of a professional touring motorcycle with the convenience and comfort of a high-capacity scooter. In essence, it stands as the SUV of the motorcycle realm.

To enhance the overall riding experience, the ADV-X features a lighter frame and a redesigned seat, prioritizing rider comfort. Practicality is not overlooked, with a generous 21-liter storage compartment equipped with a USB Type-C socket for on-the-go device charging.

For seamless control and connectivity, riders can sync their Android smartphones with the Honda Smartphone Voice Control System, ensuring that they remain in command even while on the move. Furthermore, the scooter boasts the Smart Key system, offering a fully keyless operation.

Under the hood, the Honda X-ADV packs a potent punch with its 745cc 8-valve twin-cylinder engine, making it well-suited for a wide range of terrains and adventures. It offers five distinct riding modes, including standard, sport, rain, gravel, and user modes, allowing riders to tailor the scooter’s performance to the specific environmental demands they encounter. With its dynamic fusion of versatility and power, the Honda X-ADV charts a new course in the world of scooters.

2. Honda Forza 750

The all-new Honda Forza 750 is meticulously crafted to excel across diverse environments, making it the ideal companion whether you’re navigating city streets, embarking on leisurely rides, or setting off on spontaneous adventures.

At its heart, this scooter boasts a robust 4-stroke liquid-cooled 8-valve SOHC parallel 2-cylinder engine capable of delivering power at 6,750 RPM and a peak torque of 4,750 RPM. With this formidable engine, conquering hills and embarking on extended journeys becomes effortless. Equipped with dual 310mm hydraulic front brakes and a single 240mm hydraulic disc brake in the rear, the Forza 750 ensures impeccable control and reliable stopping power.

Connectivity is seamlessly integrated into the riding experience. By linking your smartphone to the scooter, the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system empowers you to effortlessly manage navigation, calls, messages, and even your music on the go.

The Forza 750 features a convenient keyless ignition system that also governs the steering lock, fuel cap, and seat. Moreover, it offers an ample 22-liter storage capacity complete with a USB Type-C socket for charging your electronic devices. With its versatile performance and cutting-edge features, the Honda Forza 750 is prepared to meet the demands of riders across varied terrains and adventures.

1. Aprilia SRV 850 ABS/ATC 

The Aprilia SRV 850 boldly claims its title as the most potent scooter globally, and a closer look at today’s scooter landscape may just validate that assertion.

Drawing inspiration from Aprilia’s renowned racing motorcycles, this scooter exhibits a striking visage that hints at its impressive capabilities. But make no mistake, it has the power to substantiate its audacious claim.

At its heart lies a groundbreaking 90-degree two-cylinder engine, a pioneering achievement in the realm of scooters. Boasting an 839cc displacement and a commanding output of 76 HP, the SRV 850 stands unrivaled in its class. What sets it apart is the meticulously designed crankshaft and transmission group, engineered for rotational motion to significantly reduce rotating inertia and the gyroscopic effect. This innovation translates to enhanced handling and cornering prowess, a testament to the scooter’s exceptional performance.

Stability is a hallmark feature of the SRV 850. With a double-cradle frame and steel trellis pipes for reinforcement and rigidity, it delivers unwavering stability on various road surfaces. The scooter’s agility shines through as it confidently leans up to approximately 45 degrees when navigating corners.

Incorporating a wealth of advanced features, the Aprilia SRV 850 is poised to etch its name in history through its unparalleled performance and cutting-edge attributes.


How do you determine what type of scooter are you looking at?

Step-through scooters, commonly found, typically feature a flat floorboard with a storage area above it. These scooters are characterized by their compact to medium-sized dimensions, offering convenience and practicality.

In contrast, maxi scooters stand out with their larger build and a plethora of features and amenities. They exude an aura more akin to traditional motorcycles, boasting an extended wheelbase for a comfortable and enjoyable experience during extended rides.

Which is more comfortable between a scooter and a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are primarily engineered with a focus on utility and sheer power. In contrast, scooters prioritize rider comfort, although modern scooter models are increasingly incorporating higher levels of engine performance. In general, scooters are associated with enhanced comfort, while certain motorcycles are now being specifically crafted to deliver a more comfortable riding experience for their operators.

Are scooters ideal for beginner riders?

Certainly. Thanks to their automatic transmissions and moderate power levels, individuals interested in venturing into motorcycling can initiate their riding journey with scooters.


Below, you’ll find a compilation of the priciest scooters on the market. These models represent the preferences of individuals seeking luxurious and stylish transportation options without sacrificing essential features.

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