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Best Haircuts + Hairstyles for Men 2018


The best haircuts and hairstyles for men in 2018 are a combination of old and brand new. On one side of the style spectrum, there are lots of fresh and modern never-seen-before looks. On the other side, there is a continuing resurgences of classic men’s haircuts.

The textured crop is one of the top trends of 2018. It is a flexible style that can be cut light or heavy, longer or shorter, classic or bold. The combination of  fades, hair designs and color are creating bold and creative new men’s hairstyles that will get you noticed. Another cool look for 2018 is long or short mohawk-inspired cuts.

In addition to new trends, old looks are coming back too. Slicked back hair is still on trend, though trade in shine and a smooth finish for matte product and texture. Finish the look with a fade or taper haircut.  Last but not least are classic cuts like the pompadour, flat top and the longer on top.

Check out these 22 pictures of the best haircuts and hairstyles for men in 2018.


1. Textured Crop

Zach Ramsey

This fresh textured crop contrasts a sharp line along the temple with a blurry fade and thick spikes.

2. Short + Preppy

Travis Hill

Here is a more classic and conservative version with all of the on trend texture.

3. Thick Crop

Aleksandr Vasilyev

The crop works really well for thick hair that has some wave because it works with hair’s natural tendencies. Layering lightens up hair while enhancing texture.

4. Blunt Bangs

Zach Ramsey

Another way to customize a crop is with bangs. Skip them, wear them to one side or add bold blunt fringe, like above.

5. Curly Crop

Travis Hill

The crop trend is ideal for men with natural texture. Here is the same crop fade with kinky curly hair.

Wild Styles

6. Neckline Hair Design

Josh O’meara-Patel

Hair tattoos have been trending for a few years now but the 2018 twist on the look creates art along the neckline.

7. Disconnected Crop

Vin’s Barbershop

There is nothing blurry about this fade. A heavy crop can be used to create a sharp line against shaved hair.

8. Modern Spikes


This bold looks combines a fresh cut and color with spiky styling.

9. Double Fade + Wavy Comb Over

Dean Marshall Braid

This wild style features a double hair line, burst fade and plenty of wavy texture combed over to one side.

10. Heavy Crop

Jarreds Barbers

This heavy crop contrasts texture on top with an arced line around the head.

11. Merman Hair

Serah Shirley

Bright hair color works with this long on top undercut hairstyle. If this neon ocean color scheme isn’t for you, any color of the rainbow is possible.


12. Burst Fade Mohawk + Hair Design

Braid Barbers

The wide and spiky mohawk works so well with the slashes of this shaved hair tattoo.

13. Curly Mohawk

Barbearia Dill Black

Curly hair, especially kinky curly, can be cut into a no-product necessary mohawk. This version features a rounded profile and low fade around the back.

14. Temple Fade Haircut


Some height at the front, a temple fade and rounded neckline create a mohawk-inspired profile for this short men’s haircut.

Slick Backs + Pomps

15. Taper Haircut

Travis Hill

This medium length hairstyle is scissor cut with just the slightest hint of a fade at the neckline.

16. Textured Slick Back + Full Beard

Courage Noble

The beard + slick hipster combination is still going strong. Add some texture into the hair to update the look for 2018.

17. Sweep Back + High Fade

Russ the Barber

The long on top, short sides and back cut is easier to style for thick hair. This dry sweep back has plenty of height and zero shine.

18. Pomp Fade

Travis Hill

The pomp fade is one of the most popular men’s haircut because it looks great and is easy to style. This version also has some modern texture.

19. Pompadour Hairstyle

Tom Baxter Hair

This ashy blonde color highlights the textured styling of this modern pompadour.

Classic Men’s Haircuts

20. Short Men’s Hair


This classic short haircut for men is styled with plenty of texture.

21. Flat Top + Full Beard

Ben Warren

Assuming that 40 years is enough time to be called a classic, the flat top haircut is back in a big way. The geometric beard shaping works so well with the flat deck on top.

22. Sweep Back + Taper

The Usual

Slicked back hair is a classic look that has been popular for the last number of years because it just looks so good. For 2018, try it with a tapered haircut and textured styling.