Best Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now

Thrillers that captivate and startle viewers aren’t confined to just the spooky season. This curated collection showcases some of the most talented actors of our time, offering films that play with our senses and pump up the adrenaline at any time of the year.

From narratives grounded in reality to imaginative tales, Netflix’s vast selection of thrillers features creations from directors who have both set the groundwork for the genre and evolved it. Each film is a nod to the pioneers of thrillers, offering a rich tapestry of stories that range from foundational pieces to modern homages.

With an abundance of enthralling stories and complex characters to choose from, the biggest challenge might be deciding which movie matches your current vibe — and that’s an exciting dilemma to have.

Bird Box (2018)

In the suspense-filled world of “Bird Box,” viewers are plunged into an apocalyptic scenario where sight becomes a curse. The film, released in 2018, stars Sandra Bullock in a riveting performance as Malorie, a mother determined to protect her children from an unseen force that drives society to suicide upon sight. This thriller challenges the conventional sensory experience by prioritizing survival through the unseeable, crafting a narrative that’s as much about the internal struggles of its characters as it is about the external horrors they face.

Directed by Susanne Bier, “Bird Box” takes audiences on a harrowing journey through a decimated landscape, where the only rule for survival is to remain blindfolded. The film skillfully intertwines moments of intense suspense with deep emotional resonance, exploring themes of motherhood, trust, and the human instinct to survive against all odds. With a supporting cast that includes John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, and Sarah Paulson, the film delivers a powerful ensemble performance that elevates the story’s emotional depth.

What sets “Bird Box” apart is its ability to maintain tension and intrigue while navigating a world where the traditional visual cues of danger are absent. The movie employs clever sound design and storytelling to evoke a sense of dread and anticipation, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. It challenges the audience to imagine what they cannot see, making the unseen threat feel all the more real and terrifying.

“Bird Box” is not just a testament to the strength of its characters but also to the film’s innovative approach to the thriller genre. It invites viewers to experience fear and survival in a completely new light, proving that what we can’t see can still haunt us. As one of Netflix’s standout thriller offerings, “Bird Box” remains a compelling watch for anyone looking for a story that combines psychological depth with the thrills of a survival saga. Watch Movie No Hard Feelings.

The Devil All The Time (2020)

Explore the tangled paths of sinister characters and dark fates in “The Devil All The Time.” This gripping narrative weaves together stories of faith, violence, and redemption across generations.

Dragged Across Concrete (2019)

“Dragged Across Concrete” offers a raw look into the lives of two policemen on the fringes of morality. This film delves into the complexities of right and wrong in a world that’s anything but black and white.

El Camino (2019)

Revisit the universe of “Breaking Bad” with “El Camino,” a thrilling continuation that follows a desperate man’s fight for freedom. This movie is a masterclass in suspense and character depth.

Emily the Criminal (2022)

“Emily the Criminal” presents a riveting tale of desperation and the lengths one will go to escape the confines of debt and societal expectations. It’s a modern-day thriller that keeps you guessing at every turn.

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