Hairstyles How To Do Man Bun Hairstyle

How To Do Man Bun Hairstyle

Man bun – a fashionable yet trendy way to manage those long hairs. Love it or hate it, but these hair buns are literally carried by every third person. It’s a way long ancient hairstyle but it’s still popular today. It’s indeed serves as a latest fashion mark. It’s assumed that man bun hairstyle have been evolved from hipsters, it’s just an assumption. No one exactly knows about its origin. So if your hair growth is extra ordinary fast then you do not have to cut them, wearing this hairstyle could be a perfect solution of your frequent visit to barber shop. so what exactly is a man bun ? How does it look like? To answer all these questions we have created this guide to help you solve your queries.

What Is A Man Bun?

Your first question what exactly is man bun, it’s nothing but gathering the hairs in the shape of round buns at the back and securing it in a loop or coil. Several variations can be made in this trendy hairstyle such as you can gather all your hairs and form a full high bun, or you can gather all your hair and tighten into a low round bun or you can even draw half your hairs at the top and form a half bun or even you can go for undercut bun. You are free to choose any style that you want.

If you are looking for some lumberjack or hipster look then you have an option of pairing man bun with a full beard, this style is quite popular among guys with beard. Man bun together with full beard gives strong, sturdy and tough looks which every guy is looking for. And if you are among those guys, then this style can be a right choice for you.

Man Bun vs. Top Knot

Man bun and top knot both are two different terms but often these are used interchangeably. Many people think they are synonyms of each other but this is not the case. There is a clear and prominent difference between these two. Talking about top knot, you don’t need as much hairs to tie a knot. Generally knot is formed on the top of head, with sides are either shaved with a high skin fade or very short as an undercut.

Conversely, a man bun requires all hairs that are equally long from all sides and usually its hangs lower. it gathers hairs from all sides of the head. For this your hairs must be of appropriate length, so that you can easily manage them to form stylish man bun. It should be at least 10inches long.

If you are planning to grow your hairs long enough to form a hair bun, then visit your barber and ask him to give you an even cut so that your hairs can grow equally from all sides.

How To Get and Style A Man Bun

Before adopting this hairstyle, catch some hair tie. Now look for the right spot where you want to form a bun. Crown of the head is the most common spot where guys tie their man bun. Make sure neither the bun should be too high nor too low, keep it at medium height.

Done with the planning? Now grab your hairbrush and start  brushing  your all hairs properly, combine all your hairs in one ponytail like fistful, be sure to get any stray hairs on the top, side and back; otherwise you could leave some loose hairs for a shabby and untidy look.

Meanwhile garb a stretchy hair tie with your free hand and pass it through your hair twice. Make sure to do this without losing hold on your hands. You can do this by holding the band close to the roots and then pass your hair through it.

Stop halfway through during second pass. Taadaaa, your trendy man bun is ready.

For a tighter hair bun style, you can pass the hair second time through the hair ties and stop halfway through in third pass.

If you fail to make a proper hair bun in first attempt then don’t worry. Remember practice makes men perfect. Keep practicing and keep experimenting with different heights.

How To Maintain A Man Bun

Getting a man bun hairstyle is a cup of tea for everyone. Anyone with long hairs can give new look to himself with man buns. But trust me; managing long hairs is a way difficult task. Long hairs get greasy and oily quickly so it’s mandatory for you to shampoo your hair two to three times in a week. Shampooing everyday makes your hairs dull and unhealthy. So take proper care of your hairs to make them look healthy and shiny. Above all if you have man bun along with beard, then you should take care of your beard hairs with some beard oil.

You can even use dry shampoo for your hairs. This preserves your hair oil and at the same time shampoo and clean your hairs, making them grease free. But if you have oily scalp then shampooing every other day is a must thing to do. For smoother and softer hairs, choose suitable conditioner according to your hair type.

And one more useful tip for you. You must be afraid of male pattern baldness. It’s a friendly advice to avoid tying hair too tightly this will lead to early onset of male pattern baldness,

How To Get The Top Knot

As stated earlier that top knots hairstyle does not require all of your hairs. You can form a knot simply with small bunch of hairs at the top of the back. It’s simply a man bun with a twist. This style can be easily achieved and can be adopted for a temporarily period of time, as soon as your hair grows out; you are on your way to style a man bun.

But for the top knot, you should not forget its crucial part, you will need an undercut or high skins fade on the back and sides of your head to give you a sturdy look.


How To Style A Top Knot

Like man bun, top knot requires same maintence and care. Your shampooing routine would be same as in the case of man bun. But yes, you can avoid conditioner, if you want, I am not compelling you, as you dint have to deal with lots of hairs. Top knot can form with a small bunch of hairs too.

Styling top knot is more or less similar to styling a man bun. You need to gather your long hairs into one hand, leaving behind the shorter one, tie it into a knot with the help of elastic band or hair tie. Make sure the knot has to be at the top of your head.

You could have the knot slightly off-center for a slightly edgy look, or more on top of your head for a “samurai hairstyle”. Either way, the result is a smaller knot of hair that is distinctly longer and thicker than the faded sides.

Cool Man Bun and Top Knot Hairstyles

If you are looking for some change and twist in your hairstyles than man bun and the top knot hairstyle is one of the best choices for you. It offers a lot of versatility. We have compiled a variety of possible styles and looks with man bun. Do not forget to take picture of your selected man bun/top knot hairstyle to your hairstylist; so that he may have an exact idea of what kind of hair style you are looking for.