Hairstyles Men’s Fade Haircut – Best Fade Haircuts 2018

Men’s Fade Haircut – Best Fade Haircuts 2018

Who doesn’t like variation in his hairstyles, so do men. Fade haircuts are the most demanding hairstyles among men. It’s all because of different variations among fades that you can ask for.  Nowadays, modern men mostly ask for pompadour fade, which is nothing but high fade with long hair on top. No matter who you are either a White, Black, Latino or Asian man; faded hairstyles are something that every guy looks for. Some ask for low fade that starts right above the ear, whereas some like medium fade that diminishes in the middle while some love high fade haircut that usually begin at the temple. So, faded styles are something that is extremely liked.

Kind of fade that you are looking for is not dependent only on your barbers will to start fade from. You can choose among a razor, bald or skin fade. Temp, burst, drop, flat top (box) and high top variations can also be in your wish list of fade styles. Ultimately, whatever type of short fade haircut you try; it all depends on the type of cut and style you desire

Best Fade Haircuts

If you are confused between high vs. low fades, skin vs. razor or classic vs. modern cuts, then you don’t need to worry. You are at the right place. We have put together a comprehensive collection of trendy and stylish fade haircuts/hairstyles that you need to know before your next visit to barber shop.

What Is A Fade Haircut?

If you want to have a cool fade haircut, make sure that your barber is the expert and skilled one as it requires professional hands. its is also known as taper hairstyle, which involves gradually cutting the hair on your back and sides shorter as it gets closer to your neck. By blending and fading the hair on the sides, from long at the top to short at the bottom, your barber can taper your cut into your neck and sideburns.

Fades are most commonly cut with the help of hair clippers. Barber uses different haircut numbers or clipper guard sizes and then start a longer length followed by slow trim down towards the sides, back and neckline. This is indeed the most skillful task, as it requires careful and flawless shortening of hairs.

Taper vs Fade

Usually “taper” and “fade” are the terms that are often used in exchange but let me tell you these both terms are vary technically. Talking about fade haircut, it generally blends down to the skin whereas taper still leaves some hair, some very short hairs. This is the major and technical difference between the two,

Though the concept in both hairstyles is same, that is blending and trimming hair shorter and shorter; skin doesn’t cut down in taper and hence gives a more understated cut and style. Basically, scalp is exposed less because of longer hairs on the side and is therefore less edgy. Taper fade haircut is more suitable to those business professionals who works in office and looks for some decent and conservative look.

Keep in mind that taper fade or you can call scissor fade is entirely different from a classic tapered haircut, which doesn’t use hair clippers rather its scissored cut on the sides.

Different Types of Fades

There are lots of varieties in fades that you must be aware of.  Fades require no styling and maintenance, its one of the versatile haircuts where styling is not much necessary. Although all the best short sides and long top hairstyles requires some kind of faded or tapered cut. But with so many different types of fade haircuts to choose from, the challenge can be telling your barber the exact faded cut you want!

High Fade Haircut

Where tapering process begins near the top of the hair, creating a prominent difference between the long top hairstyle and the short sides. The high fade haircut forces more contrast for a stronger look, it’s because of the cut that starts at the highest point on the side of your hair. If you are looking for some prominence hairstyle than high fades style are the right option for you, especially if you want a short look on top.

Low Fade Haircut

Sounds from the name, its opposite of high fades, where tapering begins just above the ear and neckline. In contrast to high fades, there is more hairs of the side or you can call texture is more on the sides but with less contrast. Low fade haircuts are usually suitable if you want to give some thicker looks to your medium length to longer hairstyles. Low fades with faded beard is a great combination which many guys ask for. Low fades are appropriate for office settings and traditional hairstyle.


Mid Fade Haircut

Commonly known as medium fade, which gives soft look. In medium fade haircuts tapering begins in the middle of the head. If you are confused in stylish high or low fade, then mid fade can be good and versatile option for you. Additionally, medium fades work with almost all the same cuts and styles as the other types, giving you the best of both worlds.

High vs Low vs Mid Fade

For an extreme and prominent look, high fade haircut goes well, which begins high up on the head and hair tapers faster towards neck. Whereas, for a fine look, low fade are the best option in which tapering is barely noticeable. And in the end, the mid fades are somewhere between them.

So the crux is your fade hairstyle either high, mid or long is greatly dependent on your needs and personal style. If you are not sure what kind of fade hairstyle will look cool and decent on you, then ask you dear barber to recommend some best fade hair style.

Bald and Skin Fade Haircut

One of the very trendy and popular fade hairstyle is skin fade, which is also known as zero fade and bald fade. It’s actually cutting the hair lower and lower as you move towards the neck. It requires trim nearly to bare skin in order to achieve zero fade haircut. Zero fade hairstyle is not difficult to get done and require almost no maintenance.

Zero fade or bald fade can be good option for those who really look for some bold and attention grabbing look. Likewise, a mid or low skin fade is also a worthwhile option if you want your sides shaved down for a high-contrast finish. While the look can be flattering in combination with the latest thick hairstyles for men, without longer hair on the top of your head, exposing a lot of skin could look too severe.

Undercut Fade Haircut

It’s more or less similar like the fade. In undercut fade hairstyle, some short hairs are left at the sides of the head and around the neck. These undercut hairstyles are cut very high and trimmed all one length. It is the combination of two styles. The men’s undercut fade shortens very quickly and suddenly, and then tapers gradually.

Faded undercut hairstyle become quite famous among guys in recent years. It is indeed one of the best options if you want some stylish and easy to wear haircut.

How To Get A Fade Haircut

Before making up your mind for a fade haircut first ask yourself that where you want the fade to begin, high, medium or low. Think about your lifestyle and then decide accordingly. Then ask yourself how short you would like your hair to get and where you most prominent tapering. Answering these questions will help you tell your barber what exactly you want. If you are precise and clear about your selected hairstyle, only then your barber can deliver you your desire look.

Top Fade Hairstyles

Fade hairstyles gives tough time to guys in selecting which haircut to get, as there are so many fade hairstyle that they can opt. they can even go for side part fade and even choose pompadour fade. Check out these attention grabbing and cool faded haircuts that transcend hair type, length, and texture!