Hairstyles Pompadour Hairstyles For Men 2018

Pompadour Hairstyles For Men 2018

Pompadour hairstyle dates back to 18th century and is still surprisingly one of the most trending hairstyles among men. The hairstyle is most sought after because it gives a unique look and enhances ones persona. The hairstyle is believed to be the one opted for both formal and casual look. It suits every guy’s hairstyle choice because it can be adapted according to any man’s choice and looks fabulous in every length, hair type and texture.

Moreover, Pompadour hairstyle has been adapted according to modern times in order to make it every man’s choice in modern times. The attractive hairstyle has many types such as disconnected pompadour, undercut pompadour and modern pompadour, short pompadour and long pompadour.

How does a real Pompadour look like?

Pompadour has greater hair length on top and shorter on sides and back of the head. Front hair are kept longer to give a ‘pomp’. The shorter hair at the back and sides are of the same length and assist in giving a more prominent image of the ‘pomp’. With good styling of hair, pompadour is a great way to show ones hair texture and color and also boosts ones confidence by looking good.

How To Get A Perfect Pompadour

Getting a pompadour is an easy way to enhance ones look in order to appear more charismatic. First of all carrying pictures of the pompadour hairstyle is necessary when going to a barber. Bookmarking this page is a great way to ensure that your barber gets you the haircut exactly the way you want.

Firstly, your barber will section the top of your hair and reduce the side hair to your desired length. In order to get disconnected pompadour, opt for a high skin fade to get the best look. Then the top of your hair will be cut into layers to bring about a long front and short back. Just make sure that your hair length at the top of your head is at least 3 inches to give a more captivating look.

How To Style An Ideal Pompadour

Next comes how to style a pompadour. It is essential to style the pompadour the right way to bring about its alluring look in true means. In order to make the pomp stand out, make it more voluminous. Entice your look by parting your hair to the side instead of combing it up. To set your pompadour:

  1. Shower and dry your hair with towel.
  2. Rub your hair product using your hands to even apply it to your hair.
  3. Set your hair using a comb and then blow dry to give a prominent pomp look. This stage is the starting point for a curved pomp look.
  4. Comb your hair and hold of the pomade then style the pomp according to your will. If you want, then use your fingers to lift and texture certain parts of your hair.
  5. According to your hair length, style your pomp to get the most enticing look. Push the pomp up from the back while smoothing it at the front. This will highlight the pomp. However, if you want a short pompadour, work more on styling it back rather than up.
  6. When you have achieved your desired pompadour style, blow dry your hair in place to make the hairstyle more lasting.

Highly recommended Hair Products to get the perfect Pompadour Hairstyle

The best products for your pompadour is determined by your own desired hairstyle. Amount of wax used is dependent upon how much support is needed to maintain the pomp and the sort of look desired i.e. shiny or matte effect.

Suavetico and Layrite have 2 variations in strengths of water-based pomade. Suavetico Firme and Layrite Super Hold are used for high-hold pomade in order to sustain it throughout the day. Layrite Original and Suavetico Original Hold are a little weaker alternatives with not so strong grip on pomp. Both brands have water bases thus ones preference is mainly determined by the required style and hair type. Alternatively, hair wax can also be used to hold a pomp. Wax is used equivalently to a pomade, but it produces a less shiny effect for a matte look. It is best to buy a premium quality brand for every product in order to style your pompadour hairstyle effectively throughout the week.

Best Pompadour Hairstyles To Get

Since pompadour is a hairstyle renowned for being flexible for changing looks throughout the week thus it offers a lot of variations. Some examples are given below to give you a better idea about how you would want to style your pompadour..

Disconnected Pompadour

The disconnected pompadour obtains its uniqueness through a prominent separation between the hair on top and the shorter sides, thereby making the length and height of the pomp more focus oriented. The disconnected pomp is more of an outdoorsy style suited more for outgoing and risk taking personalities.

Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour is differentiated from 50s style by a natural wavy pomp thus called ‘modern’ pompadour. It gives a decent look as the high pomp is balanced by subtle styling which speaks to the minimalist hairstyles of recent years. Although modern, the hairstyle has its origin from 50s, which is used as a base to innovate the look in order to make it a better fit for modern times.

Classic Pompadour

Classic pompadour has originated from 50s style where the pomp looks more polished and smooth, employing a high-shine or oil-based pomade to give a more shiny and eye catching appearance.

Undercut Pompadour

Undercut pompadour maintains its uniqueness by offering a style with buzzed sides that are not faded. Because of no taper fade, the undercut pomp provides a clear distinction between the front and side hair producing a distinct look.

Pompadour Fade

In this hairstyle, the sides reduce in length gradually. Guys can opt from a number of different types of fades, including high, mid, low, and skin/bald.

Short Pompadour

Short pompadour is perfect for guys who want to keep short hair. Although, they will require strong pomade or hair wax but they will get their favorite style with just as much ease if they would have opted for any other pompadour style and it will still look as classy and alluring.

Long Pompadour

The long pompadour is also suitable for guys with medium to long hair length. The great part about styling a pompadour with long hair is that men can easily change their look by combing in a variety of ways, including the slick back, quaff and comb over fade.