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Should I Shave My Head? A Guide To Shaving Your Head With A Razor


If you have thinning hair, receding hairline or balding altogether, the biggest thing that often comes in your mind is that “Should I shave my head?” It is an important decision to shave your head and there might be several reasons behind going bald. A bald head looks good only with certain type of face shapes and in case if you don’t like the end result, you have to wait for several weeks to grow your hairs back. If you have decided to go bald and you are thinking to shave your head than here we have compiled a guide for you in which you will know about pros and cons of shaving your head and also the best way of doing it.
Should I Shave My Head

Should You Shave Your Head?

Bald heads are more common than ever, so there must be several reasons behind going bald. If all the hair growth products are not working for you than the best way to get over it is by going bald. Anyways, if hair loss is not your problem, than there are many other benefits of shaving your head.

Hide Bald Spots

The most common reason for shaving your head is to hide bald spots. Male pattern balding is really an embarrassing problem. Actually, you are not alone, but more than 80% of the men around the globe face the same problem in their life span. The simplest and efficient way of tackling this problem is by shaving everything off. In case if hair growth products are not working, than shaving the head is probably the only option left.

Look Younger

This might sound odd, but shaving your head makes you look younger than ever. Bald spots and receding hairlines can make you look elder. You can remove these aging signs and can look younger just by shaving your head.

Shave Your Head To Look Younger

Be Comfortable

Hairs usually cause problem when you are doing some physical activity. Active and athletic men and especially those who are living in warmer areas know the discomfort and they prefer to shave their heads. Most of the men also don’t like their heads to be full of hairs, so shaving your head can make you comfortable.

Reduce Maintenance

Hair care, styling and haircuts are really time consuming and need proper maintenance. If you feel lazy while styling your hair in the morning, then you should get a buzz cut or must start shaving your head. Shaving your head reduce the maintenance that is needed to maintain a proper hairstyle.

Head Shaving - Low Maintenance Haircut

Feel More Confident

A fully clean shaved head can make you feel more confident than ever. If you are a self-conscious guy or if you are always worried about your hair style, then a fully shaved head can release the anxiety. Moreover, researches have revealed that men that have more level of testosterone are more likely to lose their hair. Perhaps this is why a shaved head is usually referred to masculine men.

Reasons To Shave Your Head Men

How To Decide Whether To Shave Your Head

Before you do end up shaving your head, consider the justification and risk of your decision.

How to decide whether to shave your head:

Consider the justification and risk of your decision, before making a decision:

Why are you shaving your head?

The first thing to know is that why are you shaving your head? If you have any of the problems that are mentioned above than you can go for it. If you are not much worried about any of the above mentioned problem, you should try a different look before going bald.

What If I Don’t Like My Shaved Look?

The next thing to think about is that what will happen if you don’t like your head after shaving it. Will it make you feel insecure and awkward? Will look ugly with your face shape? All these thing should be kept in mind before making any decision.

Alternatives to Shaving Your Head:

There are many alternative of shaving your head, let’s have a look at them:
Cut your hair short – If comfort is your main issue, than you should think about trimming hairs in order to reduce sweat. If you don’t want to have a short hair style, then try different styles like undercut or fade with long hairs.
Change hair style – try changing your hairstyle and go for some new styles like crew cut or a high skin fade, before shaving your head.
Hide balding patches– If you are thinking to go bald just because you want to hide your bald patches, than try getting longer hair because you can hide those patches with longer hairs as well.
Get over it– Stop over thinking because people aren’t noticing your hair style as much as you do.

Should I Buzz My Head

How To Shave Your Head

After all, if you have finally decided to shave your head than it’s the time to make it happen. There are three basic ways by which you can shave your head- using an electric machine, by clipper or by using razor. All these three ways are best for shaving your head, but use of electric machine and clippers is highly recommended. Here is a step by step guide of how you can shave your head.
1. The best time to shave your head is after getting a shower with hot water, because your scalp and hair are softer at that time.
2. Take a pair of clippers and trim your hair down to end and try to use number 1 or two guard size.
3. In the third step, apply a shaving cream at your head.
4. You can also use a good three blade razor for shaving your head. But try to go slowly and be gentle in order to avoid cuts.
5. Try to tilt your head forward to tighten the skin, when shaving the back side of the head.
6. Shave your head side to side in order not to miss any area.
7. After you are done with shaving, apply some cool water to comfort your skin. After drying it, also apply some after shave lotion on your head.

How To Shave Your Head

How Often Should I Shave My Head?

The answer to this question really depends upon your genetics. Some people shave their head once in a month while some do it once a week. How often you should shave your head depends upon how short you want your hairs to be.


Over all we can conclude that whatever the reason for shaving your head is, the results are temporary. If you like the bald head after shaving your head just keep the style or in case if don’t like it then you can get your hairs back within few weeks.

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