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What to Wear for Tennis (Men and Women)

Embarking on your tennis journey entails mastering foundational skills and considering essential attire for optimal gameplay.

Tennis attire mirrors that of high-intensity sports, prioritizing enhanced performance, comfort, and unhindered motion. Selecting the appropriate tennis outfit is pivotal.

The realm of tennis wear integrates diverse technologies to facilitate seamless movement, abrupt halts, and swift directional changes. This integration serves to equip tennis players with the necessary ease and efficacy for their game.

Discovering the right tennis clothing is a pivotal aspect of preparing for this engaging sport. It ensures that players are equipped with garments that elevate their gameplay and ensure comfort throughout their matches.

Tennis Shoes

Selecting appropriate tennis shoes depends on the court surface you’ll be playing on, a crucial distinction particularly for beginners.

Customization options for tennis shoes abound, catering to diverse court surfaces through varied outsoles. Each type of outsole is tailored to suit a specific surface.

For hard court play, shoes necessitate ample grip on the solid surface. Cushioning and a midsole conducive to optimal rebound facilitate efficient energy transfer and shock absorption. A sturdy upper shoe construction complements these features by offering essential foot support.

Clay court shoes prioritize an outsole design that maximizes grip while preventing dirt accumulation. This design facilitates rapid direction changes, sprinting, and swift stops. A robust shoe knit effectively prevents clay intrusion while enhancing stability during gameplay.

Grass courts mirror clay courts in certain aspects, being gentler on feet. However, proper grip and support remain essential. Grass-specific tennis shoes substitute zig-zags with nubs on the outsole, enhancing traction and maneuverability across the court. By selecting the right tennis shoe tailored to your court surface, you optimize your performance, comfort, and stability during matches.

Men’s Tennis Shoes

Women’s Tennis Shoes

Tennis Tops

Tennis shirts encompass a spectrum ranging from simplistic designs to futuristic innovations, offering an array of choices for discerning players.

Prioritizing comfort and breathability stands as a cardinal principle when selecting a tennis shirt. Given the high-intensity nature of tennis, unrestricted movement and effective ventilation are vital requisites.

Diverse types of tennis shirts exist, each distinct in style yet unified in functionality. The choice among these types hinges on personal preference or the prevailing weather conditions.

Varieties span polo shirts, adorned designs, long sleeves, sleeveless options, tank tops, and even hoodies and tracksuit jackets in some cases.

Manufacturers employ a variety of materials in crafting these tops, predominantly utilizing stretchable fabrics that facilitate sweat dissipation and permit unhindered movement.

Women also have the option to opt for tennis dresses, a one-piece ensemble that has garnered popularity over time. This assortment of tennis attire underscores the fusion of functionality and style, contributing to an elevated performance and enhanced comfort on the court.

Men’s Tennis Tops

Women’s Tennis Tops

Tennis Bottoms

Exploring matching pants is a prudent consideration, characterized by elasticity and optimal airflow. Tennis pants, available in varying lengths, mirror the flexibility of tops, allowing a personalized choice influenced by both preference and weather conditions at the court.

For male players, tennis shorts emerge as a favored option, cherished for their mobility and comfort. Crafted from lightweight materials like cotton and perforated fabrics, these shorts facilitate unhindered movement during gameplay.

Women tennis enthusiasts gravitate toward tennis skirts or skorts, a prevalent choice. These alternatives, akin to shorts, grant considerable freedom while running and maneuvering on the court. Notably, inner shorts enhance body support for added comfort.

As colder seasons set in, tights gain prominence as an optimal attire choice. Some tights even incorporate compression technology, enhancing blood circulation to mitigate muscle fatigue and injury risks. This comprehensive selection of tennis attire caters to players’ diverse needs, ensuring optimal performance and comfort throughout their matches.

Men’s Tennis Shorts

Tennis Socks

Given the rigorous nature of tennis as a high-impact sport, safeguarding your feet becomes paramount, making the synergy of suitable shoes and quality socks imperative.

Optimal sock materials should offer a soft touch, devoid of any abrasive elements to shield your feet from blister formation. Furthermore, prioritizing ventilation fosters heightened comfort during play.

Commonly, tennis socks adopt a mid to high cut design, catering to various preferences. Some varieties even encompass ankle support, bestowing an added layer of protection to the wearer’s feet, fortifying their endurance during intense matches. This strategic combination of proper footwear and quality socks ensures that players can navigate the court with enhanced ease and comfort, minimizing discomfort and maximizing performance.

Men’s Tennis Socks

Tennis Headwear

In the realm of outdoor sports, tennis often sees players sporting headgear for practical reasons. Caps emerge as a staple choice, prevalent among both men and women. These serve a dual purpose: shielding the face from excessive sunlight and preventing excessive light from impeding vision. In situations where caps may feel constrictive, visors step in as a viable alternative, offering a compromise between coverage and comfort.

On the other hand, headbands take on a distinct role, primarily focused on averting distractions arising from sweat or unruly hair obstructing one’s view. Additionally, headbands contribute to maintaining a cool and dry headspace during heated matches. This array of headgear options caters to the diverse needs of tennis players, ensuring optimal focus and comfort while competing on the court.

Men’s Headwear

Women’s Headwear

Tennis Accessories

Wristbands serve as a common solution for players dealing with substantial perspiration issues. Crafted from cottony fabrics, they function akin to miniature towels, aiding in managing sweat and enhancing grip on the tennis racket.

Additionally, tennis gloves emerge as an alternative option on occasion. Designed from breathable materials, these gloves feature a gripping surface on the palm side, effectively anchoring the tennis racket to the player’s hands. This combination of wristbands and gloves equips players with tools to maintain a secure hold on the racket and manage moisture during intense matches.

Men’s Tennis Accessories

Women’s Tennis Accessories

Tennis Attire Brands

Numerous brands offer a variety of options for tennis apparel. While these brands typically incorporate similar cooling technology and facilitate optimal motion range for players, the selection process ultimately hinges on personal brand preferences and affiliations.


This particular brand is also known for crafting gear for badminton, golf, and running, showcasing their expertise in these sports along with tennis, all reflecting the precision and innovation associated with Japanese culture. Their product range encompasses rackets, shoes, and apparel, while their distinctive blue and green stripes serve as a recognizable emblem of their brand.


Established by two brothers, this Italian brand originated as a manufacturer of undergarments, later pivoting its focus to crafting sportswear tailored for the rugged terrain of the Italian Alps. Their transition into producing tennis attire proved immensely successful, garnering them a substantial and devoted following among athletes and enthusiasts alike.

New Balance

New Balance stands as a favored choice among tennis enthusiasts for proper attire. Despite being competitively priced in comparison to other brands, they excel in offering wearers optimal support and a noticeable enhancement in performance.


Adidas stands out as a cornerstone sportswear brand that makes significant impact in the tennis world. They hold a prominent position as pioneers in crafting activewear designs that offer players a blend of coolness and comfort in their attire.

Nike Tennis

Nike has carved out a dedicated category tailored specifically for tennis players, ensuring a comprehensive collection of attire and accessories bearing the Nike emblem. Their prowess lies in effective marketing that fosters a sense of community and belonging. Beyond this, Nike boasts an impressive roster of professional athlete endorsers spanning various sports disciplines.


Lacoste stands as a tennis-centric brand with origins tied to a tennis player himself, René Lacoste. His innovation in tennis clothing heralded a significant transformation. For ardent tennis enthusiasts, owning at least one piece from this timeless brand is practically a rite of passage. Additionally, this premium label boasts an appeal that extends beyond the confines of the tennis court, making it a stylish choice even for casual wear.


Tennis, designed to be accessible to all, doesn’t impose strict attire guidelines. In the contemporary landscape of tennis, advancements in cooling technology and performance-enhancing features enhance the experience and skills of players. The freedom to mix and match outfits is granted, prioritizing personal comfort and unhindered movement, ultimately enabling players to relish the sport to the fullest.

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